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We do have a feasible service that involves providing you with designing help. However, we would require all photos, reference samples, and content before starting the designing process. We are primarily a printing service and that remains the main focus of our services. The designing services that we provide are simple and do not include complicated designing requests.

There are much software that you can use for your artwork. Some of these include CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign. However, we would recommend the use of InDesign, as we believe it is the best in the business.

Yes. Once an order agreement has been reached, we do provide a number of free templates.

Our requirements include a 3mm bleed each edge on all of the pages. In order to give you a better idea, if the size of the finished product is 210mm x 297mm, the artwork that you prepare must be of 216mm x 303mm in size. A point to be noted is that, if all the four edges of the artwork are white, a bleed is something that we still recommend, however, it is not something that is mandatory. If the borders are not present, then a 3mm bleed on all the edges is a necessity. We encourage you to contact us if the technicalities and comprehension of ‘bleed’ is something that you are finding to be tough. In order to avail more information, please have a look at ‘Printing Guide about crop marks and bleed’.

Our services are that of an offset printer and we make use of CMYK color mode for the process of printing. In the case that your artwork has been submitted in Pantone or RGB color modes, we make sure that it is converted to CMYK before printing plates are done. For the best convenience, it is recommended that you submit your artwork in the CMYK format.

You can send us your artwork through [email protected] or make use of Dropbox. You can also upload the pictures to websites like sprend or wetransfer and share the link with us.

Binding and Paper

You need to start by first telling us about your requirements. These include the quantity that you would like printed and the specifications of the book. The specifications may include the page count, size, style of binding, delivery, etc. You also need to notify us about the delivery place. Once we have all the details, we will choose the most suitable form of paper, based on the details that you had sent, and provide you with a quotation accordingly.

Printing File

Once we had come to an agreement regarding the price and you had placed an order with us, we would proceed to assess your artwork and decide whether it is suitable for printing or not. Before we start the printing process, a PDF proof of your approval will be sent to you, and only then will the process be started.

The artwork can either be submitted in AI or PDF format. The best-suited files are those that tend to keep the resolution as close to 300 dpi, and that is also our recommended resolution. The artwork must also include a 3mm bleed on all the edges in order to support binding. You need to understand that color is a huge requirement whenever opting for a printing service. Therefore, before we proceed forward with mass printing, we will first be printing digital hard proofs by a GMG color proof system. The color similarity that would be present between the hard proofs we produce and the final printed product is guaranteed to be as high as 95%. If you want to check the quality of paper, style of binding or book thickness we can also arrange for a hardbound proof printed on a dummy.

Definitely. As explained above, we will help you choose the optimal type of paper, once we have reviewed the specifications and requirements that you have provided to us. You can also ask for a paper sample manual that would help you decide on the type of paper that you want for your order much more effectively. However, you do need to pay for the shipping of the aforementioned manual of paper samples.

Yes. We do have recommendations. As per our experience, it has been seen that it is best if the book thickness is over 3mm for it to be perfect bound. Therefore, if you had selected a 200gsm paper to compile the book, a minimum page count of 24 is necessary.

If you had opted for a saddle stitch, the best practice involves the thickness of the book to be below 3mm. However, this may vary depending on the type of paper that you had selected for your book.

Before the printing process is started, 3 types of comprehensive proofs are provided to you in order to ensure that there is no confusion during the completion of the order.

PDF Proof

Once we have checked the artwork and the file, we provide you with a PDF proof that you can check and approve.

Hard Proof and Dummy

If the file that you had provided us is suitable for printing, we can also provide you with hard proofs that will enable you to check the color. We make use of our GMG ColorProof system in order to print hard proofs on hard proof paper. The hard proof paper is different from the paper that would be used during mass printing and the machine used is also the hard proof machine, but we guarantee that the color would be exact to what you get as a part of the hard proof. The dummy that we provide to you is not printed, but blank, and only serves the purpose of you being able to check the binding and paper quality. Real paper is used in order to bind the dummy.

Digital Printing Sample

You can also choose to have a sample be printed with the help of our digital printing machine. In the case of mass printing products, this printing is done with the help of our offset printing machines. It is for this very reason that the color of the digital printing sample will be a little different from the mass printing product. However, this would provide you with a general idea about the final products.

Our hard proofs are printed with the help of GMG ColorProof system. They are fairly accurate with the final products and the color is almost 95% similar to the color that you would receive as part of the final products.

We would like to state that our company has gracefully passed GB/T19001-2008 IDT ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, which clearly states that our quality control methods are beyond satisfactory.

Our entire production line is equipped with automatic and advanced machines. Printing is done with the help of two high-end Kodak CTP machines. We also have a powerful Heidelberg 4 color machine, a new Komori 8 color machine and 5 Komori 4 color machines. Our factory is equipped with a Swiss Martini adhesive binding machine, a binding machine for saddle stitching, 5pc folding machines. In order to tackle the back process, we have die-cutting machines, foil stamping machines, lamination machines and embossing machines at our disposal.

We promise to reprint the entire batch if the mistake in question is something that has happened from our end. However, if the mistake is something that has happened from your end, we can reprint if you agree to cover the expenses.

Once we have received the deposit, and you have approved the PDF proof, we start the printing process.

Leaflets and Flyers

A turnaround time of 3-5 days must be expected for the printing of leaflets and flyers.

Softcover: Magazines, Books, Booklets, Brochures, Catalogs

A turnaround time of 5-10 days must be expected for the printing of softcover magazines, books, booklets, brochures and catalogs

Hardcover: Magazines, Books, Booklets, Brochures, Catalogs

A turnaround time of 2-3 weeks must be expected for the printing of hardcover magazines, books, booklets, brochures, and catalogs.

No, there are no extra charges associated with the placement of urgent order. Before an urgent order is placed we make sure that you are notified of the approximate timeframe that would be required for the completion of your project. We proceed forward with starting the production process, only when you have approved of the timeframe and accepted the same.

We guarantee a turnaround time only after all the necessary procedures required to be fulfilled before the start of production has been completed by the client. However, it is worthy to note that although we try our best to complete the production process within the promised timeframe, delays can still take place. In the event that we have failed to comply with the promised timeframe, a discount will be provided to you as a form of compensation, for the projects that you avail from us in the future.

It is also important to note that the arrival dates and delivery dates are an estimate. The shipping is initiated by us, but the process is done by the shipping company, and any delays in shipping are something we cannot be held responsible for. We do not accept any kind of responsibility for delays that might happen once your product has already left our facility. We hope that you understand this statement.

In order to minimize any delays via shipping, our selected partners for shipping are DHL and FedEx. We ship a huge amount of products throughout the year, therefore, you would be able to avail competitive prices through us, and we leave no stones unturned in order to form a beneficial collaboration and ensuring timely delivery of your products.

For perfect bound or saddle-stitched samples, the average time taken is 3 working days. For products, which are to be sewn and perfect bound, the average time taken to produce a sample or proof is 5 working days, while the average time for the production of samples, which are sewn, and hardcover bound are 8 working days.

We have helped a large number of clients in the past to get their urgent orders completed on time. If your order is extremely urgent, we recommend you to get in touch with our specialists and figure out if we can provide assistance to you. The fastest production time that we have been able to achieve is 48 hours.

The US has 17 major ports which include the ports of Boston, Portland, New York, Charleston, Norfolk, New Jersey, Savannah, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, Long Beach, San Francisco, San Diego, and Oakland. Canada has primarily 4 ports, namely Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, and Montreal.

See the form below.

To Major Ports in the US Approximate Shipping Time (Days)
Portland 22
Boston 31
New York 25-30
Norfolk 31-38
Charleston 32
Savannah 36
New Jersey 33
Philadelphia 31-35
Baltimore 31-35
Miami 30
New Orleans 33-37
Seattle 20
Los Angeles 16
San Francisco 18
Long Beach 15
Oakland 18
Saint Diego 23


To Major Ports in Canada Approximate Shipping Time (Days)
Vancouver 16
Toronto 24
Montreal 25
Halifax 32

Australia has 5 major ports and those include the ports of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Freemantle. New Zealand constitutes of 3 major ports, which include the ports of Wellington, Auckland, and Lyttelton.

See the form below.

To Major Ports in the Australia Approximate Shipping Time (Days)
Melbourne 16
Sydney 16
Brisbane 16
Adelaide 26
Freemantle 15


To Major Ports in New Zealand Approximate Shipping Time (Days)
Auckland 18
Lyttelton 25
Wellington 23

The UK has 8 major ports, which include Southampton, Felixstowe, Manchester, London, Plymouth, Belfast, Thames, and Liverpool.

See the form below.

To Major Ports in the UK Approximate Shipping Time (Days)
Felixstowe 32
Southampton 35
London 35
Manchester 37
Plymouth 45
Thames 38
Belfast 46
Liverpool 36

American importers much pay heed to two important things. These include:

  • ISF- The ISF documents are submitted to the local customs before the sail of the cargo vessel. If not done, importers are liable to be fined.
  • Bond- A bond of import must also be present with the importers. The validity of the bond is dependent on the type of bond that you purchase. It can either be only for a one-time importing or can be valid throughout the year. If you want us to deal with this segment, the best that we can provide to you is a one-off bond.

For importers from Australia, the PACKING DECLARATION is provided by us when you get the BL. We are also capable of providing you with the CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN if you need it. Let us know about the need for the CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN, prior to the sailing of the cargo vessel.

The BL that is provided by us is normally Telex Released. In the case that you need the original BL, please let us know about the same before the sailing of the cargo vessel. We should point out that it is compulsory that you make it known to us that you need the original BL before the products are being sent or before the Telex Released BL is sent to you. You can only have one of the two versions and it wouldn’t be possible for us to provide you with the original once the Telex Released version has already been sent to you.

The main shipping partners that we have are DHL and FedEx. For America, it takes us 1-2 working days to ship a proof via air, while for Europe and Oceania, it might take somewhere in between 2-3 working days.

If the place of delivery is in a remote location within the country, an extra 1-2 days might be required for the package to be properly delivered to you. You can check the logistics information with the help of the tracking number, which we will provide to you after having shipped off the proof.

Our main air shipping partners are FedEx and DHL.


The average time taken by FedEx International Priority is 2-3 working days. The average time taken by FedEx International Economy is 4-6 working days.


It takes around 2-3 working days for the product to reach you if shipped by DHL. In the case that your delivery location is in a remote place, a few extra days might be taken. In the case that there is a need for customs declaration for your products, an extra 1-2 working days are taken up.

In the case that there is an overflow of products in the air shipping system, please search with the help of the logistics information provided to you on the official websites of DHL and FedEx. You will be provided with the tracking number, after we have shipped off your product, to help you check the logistics information.

Customs Clearance for shipping via sea takes around 1-2 working days in Shanghai after the printing of mass products has been finished. An additional 2-3 days is taken up for product loading. If the products are to be shipped via air, a time span of 1 day is taken up for customs clearance in Shanghai. If the cumulative cost of printing and shipping the products is less than $720 and the total weight is less than 70kg, there is no need to go through customs clearance in China.

Once the complete payment has been cleared, we provide a service of up to one year of free storage of your printed products. Within that time span of a year, we can ship and deliver your products to any location that you want us to. However, you are requested to pay for the actual shipping costs and the response that we have to assure, owing to the multiple dispatch instructions that you had placed with us.

You can easily get a quote online by clicking on the Quote section available on our website and filling up the requisite information for the same. Consecutively, you can also opt for an emailed response, by emailing us with the required information like binding style, page count, size, quantity, etc. and we will directly quote you within 24 hours on working days.

You have to provide us with such information before the start of the printing process and you might be required to pay extra if any changes are part of it.

The quotations that we provide you are inclusive of costs and prices associated with terms of EXW our factory, FOB Shanghai, CIF, and DDU. Further elaborations on these include:

  • EXW- EXW our factory price basically refers to the price that is exclusive of customs clearance costs and costs of shipping. If this price is the one that you had selected, then you would be required to pick up your finished products from our Shanghai factory directly.
  • FOB Shanghai- FOB Shanghai basically refers to the cost of us shipping the products to the port of Shanghai and doing customs declaration in Shanghai.
  • CIF- CIF price basically refers to the cost that you would incur for us to ship your final products to your local port. The cost is however exclusive of any prices that you incur at your local port as part of local shipping or local customs clearance.
  • DDU- DDU basically refers to us delivering your final products right at your doorstep, You would be required to unload the products by yourself, and the cost is exclusive of any tariff or tax that is incurred as part of charges by local authorities. It is recommended that you provide the address of a warehouse or company address, instead of your residential address to facilitate a smooth delivery.

A wrapping paper is used for the preliminary packaging of the products, then they are sheathed within a plastic bag and put inside a carton. The cartons are further secured with the help of tape and put on a pallet. The pallets are then wrapped comprehensively with the help of a plastic film.

For shipment via air, pallets are not used. A wrapping paper is used for the preliminary packaging of the products, then they are sheathed within a plastic bag and put inside a carton. The cartons are further secured with the help of tape.

Multiple measures are taken in order to ensure the optimal safety of the products that we deliver. They are first wrapped with packaging paper and then further secured with the help of waterproof plastic bags, and finally put inside a carton. The cartons are consecutively placed on a pallet and wrapped comprehensively with the help of a plastic film, and sealed securely with the help of tape. These provisions and security measures enable us to keep the cartons in place and save them from getting wet.

The normal process involves payment of a 50% deposit before the beginning of the printing process and payment of 50% remaining balance before the products are shipped off to you. In the case that you have opted for T/T payment, and the complete payment is lower than $2000, we would recommend a complete payment at the very beginning in order to save on transfer charges.

You can choose to pay to our bank account or PayPal account. Once you have placed the order, we will provide you with a PI to make the payment. You can see our bank information on the PI. You can also choose to pay through T/T to our bank account. If the final amount is lesser than $1000, you can also choose PayPal, which charges 4% in the form of the service fee. We offer to pay half on the service fee, which basically means that you would have to pay us the complete amount plus 2% as the service fee. The remaining 2% will be covered by us.

Our bank account does not accept payments made from credit cards. If you want to pay using a credit card, we recommend you to choose our PayPal account.

If you want to avail L/C payments, you need to place the order via our online store on Alibaba

For any shipment made by air, we provide you with the tracking number for your shipping partners, FedEx and DHL, after having shipped the products from our facility. You can check the logistics information on their official website with the help of the tracking number, or contact their local branch and get the requisite information. For shipments via sea, we will provide you with the Telex Released BL upon clearance of balance. You can use this to check the logistics information with the freight forwarder or contact them with the help of the information provided on the BL. We always keep an eye on the delivery status from our end and can contact the delivery partner if you request us to do the same.

Multiple measures are taken from our end in order to ensure that your products are perfectly secured for shipment via both air and sea. In the case of sea shipping, if you have opted for CIF or DDU, we also take out insurance against any possible damages that might happen to the products. In the case that you have received a damaged product, the insurance company will pay compensation, which is equal to the cost of the products. We will provide you with a complete refund, once the compensation is received by us from the insurance company, or we can also reprint for you, depending on the option that you choose.

We have vast experience in printing and delivering products to a large number of customers throughout the world, which makes us worthy of your trust. You can also choose to place the order via our online store on Alibaba, which provides you with Trade Assurance for the order that you have placed.