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Newsletter Printing

Newsletter Printing

Newsletter Printing Quote

Newsletter printing is one of the most successful marketing tools that contain your company’s business news and other information. The printed newsletters are delivered to the employees, customers, suppliers, and others who are interested in that company. This makes the newsletter printing quality so important. At QinPrinting, we can print the perfect newsletters at an affordable price in super-quick time!

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Newsletter Printing Costs

How much does it cost to print a newsletter? You may click the left online quote form to get the newsletter printing costs. The price charts below provide typical newsletter printing costs for your convenience.

Paperback Newsletter Printing Price Chart (8.5” x 11”)

Quantity 100pcs 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs 5000pcs 10000pcs
64pp + 4pp $553 $866 $1102 $1612 $3440 $6568
80pp + 4pp $661 $1040 $1330 $1947 $4143 $7925
96pp + 4pp $767 $1217 $1557 $2280 $4875 $9313
  • Please note that all prices are EXW our facility and do not include shipping costs.
  • Cover: 250gsm/90lb matte art paper with matte lamination, interior: 105gsm/70lb matte art paper, full color printing.

Saddle Stitch Newsletter Printing Price Chart (8.5” x 11”)

Quantity 100pcs 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs 5000pcs 10000pcs
16pp + 4pp $211 $317 $383 $543 $1125 $2087
32pp + 4pp $314 $476 $589 $835 $1711 $3211
40pp + 4pp $370 $563 $710 $995 $2042 $3775
  • Please note that all prices are EXW our facility and do not include shipping costs.
  • Cover: 200gsm/70lb matte art paper with matte lamination outside, interior: 80gsm/50lb matte art paper, full color printing.

Newsletter Printing Services

We are QinPrinting, an online newsletter printing company that is dedicated to fulfilling the printing needs of our clients. Our primary aim is to provide quality newsletter printing without wasting your time or energy. With us, you’ll always get affordable, unique, and easy printing solutions. Our experts cater to everyone’s printing needs. All you have to do is upload the document files, make the payments, and wait for the result. We deliver the prints to your doorstep.

Our newsletter printing is done on state-of-the-art printing presses that undergo regular color calibration while ensuring that you receive high-quality printing at affordable rates. If you want to know the newsletter printing prices, fill up the specifications, and get the price right now. We always make use of the best paper stocks that help us deliver printing that your readers will respect. 

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Newsletter Printing Sample Specifications

  • Size: 8.5″ x 11″
  • Cover and interior paper: 105gsm gloss art paper
  • Printing: CMYK printing
  • Interior page count: 48 pages
  • Binding: Saddle stitch
Newsletter Printing Cost

Newsletter Design and Printing

We’re sure you don’t want to spend a fair amount of time and money producing your monthly newsletters. No one wants their hard work to be tossed in the trash. Our expert services at QinPrinting will come in handy during such situations. Follow these tips given by QinPrinting technicians to ensure your newsletters are opened and read.

Step 1

Use Vibrant Colors for Newsletter Printing

Color improves everything when used properly. It’ll liven up your newsletter and attract attention. It is vital for you to use a lot of colors and get the eyes on your newsletter. In fact, some of the most popular newsletters rely heavily on the usage of colors.

Step 2

Use Pictures and Graphics Liberally

Who doesn’t like images? Images never fail to capture attention. In fact, the captions used on photos are often the most-read sections in any publication out there.

Step 3

Use an Established Style

If you’re writing a copy for newsletters, we recommend that you stick to an established style that is used in print media. The newspapers have developed particular ways of writing to make the words more reader-friendly.

Step 4

Make Use of an Interesting Format

Try making use of white text over a black background anywhere on the design. Put the copy inside tinted text boxes. Make use of a multi-column format. Always properly use the borders, shading, bold fonts, etc. as it’ll help grab the reader’s attention.

Step 5

Go for Powerful Headlines

The readers always notice the headlines. Readers tend to look for headlines for getting a better idea of what they will be reading on your newsletter. They’ll scan the subheadings and pick up on the key points. Powerful, punchy headlines always get noticed and are read.

If you’re looking to get started on your newsletter printing, get an online quote, or contact our experts

Why Choose QinPrinting?

Newsletters have a rich, long history in our world. Is has always been the perfect way to promote your new products and services. Printing newsletter creates a sense of community while helping you reach a wide audience and provide information that’ll be useful.

If you have a great idea, product, or service, a great way to launch that would be via your newsletter. But, how can one get a decent newsletter printed? What are the key elements for a good newsletter layout? It would be one thing to have loads of great information but how can one assemble and organize the newsletter to make it appealing? Well, at QinPrinting, we are experts in just that. Our printing services are known to be highly reliable and several clients collaborate with us for our help.

Our online newsletter printing services are really fast, affordable, and convenient. All you need to do is check the prices, upload files by We will do free artwork checking and modifying for you. 

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