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Hardcover Book Printing

  • Affordable hardcover book printing
  • Free hardcover and dust jacket templates
  • Print high-quality hardcover books
  • Bind square spine hardcover books and round spine hardcover books
  • Many paper options

hardcover book printing

Communicate with us your needs, we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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QINPrinting provides a number of custom styles for hardcover book printing. If you want to make your books stand out on the shelf, printing hardcover books is a good choice. Whether you print your books in color or black and white, hardcover book printing is a style which will make your books look high-end. QINPrinting offers high quality book printing and binding at an affordable price. We also guarantee excellent customer service and quick production times for your orders.

Custom hardcover book printing

You have the option of choosing from different book forms. The standard options include custom trim size, a choice of paper and a whole range of finishes and binding styles. If you are looking to give your hardcover book a luxurious look you can choose from options like silver foil stamping, gold foil stamping and debossing. Different finishes such as textured paper, vinyl, cloth and leather give your hardcover book a unique look and feel.

Hardcover book printing services

We provide a free hardcover book template, free artwork checking and free artwork modifications. We will advise you on the best way to present your artwork to ensure the perfect result and a book you will be delighted with. It is important to choose the best combination of paper weight and finishes, page number and sizes and binding styles in order to produce the best result at a cost effective price

Short run hardcover book printing

We are an offset printing service who specializes in printing custom hardcover books. We also can do short run hardcover book printing. Ourhardcover book printing MOQ is 100pcs. If you print more, the unit price will reduce. Commonly we suggest MOQ is 500pcs for hardcover books. If we printinghigher quantities, the unit price is lower. It is important you have an idea of the initial print run required in order to obtain the best unit price. If you are considering print on demand then a digital printer option would be appropriate .

Cheap hardcover book printing

We offer the best hardcover book printing price available. Our products our printed and finished to the highest standards and quality and offer excellent value for money.

More book printing options

Hardcover books are only a part of the wide range of printing and binding services that we provide. You can choose from options such as perfect bound books, wire-O-bound books, and many others. Some of types of books that we print include children’s books, comic books, paperback books, cookbooks and many more. We also provide printing services for booklets, catalogs, posters, calendars, etc.

Sample Specifications for Full Color Hardcover Book Printing

6X9" hardcover book printing
high quality hardcover book printing
high end full color hardcover book printing
  • Hardcover book size: 6×9″ (inches)
  • Cover paper: 157gsm gloss art paper
  • Cover surface: Matte lamination outside
  • Board thickness: 2.5mm
  • End sheets: 157gsm matte art paper with color printing
  • Interior: 128gsm matte art paper
  • Printing: Full color printing (CMYK printing)
  • Binding: Sewn and hardcover binding

Design Tips

Primarily, the design of the book is very important. Before starting to design the cover for your hardcover book, we recommend you to contact our specialists for support.

Our designers will produce a cover design template for your hardcover book. Once you have approved the template, we would like you to tell us details like the page count, book size, interior paper, etc. With the help of this information, we will be able to calculate the thickness of the book spine for you. Owing to the cover being wrapped over a board-type material, the cover is going to be thicker than the interior pages of the book. Due to this, you need to provide us with a cover image or background, which can extend for at least 10mm. It is for this very reason that designing the cover according to the cover template that we will provide you with is a wiser choice.

The artwork design on the interior is the same as any regular book design. In order to facilitate the opening of the interior pages in a flat fashion, the hardcover book is popularly sewn.  You can also choose photos, which overlap from one page to another.Some client’s prefer their books to have a dust jacket, for added protection. We advise you to contact our specialists before starting the designing process for the dust jacket. Our designers will assist you in designing a custom dust jacket that shall fit your specifications. You can view this dust jacket which we had designed and choose it if it fits the bill. The average dust jacket flaps which are used in hardcover books is of approximately 90mm width.

Tips for Binding and Printing

In the case that you have chosen the cover material to be vinyl or cloth, color printing is not possible on such surfaces. Foil stamping or embossing are the best choices on surfaces of that nature. If you want to opt for color printing, your choice of cover should be standard coated white paper. This surface also offers the option of choosing spot UV, foil stamping and embossing as viable printing options. It is important to note that the end sheets in hardcover books are connected with the board and the interior pages.

It is very important for hardcover books to have an end sheet for both the front and the back. A good choice for coating end sheets is 140gsm uncoated paper. However, if the book that you have printed is large or there are more than 320pages in the book, choosing uncoated paper of 170gsm is a prudent decision. We can also provide you with shiny color printing on your end sheets; you need to choose the 157gsm matte art paper for such a requirement. You can also choose from a wide range of other color papers, which we have available. Are you ready to print your first hardcover book in China, or excited to collaborate with us? Contact our printing experts at the earliest for more information or upload artwork by Let’s get started as soon as possible.

How you choose a hardcover book’s material?

Hardcover books are also known by other names, some of which include sewn hardcover binding, case bound, hardback, hardcover, etc. to name a few. Our hardcover books are completed with the sewn and hardcover binding technique, which is one of the most popular and strongest options available in the market. This method ensures that the sturdiness of the book is enhanced. Round spine and square spine is included in hardcover book that we can bind. The usual procedure involves a cover, which is of 157gsm art paper, with film lamination wrapped on a 2mm or 3mm board. You can choose from the list of other cover material choices, based on your preference. These options include printed-paper, vinyl cover, texture paper cover, leather cover and cloth cover, amongst others.

According to our recommendation, you should choose a board thickness that is based on the book trim size and the number of pages that is going to be a part of your book. The sheets are another important part of the standard configuration for hardback books. Some of the best options for the end sheets include 140gsm offset paper; 157gsm coated paper or textured paper. We also provide to add a dust jacket outside the book cover to enhance the book’s protection.

Communicate with us your needs, we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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