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Proofs and Samples

As per your request, we can help you provide PDF proof, hard proofs, and physical samples as well.

PDF Proof and Hard Proof

At QinPrinting, we provide you with PDF proof for all printing jobs. Once, we receive a printing file, it is the job of our designer to check each and every page and finally sent the PDF proof for approval. Customers who need hard proof for color reasons etc. are required to pay extra costs for it, as our online quote is not inclusive of hard proof costs.

We use the digital Epson printer for printing the hard proof, applying the GMG color proof system that ensures a 95% similarity between the hard proof and the final products. You can also request hard proof and dummy together, to get a complete idea about the color, paper, and binding in the final product.

Physical Samples

Apart from PDF proof and hard proof, we also provide physical samples, the cost for which is not included in the online quote. The physical sample is also termed as a digital sample as it printed with the help of a digital printer and bound by hand. A physical sample is used to get a rough idea about your book, including factors like paper and binding. Still, you must know that the sample paper and colors used for the physical sample will be slightly different from the paper and colors used for mass production. The reason behind this is the fact that where the sample paper is printed through a digital printer, the mass product paper is printed through offset printed. For a better understanding of the differences between the two, we also paper sample manual including offset printing paper along with the physical sample for our clients.

So, basically, where the physical sample printed by a digital printer might look more colorful than the offset printing color, the final machine binding of mass products will be many times better than what you will see in the physical sample with sewing binding. Other than the physical samples, we can also help you provide with offset printing sample.