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Varnishing also calls lacquer. It is a kind of clear transparent protective finish on the paper surface. It is no color coating. But, after doing varnishing on the color surface, the color will be changed a little.


The varnishing including gloss varnishing and matte varnishing. In common, the varnishing is doing on whole page, not certain areas. We do the varnishing with offset printing machines. The varnishing can protect the surface from scuffing and fingerprinting. Especially for matte art paper. It is helpful in the case of products that have to be handled a lot. The varnishing can be done on cover or all pages of catalog or brochure. Meanwhile, the gloss varnishing and matte varnishing can make the product surface with highlight. For gloss art paper surface, we recommend doing gloss varnishing. For matte art paper surface, we recommend doing matte varnishing.

When you do the artwork, you don’t need to do anything. The varnishing is the printing process. You just tell the printer that you do varnishing. That’s all.

How can you find the difference between lamination and varnish? Gloss lamination or matte lamination is the film coated on the paper surface. The gloss varnishing and matte varnishing is a protective finish coated on the paper surface. So the paper can be torn easily. But the lamination on the paper surface can’t be torn easily. Meanwhile, lamination is always used on cover. The varnishing can be used on cover or interior pages.