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Hardcover book printing at QinPrinting is easier and more affordable than you might think. Hardcover books present a distinctly high-end appearance creating a perception of value.

At QinPrinting, we offer a number of style options for hardcover book printing and binding. Like all of our book printing, our high-quality hardcover book printing is available at extraordinarily affordable rates. Plus, our best-in-class customer service and rapid production times make choosing QinPrinting a wise and easy choice for hardcover book printing in China.

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Hardcover Book Printing Costs

You can refer to the chart below for a quick look at costs for printing a standard hardcover book. There are many options to choose from for printing and finishing your hardcover book that may impact your pricing. You can also take advantage of our online Printing Cost Calculator to explore further.

Hardcover Book Printing Prices Chart (8.5” x 11”)

Quantity 100pcs 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs 5000pcs
32pp $725 $1018 $1559 $2786 $6254
64pp $1009 $1401 $2057 $3509 $7596
128pp $1578 $2190 $3078 $4981 $10252
256pp $2714 $3779 $5067 $7899 $15618
  • Please note that all prices are EXW our facility and do not include shipping costs.
  • The cover is 157gsm/60lb art paper with matte lamination wrapped on 2.5mm thickness greybeard, End sheets are 140gsm/100lb offset paper, blank, Inner paper is 128gsm/90lb art paper.
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printing a hardcover book

Short Run Hardcover Book Printing

Hardcover book printing in quantities of 5000 or less is the standard for short-run orders. Today, however, 1000 is the usual short-run hardcover book order.

As a well-established offset printer offering the lowest rates and a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) that supports short runs of 1000 and even as low as 100 pieces, we hold a significant advantage over our competition. However, the unit price decreases significantly with higher quantities. Therefore, we recommend ordering quantities of 3000 units to improve the profitability of your custom hardcover book.

You will want a good idea about the initial order size that gives you the best unit price for the appropriate quantity.

Hardcover Book Material

We mentioned previously that hardcover book printing would give your book that high-end appearance. QinPrinting also offers many options in paper choices, numerous finishing options, and several different choices for cover style and materials to make your book unique.

We strive to make the vision you have for your hardcover book a reality by recommending the options that will make your custom hardcover book stand out from the crowd.

Our hardcover books employ the popular sewn hardcover style, the most robust bookbinding method on the market today. A sewn binding ensures a durable and long-lasting hardcover book.

Hardcover Book Material

Interior Paper Options

  • 80gsm, 105gsm, 128gsm, 157gsm and 200gsm gloss/matte art paper, 80gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm, 140gsm offset paper. 

Paper Options for End Sheets

  • End sheets can be 140gsm, 170gsm offset paper, or any texture paper.

Grey Board

The number of pages and size of your book will impact your choice in board thickness for your cover. We recommend the following options for grey board thickness.

  • 5” x 8.5” size book: 2mm thick grey board
  • 5” x 11” size book: 2.5mm thick grey board
  • larger than 8.5” x 11” size book: 3mm thick grey board

These are the most popular choices, but you are free to make the choice that best suits your needs.

Along with these paper stock options, you may also select from many different cover treatments and other options for a unique and attractive package.

Image Wrapped Hardcover Book Printing

Going with an image-wrapped cover provides a stunning display on any bookshelf. We will print your cover art on 157gsm art paper with film lamination. This sheet is then mounted on the grey board to create your wrapped cover.

This book cover style can incorporate foil stamp, deboss, embossed, spot UV, and other cover surface treatments. And this impressive hardcover book style is also very economical.

linen hardcover book printing

Linen Hardcover Book Printing

Linen or cloth hardcover books have their covers wrapped in fabric or linen. We offer many different textures and colors from which to choose. This classic hardcover book cover style is rugged and a traditional selection for hardcover titles throughout the years.

Please refer to the images below to choose the perfect fabric for your hardcover book.

Linen 0909
Linen 0909
Linen 0912Linen 0912
Linen 0913
Linen 0913
Linen 0935Linen 0935
Linen 0975
Linen 0975
Linen 0975Linen 0976
Linen 0977
Linen 0977
Linen 0982Linen 0982
Linen 6538
Linen 6538
Linen 6538Linen 6545
Linen 6546
Linen 6546
Linen 6555Linen 6555
Hardcover Book Linen 6567
Linen 6567
Linen-6571Linen 6571
Hardcover Book Linen 6573
Linen 6573
Hardcover Book Linen 6575Linen 6575
Hardcover Book Linen 6805
Linen 6805
Hardcover Book Linen 6807Linen 6807
Hardcover Book Linen 6812
Linen 6812
Hardcover Book Linen 6814Linen 6814
Hardcover Book Linen 6817
Linen 6817
Hardcover Book Linen 6824Linen 6824
Linen 6832
Hardcover Book Linen 6835Linen 6835
Hardcover Book Linen 6836
Linen 6836
Hardcover Book Linen-6838Linen 6838
Hardcover Book Linen 6845
Linen 6845
Linen-6847Linen 6847
Linen 6852
Linen 6852
Hardcover Book Linen 6853Linen 6853
Hardcover Book Linen-6856
Linen 6856
Hardcover Book Linen-6860Linen 6860
Linen P351
Linen P351
Linen-P354Linen P354
Linen P356
Linen P356
Linen-P360Linen P360
Linen P362
Linen-P367Linen P367
Hardcover Book Linen-P368
Linen P368
Hardcover Book Hardcover Book Linen-P374Linen P374

While we cannot print your image directly on the linen fabric, we can deboss a specific area to mount a printed image onto the cover. You may also incorporate different colors of foil stamping and deboss custom logos or texts.

Hardcover Book with a Slipcase

Add even greater perceived value to your hardcover book with the addition of a custom slipcase. This element provides an additional opportunity to wow your customers. The slipcover is a blank canvas and can take your project to the next level.


Wrap Your Book with a Dust Jacket

Often, when the choice is for a linen hardcover book, we will print a traditional dust jacket for a bolder presentation and protect the linen finish. This classic hardcover book element is an inexpensive way to achieve a similar effect to an image-wrapped cover.


Sample Specifications for Full-Color Hardcover Book Printing

Many self-publishers choose to produce a sample run of their title before committing to a larger quantity. This strategy provides an excellent opportunity to preview your work and economically engage with potential customers or investors.

  • Hardcover book size: 8.5″ × 11″
  • Cover paper: 157gsm gloss art paper
  • Cover surface: Matte lamination outside
  • Board thickness: 2.5mm
  • End sheets: 157gsm matte art paper with color printing
  • Interior: 128gsm matte art paper
  • Printing: Full-color CMYK printing
  • Binding: Sewn and hardcover binding
custom hardcover book printing

Design Tips

icon 1

The accuracy and quality of your design are critical. When creating the art for your cover, please contact our experts. We will provide a free hardcover cover design template to ensure that your artwork will perform as you intend. 

Some specific dimensions and elements can make or break your cover design, and our template will guide your success.

The cover wraps a thick board, the spine is thicker than the interior pages, and the cover is wider than the internal text pages.

Once our designers gather details such as page count, book size, paper choices, and any other specifics you wish to include in your hardcover book, our designers will calculate the dimension of the spine and incorporate that into your template.

Remember, the cover is larger than the pages and requires a minimum 10 mm bleed to allow for wrapping the board to make your cover.

Of course, following the template we provide is the best way to be sure that all of these elements are accurate and correct.

icon 2

The interior page design for your hardcover book is the same as any other book. Since the internal pages are sewn, they will lay flat when opened, allowing pictures to cross over from one page to the next and open flat, a popular feature in many hardcover books.

icon 3

Dust jackets are another popular option for hardcover books and provide added protection. As with your cover, we recommend contacting our experts before starting the artwork for your dust jacket. Our designers will assist you in creating a custom dust jacket that fits your specifications. You can view our dust jacket design and determine if it fits the style of your project.

Typically, a dust jacket will incorporate a 90 mm flap wrapping around the open edge of the front and back cover.

Give our experts your information and tell us what you need; we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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