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Custom Paperboard Boxes

custom paperboard boxes

Paperboard boxes are also called folding boxes. The paperboard box is one of the core products in the packing industry. You know these as the standard, foldable boxes that can be used to transport virtually anything. They’re commonly used to hold cosmetics, personal care items, and many light items. Brands selling a variety of goods use paperboard boxes to hold whichever items they intend on selling to consumers.

At QINPrinting, we specialize in customized paperboard boxes for brands, businesses, and organizations all around the globe. We’re making the paperboard boxes you use every day for your business to stand out with our custom services. We also offer customized printing and free graphics to showcase your brand’s image flawlessly. Brand owners have the freedom to craft unique sizes and colors that will help showcase their brand image.

Paperboard Box Styles

Choose the perfect box for your business based on your product’s weight, size, and shape.

We offer the following paper box styles

Custom Paperboard Straight-tuck-end-box-with-hang-tab
Custom Paperboard Tuck-top-snap-lock-bottom box
Custom Paperboard reverse-tuck-end-box
Custom Paperboard Tuck-top-auto-bottom box
Custom Paperboard seal-end-box
Custom Paperboard Straight-tuck-end-box
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Paperboard Box Options


300gsm C1S Paper


350gsm C1S Paper


300gsm Color Paperboard

— We also offer textured paper upon request —


— Offset printing —

Surface Options

Eco-friendly and FSC Certified

Our paperboard boxes are made using a sheet of coated one side paper that is folded and formed into the boxes. The boxes may be recycled after a consumer is finished using it. We’re committed to doing our part to help make a positive impact on Mother Nature. We always encourage our brands to promote recycling.


QIN Printing is FSC Certified, meaning we source our materials from responsibly managed forests. Responsible forest management is critical for environmental, social, and economic benefits.