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Offset Printing Sample

At QINPrinting, we are primarily an offset printer, as we use offset printing machines to print most of our products. Where hard proof and digital samples are not enough to check the final printing papers and final product colors, we offer offset printing sample for clients who want to check both. Offset printing relatively costs higher than other printing methods, as for offset printing it is first required to create printing plates. As far as big printing projects are concerned, we can help you print an A4 size 8 or 16 pages sample to show the final paper quality and printing colors.

offset printing sample

If you request for an offset printing sample, we will provide you with a few pages of offset printing sample, a set of hard proof and a dummy as well, as it will help you get a good idea about the final product. So, where the hard proof will help you check color and compare it with mass offset printing color, a dummy will help you check the final paper and binding method. On the whole, for all requests regarding an offset printing sample, a hard proof and dummy must also be produced.