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Saddle Stitch

Saddle stitch is a kind of simple binding method. All pages folded and collected together, then doing staple in the middle of folding line. In most of cases, saddle stitch is two wire staple binding. 

saddle stitch

For saddle stitch binding, there are more advantages.

  • Saddle stitch binding cost is cheap. It is affordable binding method for booklets, brochures, magazines.
  • Saddle stitch binding production time is short.
  • The saddle stitch book can be opened flat.

In common, the book page count is from 8 pages to 64 pages, we recommend doing saddle stitch. If the book count is too more, the cover paper on the spine line will be broken after cutting. Meanwhile, we recommend out customers design 16 pages plus 4 pages cover or 32 pages plus 4 pages cover or 48 pages plus 4 pages cover. They are the most economical page count.