How To Print A Calendar

Calendar forms an important part of everyone’s life. Without it, you will not be able to keep a track of the days and months. Not only that but you can also use a calendar for several other purposes such as for your office, as a gift item or as a piece of decoration. If you are into marketing, you can also use calendars as a branding tool. It will function great as a marketing stint with the name of your brand or company on it. You can distribute the same among your family and colleagues for the most effective branding when print a calendar. Calendars are also used by photographers for promotional purpose.

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Self-Publishing Book Printing

If you are an author or a book publisher, you will definitely need some book printing services. Book printing services can help you in printing your book in no time and that too with the best designs and bindings. You can print any type of books you want such as hard binding book, soft binding book, normal comic book, storybook and many more. The color and typeset that you are going to use will determine the overall cost of your printing. Also, the orientation of the book plays a deep part in the budget. Get in touch with a self-publishing book printing printing company for getting the best quote for your self-publishing book printing job.

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Where Should You Get Your Posters Printed?

Thinking beyond digital media, poster printing has become a major trend in the realm of marketing. Whether it involves employees, guests or potential customers, the print media can be exploited to make a terrific impression on your target audience. Aside from the choice of using personalized templates, posters come with the flexibility of experimenting with a number of exciting formats. Poster printing can be done using the DIY approach, wherein you can use special software to design your personalized posters. For more professional results, consulting with a certified service provider can assist you to send your message across to the audience. Not sure where to get your posters printed? Discernibly, there are many ways you can get your posters printed:  based on your project requirements. You can enlist local poster printing service provider or seek online services from some of the leading retail chains, such as,,, etc.

get your posters printed

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Low Cost Magazine Printing: A Brief Guide

Available in attractive formats, printed magazines are a powerful medium, which conveys complex ideas in simple manners. The applications of magazines are bounteous, from product catalogues, media guides to application in advertisement and promotion. Looking at the recent marketing trends, low cost magazine printing has become a convenient option for business executives seeking to communicate important information to consumers. Despite the growing popularity of magazine printing across various fields, the cost of publishing is a distressing concern among marketers.

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Print 2020 Calendar: A Complete Guide

Printing a calendar is a common practice across all industries nowadays. Discernibly, it is one such component that can be used as promotional purposes as well as household applications. A beautifully designed calendar can go a long way in connecting to people who matter. This is why, many enterprises, both large and small, maneuver print 2020 calendar to reach out to their target consumers, creating better brand values. 

Designing an effective calendar, regardless of its purposes, is far from an easy task. If you think choosing an appropriate theme and adding pictures will help you develop a good calendar, then will be disappointed to hear that it is not the case in reality. In fact, an eye-catching calendar is not only hard to design, but also difficult to produce. The steps may appear to be simple at first glance, executing them requires professional decisions, especially if you are thinking of using the product for promotion and marketing.

print 2020 calendar

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How do you do spiral bound book printing?

The paperback format might be a popular form of binding books but it has its own limitations and certainly, all subject matters are not fit for all binding formats. While the paperback binding method is suitable for academic or literary purposes, this binding approach cannot be accommodated for other applications. Since most soft-cover bound materials are produced with heavyweight cards instead of boards, such covers are susceptible to external damages and require high maintenance. Spiral bound book printing has become a popular mode of publishing these days for myriads of reasons, and besides the flexible property of this binding format, which makes it a commonly appropriated form of binding across various fields, the method enables users to flip pages easily, making it a convenient choice of binding for reports, sales presentations, business proposals, instructional manuals, and cookbooks.

spiral bound book printing

How to Package and Protect Books for Shipping

Most people don’t ask a question often– how to package and protect books for shipping? So when they need to transport books, there will be many problems, not only the risk of damage to books. As a book printing company, we usually need to pack a large number of books, so there are several simple skills to share with you to ensure that your books are safer and easier to transport.

package and protect books

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How to Design A Hardcover Cookbook

Will you print your own cookbook? Photo, words, section etc are all not easy to handle. Cookbook is useful but it’s not easy to design. Now, let’s talk about how to design a hardcover cookbook.

Design a hardcover cookbook

How to binding the book

When you look a cookbook, it looks similar with other books. If your book is to general reference, please make the book as paperback book(perfect binding). However, most of the cookbooks are hardcover and will be put in the kitchen. So cookbooks need to be open flat. In this case, some cookbooks are bound as wire-o binding or spiral binding. There are also some cookbooks are bound as hardcover book. They can also open wide.

So most of the cookbooks are wire-o binding, spiral binding or hardcover binding.

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How to Print Your Own Paperback Book?

Are you planning to print your own paperback book? Do you know how to do that? Here is a guide for your reference.paperback-book-printing

Get a draft before printing your own paperback book

Generally speaking, people who want to print their own paperback books will first get a draft of the book so they have all the information that is needed to get a quotation for the printing project, which includes the size of the book, the page count of the book, the quantity they’ll print and the shipping address.

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What kind of products are suitable for printing in China

In order to low the cost for printing, more and more companies and publishing companies start to print in China. There are many experienced workers in China Printing companies. And many China printing company equip many advanced machines. Their printing quality is great. Therefore there are many kinds of products are suitable for printing in China.

However, not all the products are suitable for printing in China. Except printing cost, there are shipping cost, time cost etc. I would like to talk about this from different factors.

1, printing Color in China

Some printing jobs need CMYK printed but some printing jobs only need black and white printing. Which one is better to print in China? Actually, both of them are cheaper if you print in China. But full color printing is much cheaper than printing in US for most of time. In US, black and white printing is not very expensive. But full color printing is much more expensive than printing in China. If you need full color printing, printing in China is a better choice.

Some printer in China have color hard proof system which is the same with US printer. But what is hard proof system? Hard proof is printed by hard proof machine and printed on hard proof paper. The paper is totally different with mass product. With hard proof, you will know what the color will be for the mass product.

So if your product need full color printing, printing in China is better.

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