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Spot UV

spot UV

Spot UV is a kind of UV coating that is preferably done on matte lamination to enhance the printing product surface. Spot UV helps your printing product stand out with its rich gloss and transparency. Spot UV is generally used on book covers, catalog covers, calendars, cards, presentation folders and much more. It is highly recommended that Spot UV is done over matte lamination, as this way the results will be much better in terms of both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Spot UV can be done on the entire cover area, as well as on certain parts of the images or texts on the surface. For Spot UV, screen printing is used for the printing process, which gives great results for images and texts of large size. One thing you must keep in mind while using Spot UV is the fact that it should never be done over gloss lamination, as you will hardly see a contrasting effect by doing so. When you use Spot UV designing purposes, you will be required to do extra Spot UV plate artwork, which is similar to Pantone color artwork. Lastly, you need to take care that that your Spot UV artwork is a vectorial printing file.