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Coloring Book Printing

  • Custom coloring book printing for adults and kids
  • Save more than 40% cost compared with your local printers
  • 100gsm and 120gsm offset paper is the most popular paper for coloring book
  • 5 days production time for staple coloring book and paperback coloring book
  • Free cover template and free artwork checking

coloring book printing

Communicate with us your needs, we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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We have a lot of experience in coloring book printing for artists, self-publishers and individuals. It includes children’s book as well as adult coloring book. Owing to the high standards, which we maintain our customers are always satisfied with the book printing quality and our custom printing services.

Adult coloring books and child coloring books look simple when compared with other book printing services. However, it has some specificity, which is required to be maintained owing to the requests given to us by customers regarding the printing. That is why our customer services are necessary and would prove to be helpful as you progress with printing your coloring book with us.

Printing kids coloring book and adult color book

The coloring books allow kids to get creative and nurture their imagination and ability regarding coloring or design. It can also teach them about a particular subject with ease in a fun and playful manner. Many adults also enjoy coloring and derive immense pleasure from such books. Therefore, printing coloring book has become hugely popular, and is one of the prime spheres, where we have great expertise. Some coloring books also include accessories such as coloring pencils, etc. and we can provide accommodations for those as well, if you so request.

Besides printing coloring books, we can also print other types of books. These include comic books, coffee table books and cookbooks, etc. In addition, we print catalogs and booklets as well, amongst other things. We always encourage you to contact us.

High quality coloring book printing details

printing your own coloring book
custom coloring book printing
coloring book printing services
  • Coloring book size: 8.5X11”
  • Cover paper: 250gsm matte art paper
  • Printing: full color offset printing (CMYK printing or 4-color printing)
  • Cover surface: matte lamination outside cover
  • Interior paper: 100gsm offset paper
  • Printing: B/W printing
  • Page count: 32 pages
  • Binding: saddle stitching

Custom printing tips:

  • Firstly, the coloring book is for users to color on only, which makes offset paper the best option for the interior pages. To prevent the coloring to bleed through to the other side of the page, we suggest a thicker offset paper. The best options include 100gsm, 120gsm and 140gsm offset paper options.
  • Secondly, the interior is done by B/W printing. Please design all B/W images with vector graphics and 100% black color only.
  • Thirdly, the coloring book is for primarily for children. Therefore, we suggest the book to be either sewing and perfect bound or sewing and hardcover bound. If the coloring book is not for children, we suggest you to choose saddle stitch.
  • Finally, the interior paper can of white or natural colors. You also can choose from recycled paper or FSC paper. Point to be noted is that recycled or FSC paper is more expensive than regular paper. We only use soy ink to print coloring book, which makes the books perfectly safe for children to use.

Custom design tips:

We ask you to please design the interior page with a 15mm margin. This allows the book to be easily colored. The areas close to the spine will be hard to color; therefore, we do not recommend having graphics within the 15mm margin.

Next, some coloring book sizes are unique. While some coloring books are portrait, others can be in the landscape style, or square in shape. If you are not familiar designing graphics, we are glad to provide you with our artwork template. Contact our printing specialists now to avail such services.

Finally, most of the coloring books are saddle stitched or perfect bound. If you do wire-o-binding or spiral binding coloring book, an extra 6-8mm space on the binding side is required. Our designers will also check the printing files for you. Feel free to send us a couple of your designed papers to check for proper bleed space and margins.

Coloring book binding and paper options

The coloring book printing projects that we handle come with the options for a number of binding methods that we specialize in. These options include perfect binding, sewing and hardcover binding, saddle stitching and spiral binding. We also provide a number of paper stocks. Popularly, the inner pages are black ink printing and we have accommodation for the same. Owing to the fact that these books will be used for coloring, 100gsm or 120gsm offset paper for interior is the best choice. Offset paper also known as uncoated paper or woodfree paper is brilliant for coloring. The book cover paper could be C1S paper or art paper that is great for color printing. 8.5X11″ is the standard coloring book size.

In addition, we can also do custom size books, if you so desire. Contact our printing experts right now!

Communicate with us your needs, we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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