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  • The specifications of your product decide the quote that we give to you.
  • Once we send you the quote, you need to confirm it. After that, we send you the order details and you need to confirm the same.
  • You need to pay the deposit, followed by uploading your artwork so that our designer could check it.
  • The next step of the process involves us sending you a PDF proof of the product. You need to approve this proof, and post the approval we start printing your product.
  • We also make sure that we inform you prior to the completion of the printing process so that you can book your shipment via air or sea.
  • You need to pay the balance in order to receive your final product. For shipment via air, you need to clear this balance before the commencement of the shipping. For shipment via sea, you need to pay the balance after the process of shipment starts. We handle the Telex Released BL process, and once we have received the balance and all dues have been cleared, we send the packing list, BL and the invoice directly to you.
  • The product is shipped either to a local port or straight to your door, depending on the term of shipment that you had selected.

We do have a feasible service that involves providing you with designing help. However, we would require all photos, reference samples, and content before starting the designing process. We are primarily a printing service and that remains the main focus of our services. The designing services that we provide are simple and do not include complicated designing requests.

There are much software that you can use for your artwork. Some of these include CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign. However, we would recommend the use of InDesign, as we believe it is the best in the business.

Yes. Once an order agreement has been reached, we do provide a number of free templates.

Our requirements include a 3mm bleed each edge on all of the pages. In order to give you a better idea, if the size of the finished product is 210mm x 297mm, the artwork that you prepare must be of 216mm x 303mm in size. A point to be noted is that, if all the four edges of the artwork are white, a bleed is something that we still recommend, however, it is not something that is mandatory. If the borders are not present, then a 3mm bleed on all the edges is a necessity. We encourage you to contact us if the technicalities and comprehension of ‘bleed’ is something that you are finding to be tough. In order to avail more information, please have a look at ‘Printing Guide about crop marks and bleed’.

Our services are that of an offset printer and we make use of CMYK color mode for the process of printing. In the case that your artwork has been submitted in Pantone or RGB color modes, we make sure that it is converted to CMYK before printing plates are done. For the best convenience, it is recommended that you submit your artwork in the CMYK format.

You can send us your artwork through [email protected] or make use of Dropbox. You can also upload the pictures to websites like sprend or wetransfer and share the link with us.

Binding and Paper

You need to start by first telling us about your requirements. These include the quantity that you would like printed and the specifications of the book. The specifications may include the page count, size, style of binding, delivery, etc. You also need to notify us about the delivery place. Once we have all the details, we will choose the most suitable form of paper, based on the details that you had sent, and provide you with a quotation accordingly.

Printing File

Once we had come to an agreement regarding the price and you had placed an order with us, we would proceed to assess your artwork and decide whether it is suitable for printing or not. Before we start the printing process, a PDF proof of your approval will be sent to you, and only then will the process be started.

The artwork can either be submitted in AI or PDF format. The best-suited files are those that tend to keep the resolution as close to 300 dpi, and that is also our recommended resolution. The artwork must also include a 3mm bleed on all the edges in order to support binding. You need to understand that color is a huge requirement whenever opting for a printing service. Therefore, before we proceed forward with mass printing, we will first be printing digital hard proofs by a GMG color proof system. The color similarity that would be present between the hard proofs we produce and the final printed product is guaranteed to be as high as 95%. If you want to check the quality of paper, style of binding or book thickness we can also arrange for a hardbound proof printed on a dummy.

Definitely. As explained above, we will help you choose the optimal type of paper, once we have reviewed the specifications and requirements that you have provided to us. You can also ask for a paper sample manual that would help you decide on the type of paper that you want for your order much more effectively. However, you do need to pay for the shipping of the aforementioned manual of paper samples.

Yes. We do have recommendations. As per our experience, it has been seen that it is best if the book thickness is over 3mm for it to be perfect bound. Therefore, if you had selected a 200gsm paper to compile the book, a minimum page count of 24 is necessary.

If you had opted for a saddle stitch, the best practice involves the thickness of the book to be below 3mm. However, this may vary depending on the type of paper that you had selected for your book.

Before the printing process is started, 3 types of comprehensive proofs are provided to you in order to ensure that there is no confusion during the completion of the order.

PDF Proof

Once we have checked the artwork and the file, we provide you with a PDF proof that you can check and approve.

Hard Proof and Dummy

If the file that you had provided us is suitable for printing, we can also provide you with hard proofs that will enable you to check the color. We make use of our GMG ColorProof system in order to print hard proofs on hard proof paper. The hard proof paper is different from the paper that would be used during mass printing and the machine used is also the hard proof machine, but we guarantee that the color would be exact to what you get as a part of the hard proof. The dummy that we provide to you is not printed, but blank, and only serves the purpose of you being able to check the binding and paper quality. Real paper is used in order to bind the dummy.

Digital Printing Sample

You can also choose to have a sample be printed with the help of our digital printing machine. In the case of mass printing products, this printing is done with the help of our offset printing machines. It is for this very reason that the color of the digital printing sample will be a little different from the mass printing product. However, this would provide you with a general idea about the final products.

Our hard proofs are printed with the help of GMG ColorProof system. They are fairly accurate with the final products and the color is almost 95% similar to the color that you would receive as part of the final products.

We would like to state that our company has gracefully passed GB/T19001-2008 IDT ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, which clearly states that our quality control methods are beyond satisfactory.

Our entire production line is equipped with automatic and advanced machines. Printing is done with the help of two high-end Kodak CTP machines. We also have a powerful Heidelberg 4 color machine, a new Komori 8 color machine and 5 Komori 4 color machines. Our factory is equipped with a Swiss Martini adhesive binding machine, a binding machine for saddle stitching, 5pc folding machines. In order to tackle the back process, we have die-cutting machines, foil stamping machines, lamination machines and embossing machines at our disposal.

We promise to reprint the entire batch if the mistake in question is something that has happened from our end. However, if the mistake is something that has happened from your end, we can reprint if you agree to cover the expenses.