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How to Make a Catalogue Stand Out

When you’d like to take your marketing to the next level, don’t shy away from going back to basics. Print marketing is still a great way to attract new customers and process orders.

Today, close to 170 million people make purchases from catalogues. When you want to put together a catalogue in a way that is best for your company, your print marketing campaign will be a success.

how to make a catalogue

Use the tips below to learn how to make a catalogue that counts.

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Calendar Printing 101: The Top Calendar Printing Tips

Most households and offices have one. And many of us still rely upon a non-digital reminder of what’s happening tomorrow.

Calendars are still part of the fabric of most homes and workplaces. We live in a digital age, yet the market for paper calendars is still huge, with 16 million calendars being sold worldwide each year. 

If you want to capitalize on this continuing calendar trend by using it to promote your business, then follow our simple tips on how to make the most of your business calendar

Calendar Printing

Calendar printing is a fabulous way of ensuring that your business and its logo is seen by lots of people all year round. It’s why so many companies give free calendars away each year. It’s such a simple and effective marketing tool, and it needn’t cost too much either.

Here are our tips on how to print the best calendar for your business:

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Custom Book Printing: Preparing for Your Publishing Debut

You’ve poured your heart ad soul into writing your manuscript. It’s been proofread, line edited, copy edited, and proofread again. The cover art is amazing, and you’re ready to get it printed.

Being a self-published author has its perks. One is the ability to create the book you want from idea to publishing. Gone is the stigma of being self-published but there is the added pressure of competing with a traditional publisher and their teams of skilled professionals.

Before sending your work off to a custom book printing service it will need to be formatted. Formatting is not a simple task and encompasses several important steps. It is important to get it right because you don’t want to ruin your book with a bad layout.

custom book printing

Are you ready to publish your book? Keep reading for tips on getting your book print-ready and off to the presses.

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How much does it cost to print a book on your own?

It is a very common question that “how much does it cost to print a book on your own?” Book publishing is not that much tough today as it used to be a few years back. In the earlier days, you had to run behind the printers for typesetting, color correction, binding and many other tasks. Today, it is easy just like ordering something online. With the help of various printing companies today, you can get your book printed in no time at all. However, the overall cost of your printing will depend on the type of paper and typeset that you choose.  If you are a self-publishing author, you can get in touch with the various printing companies available online to get an estimated quote for your entire order. You can also customize your order as you need.

print a book on your own

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How To Print A Calendar

Calendar forms an important part of everyone’s life. Without it, you will not be able to keep a track of the days and months. Not only that but you can also use a calendar for several other purposes such as for your office, as a gift item or as a piece of decoration. If you are into marketing, you can also use calendars as a branding tool. It will function great as a marketing stint with the name of your brand or company on it. You can distribute the same among your family and colleagues for the most effective branding when print a calendar. Calendars are also used by photographers for promotional purpose.

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