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Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

custom jigsaw puzzles

There is a huge audience who has an affinity with custom jigsaw puzzles. People tend to buy and look out for amazing jigsaw puzzles. These puzzles are often used as a souvenir of a particular place or location. The customers can get much fun playing jigsaw puzzles.

Generally, the jigsaw puzzles for kids have 6- 300 pieces, while the puzzles for adults have 300-1000 pieces. These puzzles have a certain level of challenges ranging from easy to solve to challenging puzzles.

We will give a complete guide about how an offset printing company produces the custom jigsaw puzzle. You will know what material it uses? What are the quantities? What is the manufacturing process?

Following are the things you need to know:

making custom jigsaw puzzles

Size and Quantity of Jigsaw Puzzle

Generally following are the sizes according to the number of pieces that are used for kids’ jigsaw puzzles:

6 pieces jigsaw puzzles

6 pieces are of 10 x 8 inches size

12 pieces jigsaw puzzles

12 pieces are of 12 x 10 inches size

20 pieces jigsaw puzzles

20 pieces are of 12 x 10 inches

Following are some sizes according to the pieces of puzzles that are used for adult jigsaw puzzles:

336 pieces jigsaw puzzles

336 pieces are of 18 x 12 inches size

504 pieces jigsaw puzzles

504 pieces are of 20 x 16 inches size

1000 pieces jigsaw puzzles

1000 pieces are of 28 x 20 inches size and so on

Other than these quantities and sizes, there are also different sizes of puzzles for older children, puzzles with large pieces, shaped puzzles and many others.

Now, if you ever want a custom jigsaw puzzle, you have to consider the pieces and their sizes. We as an offset printing company can only take orders of a minimum of 500pcs. But in case, you want more pieces or want to get it made on-demand. Then you have to refer to the digital printing companies.

Templates for Jigsaw Puzzles

We as an offset printing company, provide you with high-quality jigsaw puzzles. We can help you do the jigsaw puzzle artwork if you provide the images. You as a designer can also generate the jigsaw puzzle template here. That can later be available for quick customization and more unique jigsaw puzzles.

Templates play a great role to spark creativity in the designer and coming up with some amazing and attractive ideas. That provides us with a playful and challenging custom jigsaw puzzle. We help you to convert your creativity into reality with our offset printing services.

custom jigsaw puzzle template

The Manufacturing Process of Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

Following is the manufacturing process.
We go through to deliver a finished version of a custom jigsaw puzzle:

  • At first, we print the artwork created by the designer. Then we varnish the surface paper we use for the jigsaw puzzle.
  • Then we select the relevant board and paste the printed artwork with glue.
  • Then we produce the die-cut mold and test it to ensure whether the quality will look good by using it or not.
  • We make the rigid box for packaging the jigsaw puzzle pieces in it. We also make the introduction or instruction booklet for the customer if they need it.
  • Then we die cut the puzzle pieces according to the artwork.
  • Finally, we pack the custom jigsaw puzzle in a plastic bag and then in the rigid box.

Hence, it’s important for a quality product that the die-cut used ensures a good quality product. Moreover, one should take care that no pieces are lost in the production process. It can create a negative image of the printing company in the eyes of the customer.

We do this process with 3 workers as a team to guarantee no pieces are lost. After one worker finish die-cutting, two workers collect them into a plastic bag and one worker checks the process and make all pieces are packed into the plastic bag.

The Material Used for Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

There are two materials of the paper board that are being used for the manufacturing of the custom jigsaw puzzle.
Following are the two paper boards

Characteristics of Blue Paper Board

blue core board jigsaw puzzles
  • The blue paper board is thinner than the grey paper board, if they are the same weight.
  • The blue paper board is firm.
  • Each piece is sharper on a blue paper board after die-cutting to be each puzzle piece.
  • The blue paper board is good for doing the adult jigsaw puzzle.

Characteristics of Grey Paper Board

grey board jigsaw puzzles
  • The grey paper board is thicker to compare with blue paper board if they are the same weight.
  • The grey paper board is a bit loose.
  • Each piece is soft in use. It is not sharp after die-cutting to be each puzzle piece.
  • The grey paper board is better for doing kids’ jigsaw puzzles.

Packaging plays an important role. Packaging is the factor that needs focus. It is the thing that will make the customer attract to your puzzle box. If it is alluring creativity and quality then it’s evident that it will attract many customers.

We at our company use a full telescope rigid box and a partial telescope rigid lid box for packaging. After this, we also shrink-wrap each box. Both of these rigid boxes are durable and provide security to our custom jigsaw puzzle. You cannot lose any part of the puzzle in such packaging.

jigsaw puzzles packed with rigid box
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