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Board Book Printing

Board Book Printing

A board book is a book with each page being two sheets of cardboard glued back to back as one sheet. When opened, the pages lay flat to create a two-page spread. The left-hand image of a spread mounts to the back of the right-hand page of the previous spread. Next, the right-hand image of that spread mounts to the left-hand page of the next spread. A third sheet can also be inserted to make a thicker book.

Nowadays, board book printing is increasing in popularity with its wide-ranging benefits to toddlers. A board book will help to establish the basic building blocks of learning. Sales of children’s board books are spiking because of their ability to engage toddlers creatively. Self-publishing and printing a board book is gaining interest from all quarters.

pop-up book
board book printing

Custom Board Book Printing Costs

How much does it cost to print a board book? After all, the price will substantially determine your potential profit. QinPrinting delivers the highest quality and most affordable board books available. 

The price charts below provide typical self-cover and hardback board book costs. We also offer an online Printing Cost Calculator for your convenience.

Self-cover Board Book Printing Price Chart (6” x 6”)

Quantity 100pcs 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs 5000pcs
20pp $889 $1074 $1627 $2775 $5586
24pp $908 $1112 $1725 $2982 $5942
26pp $1088 $1361 $2053 $3465 $6812
30pp $1147 $1513 $2310 $3936 $7876
  • Please note that all prices are EXW our facility and do not include shipping costs.
  • 350gsm/16pt C1S stock with gloss or matte lamination on all pages

Hardcover board book printing price chart (6” x 6”)

Quantity 100pcs 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs 5000pcs
16pp $1156 $1360 $1976 $3373 $6842
24pp $1233 $1506 $2331 $4023 $8262
28pp $1412 $1751 $2659 $4507 $9132
32pp $1471 $1903 $2917 $4977 $10195
  • Please note that all prices are EXW our facility and do not include shipping costs.
  • 350gsm /16pt C1S stock with gloss or matte lamination on all interior pages; 3 mm thick gray board cover with gloss lamination; Wrapped with157gsm/100lb printed cover sheet.

Board Book Sizes

The most popular size for children’s board books is 6″ x 6″. Board books for young children need to be smaller for kids to handle and turn the pages. These concerns do not typically impact board books for adults and marketing purposes. Below is a convenient chart of sizes commonly used in board book printing for all audiences.

Common Board Book Size Chart

Square 5.625” x 5.625” 6” x 6” 6.5” x 6.5” 7” x 7” 7.5” x 7.5” 8” x 8”
Portrait 5.625” x 7.5” 5.5” x 8” 6” x 7” 6” x 8” 6” x 9” 7” x 10”
Landscape 7.5 x 5.625 8” x 5.5” 7” x 6” 8” x 6” 9” x 6” 10” x 7”
custom board book

Board Book Page Count

How many pages should a board book be? The page count of a board book depends on the reader and the thickness of its pages. Board books for kids usually contain 8 to 32 pages making 4 to 16 spreads. Typical page counts for adult board books usually are more than for children’s books ranging from 20 to 60 pages. Adult titles also use thinner paper for interior pages.

Cover & Interior Paper Options

Binding Types

There are two types of board book covers, self-cover, and hardcover. For the self-cover board book, the cover and interior are the same paper and it has a hinge on the back cover along the spine side. 

hardcover board book
self-cover board book

For a hardcover board book, the cover is 157gsm art paper wrapped on a grey board, as a regular hardcover book. The hardcover can be square corners with rounded corners on interior pages. Your hardcover can also have round corners, but this is expensive because it requires significant labor to wrap the round corners by hand. 

Board books need strong cardboard to make them resilient enough to withstand the not-so-gentle forces that toddlers and babies impart to them. You also may choose a sheet of sponge inside the front cover and back cover. The book will look thicker and softer, making it more appealing to children.

Board Book Paper

There are two categories of paperboard for interior stock available to print children’s board books.

  • A gray board is compressed cardboard comprised of gray fibers against a white laminated exterior.
  • Whiteboard is similar to gray board except that it is made of white fibers and is of superior quality and appeal, hence more expensive. Most of our board books employ whiteboard paper.

Besides gray and white cardboard, you also need to think of the paperweight. Typically, we choose 350gsm/16pt C1S paper for the children’s board book. If you prefer a thinner paper, 250gsm/12pt and 300gsm/14pt C1S paper are also available.

You like each interior sheet to meet 1mm thickness, choosing three sheets of 350gsm/16pt C1S paper glued together is a better solution. 

Design Tips

The unique style and format of board books call for some specific considerations.

Step 1

Whichever program you choose to build your board book, select the option for facing pages in the layout.

Step 2

When creating PDF files for final printing, be sure to indicate the option for spreads.

Step 3

Please provide high-resolution files of 300 dpi or greater for printing to achieve good results.

Step 4

The final trim will remove 3 mm of material from the edges of every page. Be careful to allow for this final step in processing to avoid compromising your work- product.

Step 5

Pop-ups are fun and engaging. Please create individual artwork for each pop-up if you include them in your board book. Pop-ups require different types of printing and finishing than the book pages.
(If you’re not sure what to do in this regard, please get in touch with us so we can help you develop a successful design.)

Step 6

The front and back cover and the spine are all printed on one sheet in all cases. Please do not separate these elements in your design.

Step 7

Please ask us for our free cover template when creating a hardcover book. Using this template to make your final art will help significantly facilitate your new board book’s production.

Board Book Features

  • With a page thickness of 0.5 mm to 1 mm, board book pages are hard to crease while safe and easy to use for small children.
  • Most board books have rounded corners, making them safer for young children and toddlers.
  • Board books boast a full two-page spread of your art that opens to lay flat.
  • One spread is two pages. A typical board book will contain 7 to 16 spreads or 14 to 32 pages.
  • Each page board book is finished with film lamination or gloss UV varnish.
  • Board books contain more images than text for an engaging and vibrant presentation.
board book sample

Why Print Board Books in China?

Step 1

Printing costs and binding costs are lower in China. We use offset printing machines if the board book quantity is more than 100pcs.

In North America, offset printing is more expensive. Also, the board book binding machines are different than other binding equipment. Board books require significant hands-on labor, and labor costs in North America are much higher than in China.

We are an offset printing company; our offset machines can print regular books and board books. Our board book binding machines can produce customized board books. Plus, the hardworking, efficient team at QinPrinting allows us to offer lower board book printing prices. 

Step 2

After 40 years of industry development, all production can be done in China. Now China has global command of the entire industrial chain. Any production process outside our capabilities can be sourced locally with established quality vendors, a welcome guarantee for all manufacturers.

Step 3

Chinese workers are hardworking and dedicated. Our crews work around the clock, 24 hours per day, seven days a week. This effort makes efficient use of our facilities, equipment, and other overhead for maximum economy and lower pricing for you.

Step 4

QinPrinting’s highly experienced team of craftsmen and our strong management team guarantee the quality of your board book.

Step 5

The logistics from China and the US or other countries are convenient and fast. 

Safe Printing for Children

QinPrinting is FSC certified, and you may choose FSC documentation. CE and US CPC certifications are also available for the appropriate fees.

We exclusively use soy inks for printing children’s materials at QinPrinting. These inks are safer than traditional petroleum-based inks for children and the environment.

We recommend employing rounded corners on all text pages for your board book. Rounded corners are safer than square corners, which can be a hazard for infants and small children. Also, rounded corners are less easy to dog-ear, maintaining the quality appearance of your board book.

QinPrinting is the hands-down worldwide winner for printing board books and all manner of books at astoundingly affordable rates. 

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