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Custom Player Screens

Custom Player Screens

You are probably thinking to provide an additional benefit of secrecy to your customers. By designing custom player screens for your custom board game that’s why you have landed here. Custom player screens help the players to keep the suspense throughout the game about their next move or game strategy.

We provide the printing services for your custom player screen and you may submit your artwork so that we can convert your creative expression into a real product through our offset printing services.
Following are the things we consider while printing your design of custom player screens.

Material Used for Custom Player Screen

In common, we have two material options. One is greyboard wrapped 157gsm art paper with lamination. The greyboard can be 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm.  Another option is two sheets of 350gsm C1S paper paste together with lamination on both sides. Other materials are also available. It depends on your design. 

Custom Player Screens Material

The Sizes of Custom Player Screens

There are the following options for the sizes of the custom player screens.




The selection of the size option depends on the game box and panel option as well. The size should be selected according to these two factors. To ensure that the custom player screens can come inside the game box easily. Hence, as a designer, you should select a smaller screen size than the size of the game box.

Different Panel Options

We provide the following two types of panel options.

Two-panel custom player screen

Two-Panel Option

Two-panel is one of the commonly selected options. It consists of one fold just like a hardcover of a book. 

Three-panel custom player screen

Three-Panel Option

For the three-panel option, two outer panels fold in the center. In case the custom board game is a multiplayer game of many people surrounding a single player. The three-panel option is the preferred selection.

Different Artwork Option

Each player needs an individual player screen. Hence, it’s up to you whether you need a single design on each player screen or you want different designs on each screen. If you need the second option then you have to submit multiple artworks for each one. 

Process of Making Custom Player Screens

Following are the steps in the making of your player screens.

Step 1

Select your player screen size and panels. We have 3 sizes and 2 types of panel options.

Step 2

After you decide the size and panel quantity, we quote price for you.

Step 3

You approve price, we help you do the panel design template.

Step 4

Then you design your custom player screen artwork.

Step 5

You upload your player screen artwork; our designer checks the printing files.

Step 6

After you approve the printing files, you may ask us to do a sample or we start doing mass products.

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