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poster printing

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Poster printing options

We provide comprehensive services for printing and designing custom posters of any size and on any paper of choice. Meanwhile, we accommodate both large format posters and small sized posters. There are a lot of paper options to print posters on. These include photo paper, gloss finish paper, uncoated paper, natural color paper, textured paper, etc. to name a few. You can choose from these many choices, based on your needs and preferences.

large size chart printing

A0 poster

A0 is the maximum size, which is supported in offset printing. Owing to the large size of these posters, it is ideal to choose 200gsm or a heavier paper for printing A0 posters.

Wholesale A2 poster printing

A2 poster

A2 posters are smaller in size when compared to A0 or A1 posters. These posters are mostly used in shopping malls or trade shows.

A1 playbill printing

A1 poster

A1 is the most popular size used in poster printing. Owing to the fact that this type of posters is highly economical, most businesses choose to opt for A1 posters for their specific needs. A number of paper options can also be used in order to print this type of posters.

large size poster printing in China

24X36″ poster

24X36” inch is a size that falls in between A0 and A1 posters and is a hugely popular version used in the market. Some of the most popular industries that use this type of posters include trade shows, art shows and commercial businesses. 

Prepress artwork

In order to facilitate high quality printing, it is essential that all pictures submitted must be of at least 300dpi. The artwork should have a 3mm bleed on each edge of the poster. In order to check out more information regarding the same, check out Prepress Artwork.

Paper options

A number of paper options are available with us, which includes gloss art paper, matte art paper, uncoated paper with different thickness and a number of different paper for choice. For more information regarding papers and paper options, check here.

Poster surface options

There are a number of poster surface options that you could choose from to create your posters. These include matte lamination, gloss lamination, spot UV, varnishing, die cutting, foil stamping etc. In order to check poster surface options and information regarding the same, click here.

Portrait and landscape posters

custom portrait poster printing

Portrait posters

Most posters that you see are portrait posters. These posters are the most widely used form of poster printing and owing to the fact that the background wall space is easier to match with the help of these posters, it has gained its huge popularity. Commercial businesses and trade shows make use of this type of posters for their marketing or display purposes.

Landscape poster printing

Landscape posters

Although a rare choice, landscape posters are also created, especially if the background wall space has special requirements. Here at QINPrinting, we have expertise in printing perfect landscape posters of different sizes based on your needs and requirements. A landscape poster has a wider view, and therefore, would suit best for artworks that require such specifications.

Poster Size

We provide services for printing any custom sized posters. However, different styles of posters have different standard sizes. Sizes and their popularity also vary based on the country they are being used in. For example in the Canadian and American markets, A0, A1, A2, 24X36″, 18X24″, 34X47″ are the popular poster sizes. On the other hand, the European market prefers, A0, A1, A2, 610X 910mm, 450X610mm, 870X1200mm sized posters.

Poster subject options

When it comes to poster subjects, there are a number of options that are available in the market, which you could choose from. Some of these options include movie posters, commercial posters, cultural posters, art posters, etc. to name a few. The commercial poster manifests itself mainly in the form of specific artistic, expressive photography, stylish painting or comic forms. These posters have the ability to leave the consumers with a feeling of humor and touch their souls.

On the other hand, non-commercial posters are usually rich in content, variety and artistic expression. For instance, a poster of culture and art make use of a wide imaginative spectrum, brings into play the creative aspect of the poster designer, his imagination, and allows him to have a canvas to display the artistic aspects of his creation, which are inspired by the themes of the advertisement.

A number of painters, who have invested their lives towards understanding and depiction the beauty of form, design posters, and in trying to depict their individual painting language, they end up designing and printing different styles and forms of posters. Some of the most popular poster styles and forms have been discussed below.

Cheap Commercial poster printing

Commercial posters

Commercial posters refer to commercially advertised posters, which promote goods or services of the company that has made them. It is very important to match the design and style of a commercial poster to align with the audience and overall appeal of the product. Owing to the facts that these posters are mainly created for the publicity of the enterprise, they can soon become a symbol signifying the brand and the taste of the goods. The salient features of commercial posters include their characteristics of being commercial, artsy, time-centric, integrity-centric, and innovative.

Social poster printing

Social posters

Social poster is a thoughtful poster, which holds an educational value to the public or the audience that it caters to. These types of posters include messages of social, communal nature, or have a moral propaganda, political propaganda, or messages propagating the spirit of dedication, love and common progress attached to it. Social posters can have public characteristics, or showcase personalized creativity, provided through the depiction of information on the development of society, cultural diversity, etc. and aims to hold a pluralistic developmental pattern. The content of a social poster shows the high cultural context and a unique artistic charm, through the visual aspects that it holds. Owing to these towering qualities, a social poster has secured a high ranking within the advertising and media industry.

Culture posters printing

Culture posters

Cultural posters mostly pertain to various socio-cultural activities and exhibitions. There are a number of political, social or cultural exhibitions that take place all around the world and each of these exhibitions have salient traits associated with them, and it is important to have posters printed based on such salient traits in order to promote and market the exhibitions. Designers also need to be aware of the salient traits of the aforementioned exhibitions in order to best incorporate the overall feeling such exhibitions provide and display the style and content of the posters in accordance to such traits.

Movie posters printing

Movie posters

Movie posters are made for the promotional aspect of movies and basically include the movies main heroes along with a vector text showing the movie title. It is very important to have high-resolution pictures for movie posters, because that will allow the movie’s class and pomp to be highlighted through the posters.

Poster packing services

Owing to the fact that most posters are of a large size, the packaging of most posters is a little different from the packaging of other printed products. In practice, there are two methods that we use to pack a poster. The first method involves packaging the poster flat in a carton. If the posters are to be dispatched via sea, we pack the carton on top of a pallet, and the pallet is then shrink-wrapped. For shipment via air, the pallet is not used, and the carton is packed with tape on the outside. Shipping via air is the most economical shipping method for posters.

In the case that you are an online poster seller, we make use of the second method to pack your posters. This method involves packaging each poster inside a tube. The tube is then packed inside a carton. If the posters are to be dispatched via sea, we pack the carton on top of a pallet, and the pallet is then shrink-wrapped. Air shipment, for example, FedEx shipment, the pallet is not used, and the carton is packed with tape on the outside.

It needs to be noted that the shipping and packaging cost for tube packing is higher than non-tube packing, especially if you take into account the air shipping cost. This is because after packaging with the help of a tube, the poster volume becomes large and the package volume becomes a lot. Keep this point in mind before choosing you method for packaging. In order to get more information on packaging and packing, please click here.

Other printing products

Posters are just a part of the huge array of things that we print. These include brochures, catalogs, books, calendars, magazines, flyers, business cards, presentation folders, rack cards, etc. If you have any printing requests, all you need to do is contact our printing specialists right away.

Communicate with us your needs, we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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