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Spiral Binding

Spiral binding also calls coil binding. It is a kind of bound method which is collected all interior pages and cover in order and bound with metal spiral or plastic spiral on the spine side. Most of spiral binding is round hole drilled or oval hole drilled. 

sprial binding

Depending on the different thickness book, the spiral diameters and hole sizes are different.

Because the spiral binding is hole drilled on the spine side. The margin on the binding side should be larger than regular perfect binding. In common, the spine side margin is larger around 5mm than cutting side. For instance, if the cutting side margin is 10mm, the spine side margin is 15mm.

For spiral binding book, there are many advantages.

1, Any page count can be bound. You don’t need to design the book interior page divided by 4. Any page count you like, you can bind with spiral binding.

2, The book can belay flat and the book can be opened 360 degree rotation.

3, There are more color spiral or coil for choice.

4, The transparency PVC cover can’t be done on the front printing cover.

But for spiral binding, the binding cost is expensive to compare with perfect binding and saddle stitch. It also takes longer time to bind.

Many documents, manuals and music books are doing with spiral binding.