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Reverse Tuck End Box

Reverse Tuck End Box

The reverse tuck end box is designed to be ready for the shelf-retail of your products. It comes with a great value of presentation and thus provides a great unboxing experience. The box comes with a closure at the top that tucks in from rear to front and one closure at the bottom that tucks from front to rear. It can be opened very easily and can also be used as gift boxes. Unlike other soft packages, reverse tuck end box can be used for heavier items such as candles, batteries. If you are looking out for custom tuck end box, we at QinPrinting can deliver the same to you in no time at all.

custom reverse tuck end box
reverse tuck end box template
Reverse Tuck End Box

Besides printing reserve tuck end box, we do more custom style paper boxes. For instance, straight tuck end box, paper bag box with auto bottom lock, tuck top snap lock bottom box, straight tuck end box with hang tab, seal end box and more paper boxes. 

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Advantages of Reverse Tuck End Box

Reverse tuck end box is widely used today for classy items such as gift candles, showpiece, cakes. It comes with a number of advantages.

  • The box can be used for lightweight and mid-weight items.
  • It can be flattened and thus makes transportation easier.
  • Due to its folding design, it reduces the cost of warehouse.
  • You can use this box within another box for more protection of your product.
  • You can print and design the box according to your own requirement for effective branding.

Box Specification

  • Paper: 250gsm, 300gsm or 350gsm C1S paper
  • Box surface: gloss lamination, matte lamination or varnish
  • Back process: die-cut and glue to be box

We at QinPrinting have been in the business of producing paper box for years. Not only reverse tuck end box but we also expertise in all types of packaging boxes. All you need to do is to just let us know about your requirements and we will provide you with the custom design template. Our state-of-the-art technology and unique manpower is the thing that makes us different from others. You can select the material of the box along with the size, shape and color that you need. So, just get in touch with us at QinPrinting and we can handle all your packaging task with ease.