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Custom Miniature

Custom Miniature

Custom miniature is one of the important parts in your custom board game. Here, let’s talk about what you should know about custom miniature manufacturing before you start doing it.

We provide a smooth custom miniature manufacturing process. You need to submit 3D or 2D model design of your miniature using the software. Following are the steps that we follow for custom miniature making:

• When you submit your design, our team approves the design first.
• Then we prepare for the manufacturing process of the custom miniature.
• In case you need any more features on your miniature. Then we include these in the post-manufacturing process.
• Then we go towards the packaging process where we pack your custom miniature with your custom board game.

custom miniature manufacturing process

Manufacturing Process Steps

Usually following are the steps that follow for miniature making:

Step 1

PVC material is used by injection molding that creates the custom miniature.

Step 2

6 cavities are created following your design. When the plastic is cooled down the miniature comes out of the mold.

Step 3

This molding process will be following your needs and requirements.

Step 4

These molds are created by a process called ″Ceramic mold casting.″

Step 5

There is another facility that is called the pre-production unit. That is inspected for quality control. This unit proves to be a sample so that we can continue with the final manufacturing process after its approval.

step 6

Post Manufacturing of Custom Miniature

In this step, we value add anything you need to get your custom miniature customized a little bit more. You can get anything done in this part. Like, get your miniatures painted; get stickers on them or anything that makes your custom board game theme more dynamic.
This step is optional. So if you need any extra services you have to quote them along with your miniature order. Hence this step is not important for every designer to follow.

Different Materials Used for Custom Miniature

Following are the materials that are used in the making of custom miniature characters for your board game.









Different Colors for Custom Miniature

The color of the miniature depends upon the theme of the game. Mostly, the designers want their miniature to be according to the theme. So that it gives an image that everything is customized and has given proper attention.
But one can use normal colors as well that do not represent your game themes. So you can easily get your miniature in blue, green, yellow, or red color.
Moreover, you can also get a soldier miniature if your game is something on the theme of war or army. You can also create a design of your fantasy characters with specific details and color.

Different Colors for Custom Miniature

Custom Miniature Packaging

At the end of the process, we ensure complete packaging. That does not leave any chance that your custom miniature gets damaged. We wrap the miniatures in plastic packaging and then place them in your game box.

Our goal is to give a premium quality product feel to our designers. It makes them our brand loyal. And so their business and our reach both increase in the whole process. Hence, if you have made a 3D or 2D model of your miniature that you dream to add to your custom board game, then contact our printing experts and submit your artwork. Then witness how your 3D model converts into a miniature from a design. We regulate the creativity and hard work of designers.

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