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Booklet Printing

  • Save more than 40% to compare with your local printer
  • 5 days for production after approval
  • 2-4 days for FedEx shipment time for most countries shipment
  • Free printing file check and high quality booklet printing

Booklet Printing

Communicate with us your needs, we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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Printing booklets is regarded as a great tactic for improving your marketing. Booklets are used for promotional purposes that come with various information about your services and products. It also can be shared with people at various trade exhibitions, shopping malls, stores and even on the road. Booklets generally come with the name of your brand or company printed on it with high graphic illustrations for attracting prospective customers and clients. With us at QINPrinting, you can get the best quality of booklet printing that will meet all your requirements.

Why choose us printing booklet?

With our 25 years of experience in the industry of booklet printing, we can surely provide you with the best quality of booklet printing service in China. Not only China but we also cater to various clients overseas. Booklets are widely used today by various companies for promoting their brand and products. Most of the industries which are into the use of booklets are education, business, wholesale, agriculture, retail and many more. What you can get from us is superb printing quality along with great customer service. Our high quality of printing and professionalism is what that has encouraged various international clients to get their booklets printed from us in China.

We accept all types of orders, from small to bulk. In case you already have the design of your booklet, it would be great to start with. However, if you do not have your own design, just provide us with all the images and information that you require in your booklet and we will have the design ready for you. If you are in need of a printing service company that can easily take care of your bulk booklet printing, feel free to get in touch with us.

Booklet Printing Specification

product brochure printing
perfect binding brochure printing
Custom Landscape booklet Printing
  • Size: 8.5X11″
  • Printing: Full color printing (CMYK printing)
  • Cover paper: 250gsm matte art paper
  • Surface: matte lamination outside
  • Interior paper: 128gsm matte art paper
  • Page count: 100 pages
  • Binding: perfect binding

Booklet printing services:

In case you do not have enough knowledge regarding booklet printing, you can get all types of required advices from us at QINPrinting. Starting with the design, creation and finally printing, we can provide you with advice on all aspects of the process.

We also cater some special booklet printing services such as landscape booklet and loop binding booklet. Such booklets are of premium quality and are generally printed for providing your clients with an idea about your company.

Paper options:

We at QINPrinting can provide you with a large collection of paper options for your booklet. We have various types of paper such as textured, coated and uncoated, handmade, glossy, vinyl and many more. Meanwhile, we provide free paper sample manual. You may choose the paper you like. The paper sample manual is free. But you need to pay shipping cost.

Cover surface options:

Cover surface can help in adding that extra shine to your booklets that will actually attract your clients and customers. A good booklet actually speaks on behalf of a company. So, getting a cover surface is of great importance. We can provide you with various options such as spot UV, lamination, foil stamping, die cutting and many more. 

Quick production time and fast delivery time:

It takes 5 days we can complete booklet printing after you approve. It takes 2-4 working days to all over world for FedEx or DHL shipment. FedEx and DHL are our partner. We can get very good shipping cost rate from them because we ask them to ship every day. We give the benifit of lower shipment rate to all our clients. 

Printing types of booklets:

We at QINPrinting print a wide variety of booklets. Let’s have a look at some of the most common booklet types.

Prospectus booklet

This type of booklet would be the perfect choice for you if you are into the education industry. Till now we have provided our prospectus booklet printings services to various universities and educational institutions. Not only we help with printing, but we also offer our clients with ease of storage and dispatch.

Financial booklet

It is a very trending type of booklet where a company prints it with the annual report at the very end of a business year. Such booklets are great for letting your clients know about your annual growth and what extra is needed for your company’s growth.

Product booklet

This is the most common type of booklet that can be found today. Such booklets come with the information pertaining to a certain product or products from a brand. It includes the key features of the service or products and thus acts as a great tool for new product promotion.

Advertising booklet

Such booklets are printed with the motive of advertisement and are generally printed on thinner paper. This type of booklet comes with various details about a brand and plays from the advertisement point of view.

Jewelry booklets

As the name goes by, such booklets are used by the jewelry brands and companies for promotion of their products. Jewelry booklets play a deep part in showcasing each product so that the customers get attracted by just looking at them. It also needs to be of very high quality.

Real estate booklets

This type of booklet is used for real estate promotion. Such booklets are generally bigger in size that can actually portray how a complex or house is going to look or looks.

We at QINPrinting have been serving this industry for the last 25 years. Our only motto is ultimate customer experience along with high quality of printing. So, if you are thinking about printing booklets, feel free to get in touch with us at QINPrinting.

Communicate with us your needs, we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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