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Custom Game Dice

Custom Game Dice

Dice is one of the main components of most board games. As a designer, if you have many ideas for your board game custom dice, then you are most welcome to try QinPrinting. We transform your design files into reality.
There are the following factors that are needed to consider for the custom dice:


Material is an important factor. That should be considered before printing.
Generally, there are different materials used for custom dice. Like wood, acrylic, opaque resins, transparent resins, glitter resins, etc.
All these materials are selected according to the design file of our designers.

wooden dices


It is up to the designer whether he wants the wood as it is or he wants it to be colored.

Opaque Resin Dices

Opaque Resin

This material is the most famous material used for custom dice. It appears in a solid color and is not transparent. So there are many options of colors in this material.

Transparent Resin Dices

Transparent Resin

This material will give your dice a neon glow effect. Normally, the text or symbols on dice are in white. But if your dice are clear. Then the symbols or texts are suggested to be in black.

Transparent Glitter Resin Dices

Transparent Glitter Resin

In this material, the glitter diminishes some of the transparency. But the colors are prominent.
Now it is up to the designer what design submits and what material is the need of a particular design of custom dice.


Sizes are also a considerable factor for the printing of custom dice.
Generally following are the sizes that we offer as an offset printing company.





These sizes are selected according to the board game. Some need small dice and some games need large single dice.

Game Dice colors


Colors are a factor that makes your custom dice attractive for play.
The colors that are most used for custom dice that we offer as well are blue, red, black, and yellow.
The two places that are to be colored are the face and the numbers and symbols.

Dice Sides and Faces

Dice Sides and Faces

This is also a prominent factor to consider. Whether the custom board game needs 6 sided dice or it needs dice with more sides. The dice can be with round corners and it can be with pointed corners. It can be square-shaped or cube-shaped. There are a variety of sides and face options available for printing. The selection from the option depends upon the designer’s design.

Certain face types have specific limitations. Like custom engraved dice and silkscreened dice. It has the smallest order quantity and it can be done on a particular type of dice i.e. 6 sided.

Hence, these are some factors that should be considered before printing. So what are you waiting for? Contact our printing expert and analyze what factors and many options are relevant for you. 

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