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Magazine printing

  • We are a professional magazine printing services provider in China
  • Get online quotes for your custom orders
  • The prices we offer are 40% lower than your local printing service providers
  • 4 business days for production mass products after approving
  • High-end magazine printing services in China
  • Excellent customer service along with quality magazine printing

magazine printing

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Quality magazine printing and excellent customer services

Before starting the production of mass magazine printing orders, we provide professional file checking services for free to our customers. In order to ensure that the final printed magazine is of top-quality, it is important to assess and check the printing file quality. The printing file needs to have 3mm bleed on all sides on each of the pages. All pictures submitted must be of 300dpi at least, in order to ensure high quality printed products. For more information regarding the same, you can check prepress artwork. Most companies peruse through your files in a nonchalant fashion, but here at QINPrinting, we go through each of the files that you have submitted separately in order to ascertain whether they are suitable for printing high quality magazines or not.

Our professional designers have an experience of more than 10 years in the field of offset printing, and they check each of your files before printing them individually. They also provide you with suggestions and help you adjust anything that might result in a poor printing experience. It is via these features that we can guarantee printing the best quality magazines, and the most lucrative aspect of this is that all of these services are for free.

Magazine printing quantity

As a professional in the business and a service leader in the field of offset printing, we specialize in printing magazines using for both short and bulk quantities. The custom MOQ that we have for custom magazine printing is 100pcs, Depending on the quantity of the order; we make use of different printing machines to print the magazines. For example, if the quantity that has been assigned to us ranges between 100pcs to 30,000pcs, we make use of the sheet fed offset printer. If the quantity exceeds this limit, we make use of the web offset printing machines to accomplish the job. Therefore, we assure you that the quality of the magazines that we print for you will never be diminished.

Multiple covers

Advertisements are a very important part of any magazine and many magazines aim to provide as many advertisements on their magazines to satiate the many customers that they have. Therefore, in order to promote multiple advertisements, you are required to have multiple covers as part of your magazines. We at QINPrinting, provide the option of multiple covers for full color custom magazines that we print. All you need to do is design the multiple covers that you want to be a part of your magazine, and we will comprehensively print and bind each.

Magazine dispatch services

Apart from providing you with printing services for your magazine, we are also equipped to handle any mailing requirements, which you might have. We have expertise in dispatching specific number of magazines to specific places, depending on the instructions that you have given us. Therefore, you would be saved from the hassle and cost of having to ship the magazines to your warehouse.

Online quote

You can get a custom online quote for any size, quantity, choice of paper and binding style that you choose. In the case, your order specifications are not included in the online quote, you can contact us and we would attend to your query right away. All request replies are sent within 4 hours of working time. In the case, you have sent the request during a non-working hour, we ensure to reply to you within 24 hours at max.

Fast production and delivery

After you have approved the proof, the fastest delivery time, which we can guarantee for weekly and monthly magazines, is 72 hours. In the case that you have an urgent order, we advise you to contact our experts right away. We will also provide you with useful suggestions and do our best to meet with your delivery time.

Magazine Printing Options

wholesale magazine printing

Fashion magazines

We have expertise in providing you with custom printing services for fashion magazines. Apart from regular size fashion magazines, we also have ample skills in completing large size fashion magazines comprehensively.

magazine printing services

Zine magazines

The concept of zine printing is not that much widespread in the market till today. However, it as an effective way of circulating your thoughts or the thoughts and visions of your brand. It is an effective copy of self-published work that comes with various images along with texts.

magazine printing company

Auto magazines

Auto magazines are high-end magazines that require high quality of paper, binding and printing. QINPrinting specializes in printing auto magazines of stellar quality.

cheap magazine printing

Journal magazines

Journal printing can help brands in creating an image in the market. Not only brands but various big production houses and publishers are in need of journals.

magazine printing cost

Newsletter Printing

Newsletter printing is one of the most successful marketing tools that contain your company’s business news and other information. The printed newsletters are delivered to the employees, customers, suppliers, and others who are interested in that company. This makes the newsletter printing quality so important.

low cost magazine printing

Academic magazines

If you have the need for printing custom academic magazines for a particular field of technology or academia, we have services that cater to such needs as well. These magazines are printed in regular sizes and make use of common paper, however, the quality of printing, which you would receive would be of high quality.

Prepress artwork

In order to ensure that all of our printed products are of supreme quality, the images that you submit must be of at least 300dpi. Each of the artwork pages need to have a 3mm bleed on all the edges. In order to avail more information regarding the same, check out Prepress Artwork.

Paper options

A number of paper options can be selected from in order to print your magazine. These include coated paper, uncoated paper, more paper stock for printing, paper with varying thickness, etc. For more information regarding the various paper options, please check here right now.

Cover surface options

Cover surface also has a number of variations that can be chosen from. These include glossy finish, varnishing, matte finish, die cutting, spot UV, foil stamping, etc. We have the availability of all the aforementioned cover options. You can check magazine cover surface options by clicking here.

Saddle Stitch magazine

Saddle Stitch

A number of takeaway or advertising magazines is bound using the saddle stitch technique. The best feature of this binding style is that the cost of binding is much lower than the alternatives.

perfect bound magazine printing

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is the method, which is utilized to bind most academic and fashion magazines. This is the perfect choice of binding for any kind of high-end magazine.

Magazine size

Our services are inclusive of any custom magazine size that you provide us instructions to create. Different countries have different sizes of magazines, which are popular there, and we have adequate expertise and skills to tackle all. In order to give you context, the most popular size for US magazines is 8.5X11″, 8X10″, 5.5X8.5″etc, while the Australian and European markets prefer magazine sizes of 210X297mm or 148X210mm. Our services are well attuned to handle any size that you ask us to create.

How our printing services will enable you to include more advertisements on your magazines?

Many magazines are dependent on the advertisements they include for earning commissions or incurring earnings. Therefore, it is a constant question that plagues many magazine owners, of how to include more advertisements in a magazine. If you are looking for solutions to a similar question, here are some helpful tips:

  • In order to make an interior advertisement stand out, the use of glossy or matte lamination on both sides of the interior advertisement pages is necessary.
  • You need to follow this up with gluing and inserting other interior sheets together. For example, insert 4 page counts or 8 page counts with glossy or matte lamination on both sides into the interior of the magazine. This method is a proven step to make interior advertisements stand out.
  • Selecting different types of papers for the interior pages to make the individual advertisements distinguishable from each other and stand out. Some of the pages can be coated pages, while others can be uncoated pages.
  • You can also use a size variation to your advantage, making use of some sheets, which are smaller than the size of the magazine, in order to help them stand out.
  • Choosing a few perforated sheets for interior sheets at the end of the magazine to create a distinct effect.
  • You can make use of a folding flap to design the front and back covers of the magazine.
  • Finally, you can insert an extra booklet into the magazine to finalize the effect.

With the help of the aforementioned tips, you can increase your income via advertisements and also create a unique effect with your magazine, helping it stand out. Before selecting a special design, please contact our specialists. Depending on your design and printing requirements, we can provide you with some great printing solutions.

Other printing products

Magazines are just a part of the huge array of things that we print. These include brochures, catalogs, books, booklets, posters, calendars, flyers, business cards, presentation folders, rack cards, etc. If you have any printing requests, all you need to do is contact our printing specialists right away.

Communicate with us your needs, we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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