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Proofs and samples

Depending on your request, we can provide PDF proof, hard proofs and physical samples

PDF proof and hard proof

For all printing jobs, we provide PDF proof. After we receive the printing file, our designer will check each page. Then we will send PDF proof for approval. 

We also can provide hard proof. But we charge extra cost for hard proof. In our online quote, it doesn’t include hard proof cost. Most of customers don’t need hard proof. If you are concerned on the color, hard proof is available.

The hard proof is printed by Epson printer. It is digital printing. We do GMG color proof system and the color between hard proof and final products are similar as 95%. The hard proof is for checking color before printing. Some clients need hard proof and dummy together to check the color, paper and binding. 

Physical samples

Besides PDF proof and hard proof, we also provide physical sample. The physical sample cost doesn’t include in the online quote price.

The physical sample also calls digital sample because it is printed by digital printer and bound by hand. It can give you a rough idea what is your book. You may check the paper and binding. But the sample paper is not exact same as mass products paper. The colors between physical sample and mass products are also a bit different.  

The physical sample is printed by regular digital printer. The paper and binding are almost the same as the final products. But it still has a little difference between sample paper and mass products paper. The sample paper is used in digital printer and mass products paper is used in offset printing. When we send the physical sample, we will also send our paper sample manual. Those paper are for offset printing paper. It is the same as the final mass products. 

Because the physical sample is printed by digital printer. The color looks more colorful. The offset printing color can show the real photo color.  

The physical sample is bound by hand. Sewing binding is not available. The mass products are bound by machine. The binding quality is better than physical sample. 

Besides the regular physical sample, we also can print several pages offset printing sample