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Board Book Printing

Board Book Printing

  • ECO-friendly, soy ink, round corners
  • Pop-up board books are available
  • Free cover template and free artwork checking

A board book is a book that has two sheets of cardboard glued back to back as one sheet and that has one spread on one single sheet of cardboard. The left-hand page of a spread is glued to the right-hand page of the previous spread and the right-hand page of that spread is glued to the left-hand page of the next spread. A third sheet can also be inserted in between to make a thicker book.

Nowadays, board book printing is increasing in popularity with its wide-ranging benefits to toddlers. With the exuberance of smartphones in family lives, a board book offers a refreshing change to parents, teachers, and learners to establish the basic blocks of learning. There is an upward spike in the sales of children’s board books because of their ability to engage toddlers creatively. Printing a board book self-publishing is gaining interest from all quarters.

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board book printing

Board Book Sizes

In common the board book size is smaller than regular kid’s book size. The standard board book sizes are 6 x 6″, 7 x 7″, 150 x 150mm, 160 x 160mm. Different board book sizes are good for different ages children. The smaller size board book is better for the toddler to hold and open.

hardcover board book
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Page Amount

How many pages should a board book be? It depends on who is the board book reader and what inner paper you choose. In common, the kid board book page amount is from 8 pages to 32 pages, or we say 4 spreads to 16 spreads. If the board books are for adults, the board book page amount would be more than 32 pages. And the inner paper is a little bit thinner to compare with the child board book’s inner paper.

Board Book Cover

There are two types of board book covers. One is self-cover and another one is the hardcover. For the self-cover board book, the cover paper and interior paper are the same. But the cover will have a hinge near the spine. For the hardcover board book, the cover is the same as the regular hardcover. The hardcover can be straight corners and round corners. If you do hardcover with round corners, it is expensive because it needs more labor to wrap the round corners by hand. 

Board Book Printing Cost

The board book binding process is totally different from regular binding methods. It needs special binding equipment. So, board book printing in the USA is more expensive. High-quality children’s board book printing in China is better and cost-effective. We provide instant online quotes and great printing services at a lower price. 

Board Book Printing Feature

To compare with regular picture books, printing a board book has the following feature:

  • The board book each sheet is around 0.5-1mm thickness. It is not easy to be folded and it is good for baby to open.
  • The board book corners are round corners. It is safe for baby.
  • The two pages can be opened lay-flat.
  • One spread is two pages. Most of board book page count is 7-16 spreads (14 pages-32 pages).
  • The board book is with film lamination or glossy UV varnish on all pages.
  • A board book consists of more images and fewer texts.
board book sample

Paper Choice

Board books need strong cardboard to make them resilient and withstand the not-so-subtle force that toddlers and babies impart to them.

There are two categories of paperboard that are used in the printing of board books of children.

A gray board is compressed cardboard that comprises gray fibers against a white laminated exterior.

Whiteboard is similar to gray board except that it is made of white fibers and is regarded to be of superior quality and hence more expensive. Most of the board books, we use white board paper.

Board Book Design Tips

There are a few important guidelines about the artwork setting and printing the board books.

  • During the design stage of your board book, you need to choose the option of facing pages in the software layout. Select the option of ″Spreads″ to make the final printing pages during the process of PDF file generation. Meanwhile, add 3mm bleed on top, bottom, right and left.
  • If the board book is with pop-up, please separate the pop-up image artwork and the original book artwork. Because they are printed in different processes. If you don’t have experience with it, please contact us. Then we will help you with how to do it.
  • To make high-quality board books, the artwork should be high resolution. All images should be 300dpi.
  • When you design the cover artwork, please do the back cover, spine and front cover on the same page.
  • If the board book is hardcover binding, please ask us to provide a cover template. You may design the cover artwork according to our cover template. Our cover template is free.

Board Book Printing and Binding Tips

Following are a few important board book printing and binding tips 

  • Board books generally comprise 8 to 16 spreads which amount to 16 to 32 pages including cover with colored pictures. If you’re incorporating text in the board books, make sure to limit it to not more than 100 words.
  • Many self-publishing of board books’ target audience is children in the age range of 1-4 years. The smaller the size of the book, the more comfortable it will be for the child to hold and work with the board book. It has also the advantage of training the vision focus on the particular page of the board book. 6 x 6″ size board book is the most popular size. You also can choose a custom size. It depends on your design and book content.
  • Almost all board book interior pages are the same binding methods. But there are two kinds of board book covers. One is a self-cover that is created with the same material as the interior cardboard. The self-cover includes a spine that connects the back cover and front cover. Another kind of board book cover is hardcover which includes a cover paper wrapped on a 2-3mm grey board. The cover size is a little larger than the size of the interior page. Some customers choose a sheet of sponge inside the front cover and back cover. The cover looks thicker and soft.

Ensure Safe Printing for Children

  • We are FSC certificated. You may choose FSC certificated paper. CE certificate and US CPC certificate are also available. But you need to pay the certification fees. 
  • We use soy ink for all board book printing and make sure the material is safe for children.
  • Make sure to use rounded edges in the place of pointy edges which may pierce the eye of the child and any other part of the body. 
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