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Catalog printing

  • High quality professional custom catalog printing services and supplier in China
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  • Save more than 40% from what you would have sent on your local printer
  • 5 days production time for mass products
  • Free printing file templates and file checking is offered
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catalog printing

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Print catalogs to increase business

Catalog printing is a kind of marketing tool which can lanuch your products or your company to the market faster and longer. If you are planning to launch a business or promote particular services or products of your business, a good choice to market your services and products is to opt for full color catalog printing. A catalog enables you to easily deliver the information of the company and the products in an easy and seamless manner to the customers. Catalogs are also long-lasting and therefore can stand the test of time. 

Being a traditional method in the world of marketing, catalog printing is a tried and tested method that has proven to bear results when looking to achieve promotional success. Although an archaic method of promotion, it is still very relevant and useful in the market. Therefore, a lot of companies choose catalog printing services and print catalogs for their companies annually or bi-annually. We comprehensively handle catalog printing for short runs or for bulk projects. All types of services related to catalog printing are adequately provided here at QINPrinting. We provide you with catalog design services, online catalog printing services, and customer services that are of great quality.

If you are looking for a catalog printing service, we are the catalog printing service provider in China that you should hire, to get the best out of your investment and quality products as returns. Get an online quote for the requirements of your catalog printing project right now!

More Samples

The types of catalogs that we print are varied and constitute a number of different industries. Starting from auto parts catalogs, furniture catalogs, lighting catalogs, and products catalogs, we provide exemplary services for all industries. Below this section, you will find an introduction for the different types of catalog printing services that we provide. If you have specific requests regarding the services that we offer, we request you to please contact our experts. We will provide you with professional advice on catalog printing, along with services that will simply delight you. So let’s get started on this awesome collaboration and create the catalogs for your company.

Custom Catalog Printing

Furniture catalog

Furniture suppliers rely a lot on catalogs and therefore, furniture catalogs have become a popular choice for them when it comes to marketing. Retailers make use of these catalogs to show all types of furniture that they have, to the customers that visit them. 

wholesale catalog printing

Lighting catalog

While printing catalogs for the lighting industry, it is very important to pay special attention on the photo quality. Being experienced in this field and having amassed considerable expertise in printing lighting catalogs, we are the best choice for the job.

Cheap Catalog Printing

Tool catalog

Catalogs are an innovative and popular choice for tool suppliers as well, who print tool catalogs to show off their wares to their prospective customers. It is a very easy and convenient way of marketing your products in front of interested customers.

Catalog Printing Cheap

Product catalog

Product information can be comprehensively delivered to the customers with the help of a product catalog. Therefore, it is a popular choice in the industry. We have had experience in printing a number of product catalogs for various products in the industry. 

catalog printing services

Clothing catalog

A number of suppliers in the clothing industry print catalogs and distribute the same to their retailers. Clothing catalogs are something that we have immense experience in and can proudly say that we have expertise in the field. If you are looking for printing your clothing catalog, it is time to contact us right now.

short run catalog printing


Portfolio forms an integral part of every brand and also for those individuals who are new in any industry or are looking out for something in what they do. There is competition in every aspect of life today. And, to easily rank up in that competition, having a strong and detailed portfolio is of utter importance.

online catalog printing

Electronic Product Catalog

A large number of electronic catalogs fall under our experience as we have catered to a variety of customers who had requirement for printing services for their electronic product catalogs. If you want the best advice and services for printing electronic product catalogs, do visit us.

catalog printing companies

Food Catalog

A food catalog must focus on the vibrant colors used and the process must also be ecofriendly. Our catalogs are printed with the use of soy ink, which makes them friendly to the environment and the perfect item to use for printing food catalogs. For an online quote, you can visit here.

Catalog Binding Style

There is more than one binding style that you can choose from in order to bind your catalogs. Some examples include hardcover binding, perfect binding, wire-O binding and saddle stitch binding to name a few. Below, has been provided some information about the most preferred binding styles for printed catalogs. Choose the binding style that you prefer and we can start working towards creating the perfect catalog for you.

perfect bound catalog printing

Perfect binding

Perfect binding is the most popular method of binding catalogs. Through this style of binding, you can bind a catalog ranging from 48 to 200 pages. The paper used is between the ranges of 80gsm to 128gsm. If you prefer perfect binding style for your catalogs, QINPrinting is the service provider to choose.

bulk catalog printing

Sewn perfect binding

A brilliant combination that has reigned in the catalog binding market for quite some time now is the sewn binding method for catalog binding. This is the perfect choice for any kind of strong binding requirements, especially if the binding is for a catalog that has more pages and a thicker inner.

saddle stitch

Saddle stitch

If you have a catalog that has less number of pages in it, saddle stitch catalog is the best choice for you. Other advantages of choosing this type of binding includes a lower price, lower shipping cost and mailing fee. Therefore, it is an economical choice for orders of both small and bulk quantity.

Wire O binding

Wire-O binding

Wire-O-Binding catalogs are perfect for binding tool or product catalogs. They are easy to open and you can even note down important information within the catalogs of this type. Catalogs of both thick and thin variations can be accommodated within the scope of wire-O-binding.

Hardcover Binding

Hardcover binding

You prefer the high-end variants for your catalog binding? Hardcover binding is the option to choose. In case you want to incorporate luxury products as part of your catalog, this choice would prove to be best suited for the style and class of your products. A prime example of hardcover binding being perfect for printing catalogs of a particular type is for the printing of high-end furniture catalogs.

Catalog Artwork Guide

If you want to print high quality catalogs, all the photos that you submit must be of 300dpi. All artwork pages must have a 3mm bleed on all the edges. In order to avail more information, please check Prepress artwork.

Catalog Cover Surface

There are a number of options, which you can choose from for the cover surface of your catalog. These include matte lamination, gloss lamination, spot UV, varnishing, die cutting, foil stamping. In order to check out all of our catalog cover surface options, please click here.

Catalog Paper Option

You can choose for printing your catalogs from, many paper options. These include matte art paper, gloss text art paper, uncoated paper that has different weight stock, more cover stock. If you want more information about paper, click here right now.

Binding options

As has been mentioned above, we have expertise in various binding options for your printed catalogs. Some of these include saddle stitch binding, perfect binding, sewn and perfect binding, hardcover binding, wire-O-binding, spiral binding and loop binding.

The advantages of printing your catalogs in China

There are a number of printing factories in China. But you should be thinking what makes us different from all those factories. More importantly, you must be thinking, why should you choose the options of catalog printing China has to offer and choose us to begin with? All of your anxious questions have been thoroughly answered in the following section.

Competitive price

Having been in the business of printing catalogs for as long as we have, it allows us to provide you with competitive prices for printing catalogs for you. Our services are 40% cheaper than the costs you would incur, if you were to hire your local printer. If you are curious about the prices that we have to offer, please check out our online quote

Printing services that are professional and ensure high quality

It is important to have the new and latest machines in order to produce high-quality printing in offset printing. All of our machines are less than 5 years old and this enables us to provide you with high quality printing anytime. We also have a professional GMG color proof system, which allows us to match the color of hard proof and the color of mass printed products, as close as 95%. This means that you will always receive products that have true colors from the examples that you were shown. Moreover, the printing materials that we use are of high quality, including the paper and the soy ink, which is ecofriendly in nature.

Our experience in the field of offset printing is more than 25 years, which makes us kind of experts in the business. Owing to all of the aforementioned advantages and traits, QINPrinting guarantees high quality and professional printing services.

Prompt delivery

Our working schedule is 24*7, which makes us available for completing your project at all times. We also have 7 pieces of offset printers and more automated binding machines, which makes us able to tackle our tasks with relative ease. These qualities enable us to guarantee a fast delivery time for your projects, including projects, which have urgent deadlines. In order to know more, contact our experts. As we will help you achieve your delivery time and also provide you expert advice and suggestions, which will benefit the final outcome of your assigned project. You can get more details about time taken for production at Production Time.

Choose the more customized catalog

Customization is one of the biggest traits and features that we offer. You can choose to print custom catalogs with any type of paper, the binding style of your choice, the cover surface that you like, and the size that best suits your needs. Therefore, we guarantee completely customized catalogs of your choice. Puzzle printing is not done for printing catalog covers, therefore we guarantee printing each catalog color by ourselves. 

Checking and modifying artwork for free

If you already have an artwork that you want us to print, all you need to do is upload the file for us to check. We verify whether the artwork has bleed or not. Our free artwork checking also includes checking whether the file is of high resolution or not, and whether the background colors are good enough for printing, whether there are vector texts available or not. All of these facilities help you to create the perfect catalog for yourself. We also provide free cover template, based on the catalog specifications that you have.

Catalog mailing and dispatch

If you are planning to showcase your catalogs in an exhibition in China, as an attempt to promote and market your company, we can guarantee shipping the catalogs after printing them, directly to your booth. We have successfully printed and delivered catalogs to a number of our clients in the cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and others to name a few. Our delivery and logistics is fast and prompt. We guarantee to provide you with high quality printed products, which will be a hit in your exhibition. We also have the ability to mail your catalogs to a place of your choice. Please visit our printing services page, to know more about the printing services that we have to offer.

Special Catalog Printing

Regular catalogs is something that we have expertise in, but our talents and capabilities are not limited to just that. We also have immense expertise in creating special catalogs if you so desire, include 3-hole drilled and 5-hole drilled catalogs. These catalogs are perfect if you wish to hang them into binders, and we have the tools and resources to create them perfectly for you.

Landscape Catalog

Landscape Catalog

Landscape catalogs are another specialty, which we have. Some clients have the desire of printing their catalogs in landscape style instead of the traditional portrait style. We guarantee achieving the same in a comprehensive fashion. We have printed and delivered numerous landscape catalogs, with sewn and perfect binding being the most popular binding method used for these types of catalogs.

Loop binding catalog

Loop binding catalog

Loop binding catalogs is another ace under our sleeve. If you wish to hang your catalogs on the wall or inside a binder, loop binding catalogs are perfect. The variants include 2-loop or 3-loop binding, with the only restriction being that the page count should be less than 64 pages.

Catalog Size

The standard size that we provide is 8.5X11″, 210X297mm, 9X12″, 148X210mm, 5.5X8.5″ etc. However, we also have the availability of creating custom sizes for you, based on the specifications that you give us, and the catalog design that you have chosen. In order to know more about catalog size options, please have a look at here.

Other printing products

Catalogs are just a part of the huge array of things that we print. These include booklets, magazines, brochures, books, posters, calendars, flyers, business cards, presentation folders, rack cards, etc. If you have any printing requests, all you need to do is contact our printing specialists right away.

Communicate with us your needs, we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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