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Children Book Printing

children book printingWe are one of the best children book printing suppliers in China. We print more children books for publishers and self-publishers. It includes hardcover book and soft cover book. Because we print high quality children book with lower price. More and more customers ask us to print children books. We are proud of it.

Children’s education gets more attention in the world over the decade. Parents are more concerned with what their children reading. It has led to a flourishing market for printing and publishing children’s books. Currently, children book printing increased more to compare with other book printing.

To print and publish a popularity children book, the book content and design should be very well. Meanwhile, the book should be with vibrant color and brilliant. The book binding should be sturdy and strong enough. Before you start design the book, you need to get professional printing advises. Especially prepress artwork suggestions. We can help all our customers prepare professional artwork. Any details, our specialist can give you advises.

Printing a children book, safe is the first thing. We use soy ink for printing ECO-friendly children books make them safe for children. You can choose between hardcover or soft-cover edition. We don’t use the typical saddle stitching for children’s books due to safety considerations. We suggest our clients do with sewing and perfect binding or hardcover binding. If the inner page count is less than 28, we suggest the interior paper is 200gsm gloss or matte art paper. Then that spine thickness would be okay for binding.

Besides printing children book. We also print other books. For instance, we print cookbooksphoto books, comic books, hardcover books etc. Meanwhile, we also print brochures, catalogs, calendar and so on.  Contact us now to customize your own children book.

Why you choose QINPrinting to print your children book?

Custom online quote

On our online quote, we offer custom size, different paper, different page count, binding method and any quantity.

Quality custom services

Our sales reply all request within 5 hours in working day. Meanwhile, we provide more book printing services. For instance, we provide free printing file checking an free printing file templates. Whether you print with us or not, this service is free.

High quality book printing

We print the most beautiful children’s books in the world. We’ve printed tens of thousands of picture books for toddlers, early readers, pupils. For soft cover binding or hardcover binding, all we do with sewing binding. The book is sturdy enough for children to read. We always provide quality products. Whether our customers are self-publishers or middlemen, they can get 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Cheap printing price

The main advantage that many customers print children book in China is the cheap price. Whether it is soft cover book or hardcover book, you can get the price lower more than 30% to compare with your local printer.

Fast production time

In common, it takes one week for producing soft cover books. It takes two weeks for producing hardcover books. If your order is urgent, please let us know. We will produce in short time. Meanwhile, we don’t charge extra cost for urgent order.

Printing high quality full color children book specification

print hardcover child booklandscape full color children book printinghardcover children book printing

Book size: 11X8.5″

Printing: full color printing (CMYK printing)

Book cover: 157gsm gloss art paper

Cover surface: gloss lamination outside

Board thickness: 2.5mm

End sheets: 157gsm gloss art paper

Interior paper: 157gsm gloss art paper

Interior page count: 32 pages

Binding: sewn and hardcover binding

Kids’ book artwork preparation tips:

We need high resolution PDF files for printing. To print and publish a children’s book, the design should be colorful and with more images, but less texts. The images used in the books can be painted by hand or on a computer. Digital images created on a computer (such as vector graphics) are the best since they result in the highest print quality. If the images are drawn by hand, the images need to be scanned at a very high resolution. Otherwise, they will become blurry and dark. We recommend you create images on a computer.

Please check more prepress artwork information.

Kids’ book print and bind tips:

1, To create a sturdy book, we recommend you use thicker paper for a children’s book. Interior paper is 128gsm, 157gsm or 200gsm art paper.

2, We use soy ink for printing all children’s books. You also can select FSC paper.

3, To make the books safe for children reading, we don’t suggest the children book using saddle stitch binding. We recommend it to be sewn and perfect binding. Sewn and perfect binding is a very strong and sturdy finish.

4, If the interior page count is 32 pages and you want to create a sewn binding book, we advise the interior paper to be 200gsm art paper. In this case, the spine thickness is almost 3mm. 3mm thickness spine is the thinnest spine available for creating a perfect binding book.

Book copyright protection

We are a professional book printer and we have a book printing license in China. Before we export a printed book, we need to get the export documents. We guarantee that we protect all of our clients’ book copyright.

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