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Page Number

You need page numbers to give a sequence to the pages of your book, so that the reader can stay updated with the page position and where they have reached.

Page number

Take a look at these tips that will help you get an idea as to how to put the page number –

  • Generally, the odd numbers are placed on the recto pages, whereas the even numbers are on the verso pages. But, a few designers also go for the opposite set up of numbers. The beginning of your book can also contain some blind folios as well.
  • Make sure that there a minimum distance of 5mm between the page numbers and the cutting lines, so that the page numbers are not too close to the cutting line.
  • You can choose to design the page numbers in the middle of the of the book bottom or the cutting edge, but never design them in the binding edge as it will create difficulty for the reader.
  • The blank pages or blind folios, like category pages in the book need not have a page number.
  • Most books have page numbers on the page bottom or page top, but never on the spine edge.

Make sure that all the page numbers in a book follow the same size, font and same position.