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Spot UV

Spot UV is the kind of technique to decorate the printing product surface and make them high gloss, transparency and standing out. Spot UV is the abbreviation of ultra violet. It is a kind of UV coating. In most cases, the spot UV is coating on matte lamination.

spot UV

The spot UV is used on book covers, catalog covers, calendar, cards, presentation folders and so on. Before doing spot UV, doing matte lamination is better. Because the matte lamination can protect the cover surface and the matte lamination can make spot UV standing out more better. The spot UV can be done on the whole page or just to certain areas or certain images or texts. From the name of “spot UV”, most designers design spot UV on certain areas, not whole page.

The spot UV is printed by screen printing after doing matte lamination. So, the texts or photos is large size will be better. Meanwhile, we don’t recommend doing spot UV on gloss lamination because there is no contrast between gloss lamination and spot UV.

If you design anything with spot UV, you need to do extra spot UV plate artwork. It is similar as Pantone color artwork. The spot UV artwork should be vectorial printing file.