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Catalog Printing

Catalog Printing

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  • Professional custom catalog printing services in China
  • Get quotes for printing your catalogs online
  • Save more than 40% of what you would have spent at your local printer
  • 5-day production time for mass products
  • Free printing file templates and file checking available
  • Help you find numerous pitfalls and help you avoid them

Catalogs are a tried-and-tested method that has proven to bear results when a company is looking to achieve promotional success. A lot of companies choose catalog printing services and print catalogs for their companies annually or biannually. We provide all types of services related to catalog printing and handle every step of the catalog printing process for short runs or for bulk projects. We provide you with catalog design services, online catalog printing services, and excellent, quality customer service.

If you are looking for a catalog printing service that gives you quality products and the best returns on your investment, we are the provider in China that you should hire. Get an online quote for your catalog printing project right now!

Print custom catalogs

Affordable Catalog Printing

We can save you more than 40% of the cost of using a local print supplier. This can be achieved by using efficient modern print processes and working with customers to use the most cost-effective way to set up and produce the job. Larger print runs reduce the unit cost and combining this with choosing the correct paper stock and size of catalog enables you to save significantly. Our printed catalogs are produced to the highest-quality standards and you will receive a professional result.

Contact us to discuss the most economical method of producing your printed catalog.

high quality catalog printing
Print custom catalogs

Wholesale Catalog Printing

We can provide you with excellent wholesale catalog printing services if you are a design firm, print buyer or print broker. We offer very competitive prices with guaranteed high levels of quality and service.
Fast production times are assured for your wholesale catalog printing. Urgent printing jobs can be produced in 5 days. Our factory is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and orders can be taken at any time.
Free training and paper samples are available to improve the service you can offer to your clients.

Standard and Custom Catalog Sizes

The standard catalog size in North America is 8.5” x 11″ and the standard catalog size in Europe and Australia is 210 mm x 297 mm. Those are the standard A4 size catalog. These standard catalog sizes are the most common and economical size for offset printing. Another popular catalog size is 5.5” x 8.5″ or 148 mm x 210 mm. These are the standard A5 size and has the advantage of being easy to carry or post. Besides the standard catalog sizes, custom size catalog is also available. Before you start design the catalog size, we suggest you ask a printer supplier to get a cost-effective size

Catalog Printing Samples

We print catalogs for a variety of industries. It includes auto parts catalogs, furniture catalogs, lighting catalogs, and product catalogs. You can get almost all industry catalog samples. We provide exemplary services for all industries. If you have specific requests regarding our services, we request that you contact our experts. We will provide you with professional advice on catalog printing, along with services that will simply delight you. So, let’s get started on this awesome collaboration and create the catalogs for your company.

Catalog Binding Style

When binding your catalogs, you can choose from more than one binding style. Examples include perfect binding, hardcover binding, wire-O binding, and saddle stitch binding. Choose the binding style that you prefer, and we can start working towards creating the perfect catalog for you.

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is the most popular method of binding catalogs. Through this style of binding, you can bind a catalog ranging from 48 to 200 pages. The paper used is between the ranges of 80gsm to 128gsm.

Sewn Perfect Binding

Sewn Perfect Binding

A brilliant combination that has reigned in the catalog binding market for quite some time now is the sewn binding method. This is the perfect choice for any kind of strong binding requirements, especially if the binding is for a catalog that has more pages.

Saddle Stitch

Saddle Stitch

If your catalog is less than 48 pages, a saddle stitch is the best choice. The advantages of choosing this type of binding include a lower price, lower shipping cost, and lower mailing fee. Therefore, it is an economical choice for orders of both small and bulk quantity.


Wire-O Binding

Wire-O binding catalogs are perfect for binding product catalogs. They are easy to open, and you can even note down important information within catalogs of this type. Catalogs of both thick and thin variations can be accommodated within the scope of wire-O-binding.

hardcover binding

Hardcover Binding

Do you prefer high-end catalog binding? Hardcover binding is the option to choose. If you want to incorporate luxury products inyour catalog,hardcover bindingis best. It’s suitable to use for printinghigh-end furniture catalogs.

Catalog Artwork Guide

If you want to print high-quality catalogs, all the photos you submit must be 300dpi. All artwork pages must have a 3mm bleed on all the edges. For more information about artwork, please check Prepress artwork.

Catalog Cover Surface

There are a number of options for the cover surface of your catalog. These include matte lamination, gloss lamination, spot UV, varnishing, die cutting, and foil stamping. To check out all of our catalog cover surface options, please click here.

Catalog Paper Option

You can choose from a rangeof paper options. These include matte art paper, gloss text art paper, uncoated paper that has different weight, or cover stock. If you want more information about paper options, click here now.

Binding Options

As mentioned above, we have expertise in various binding options for your printed catalogs. Some of these include saddle stitch binding, perfect binding, sewn and perfect binding, hardcover binding, wire-O-binding, spiral binding, and loop binding.

The Advantages of Printing Your Catalogs in China

There are a number of printing factories in China. You’re likely wondering what makes us different from all those factories and why you should choose us. We will answer those questions thoroughly in the following section.

High Quality
Prompt Delivery
Fast Production
Quick Response

Special Catalog Printing

Besides printing regular catalogs, we also have expertise in creating special catalogs, including hole drilled, die-cut tabs, and more. These catalogs are perfect if you wish to hang them into binders and separate them into different categories. We have the tools and resources to create them perfectly for you.

hardcover catalog

Landscape Catalog Printing

We specialize in landscape catalogs. Some of our clients prefer printing their catalogs in landscape style instead of the traditional portrait style. We have printed and delivered numerous landscape catalogs, with sewn and perfect binding being the most popular binding method. There is no extra costs for landscape catalog printing. 

loop binding catalog

Loop Binding Catalog Printing

Loop binding catalogs are another ace we have under our sleeve. If you wish to hang your catalogs on the wall or inside a binder, loop binding catalogs are perfect. The variants include 2-loop or 3-loop binding, with the only restriction being that the page count should be less than 64 pages.

Other Printing Products

Catalogs are just a part of the huge array of products that we print. These include booklets, magazines, brochures, books, posters, calendars, flyers, business cards, presentation folders, and rack cards. QINPrinting also handles wholesale catalog printing projects. If you have any printing requests, all you need to do is contact printing specialists right away.

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