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Also known as lacquer, varnishing is a transparent finish that is used for protective reasons on the paper surface.


You must not confuse varnishing with color coating, as varnishing is primarily done to protect the surface against scuffing and fingerprinting. Varnishing can be either gloss varnishing or matte varnishing, but in both cases varnishing often results in changing the color of the surface to some extent. We recommend doing gloss varnishing for gloss art paper surfaces and matte varnishing for matte art paper surfaces. Generally, varnishing is done to highlight the entire surface and not certain parts. And, when it comes to covers, catalogs or brochures, varnishing can be done on all pages. At QinPrinting, we do varnishing with the help of offset printers, and recommend getting it done for matte art paper.  Varnishing a part of the printing process, and there is nothing that you need to do about it during the artwork process. All you need to do is to inform your printer that you need varnishing in the final product.

Varnish is different from lamination in many ways. Firstly, where the varnish is a protective finish coat used on surface paper, lamination is a kind of thin film that is put on the surface paper. Secondly, where varnished paper can be torn easily, laminated paper cannot be torn that easily. Lastly, where lamination is mostly used on covers, varnish can be used for both covers and interior pages.