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Book Printing

Book Printing China

Among the best high-quality book printing services in China,QinPrinting works every day with clients globally, specializing in book printing of every type.

Self-publishers worldwide print cookbooks, coffee table books, and virtually every other type of book in any genre with confidence because QinPrinting’s vision is to provide our customers with the highest quality professional book printing and binding services at amazingly affordable prices.

Book Printing Services

Book Printing Costs

Our commitment to efficient production protocols allows QinPrinting to provide genuinely cheap book printing without compromising quality or your brand. 

To quickly determine the printing costs of your project, you can refer to the appropriate chart below.

Paperback Book Printing Price Chart (8.5” x 11”)

Quantity 100pcs 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs 5000pcs
96pp $789 $1251 $1619 $2401 $5214
128pp $1006 $1616 $2094 $3137 $6761
240pp $1766 $2888 $3779 $5639 $12127
  • Please note that all prices are EXW our facility and do not include shipping costs.
  • 128gsm/80lb art paper for interior; 250gsm/100lb art paper cover with gloss lamination

Hardcover Book Printing Price Chart (8.5” x 11”)

Quantity 100pcs 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs 5000pcs
96pp $1328 $1872 $2712 $4500 $9493
128pp $1624 $2296 $3253 $5303 $11019
240pp $2659 $3779 $5148 $8139 $16347
  • Please note that all prices are EXW our facility and do not include shipping costs.
  • 157gsm/100lb art paper for interior;2.5 mm thick gray board cover with gloss lamination; Wrapped with157gsm/100lb art printed cover sheet

Saddle Stitch Book Printing Price Chart (8.5” x 11”)

Quantity 100pcs 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs 5000pcs
32pp $332 $519 $659 $963 $2079
40pp $393 $618 $798 $1153 $2487
48pp $439 $698 $892 $1306 $2808
  • Please note that all prices are EXW our facility and do not include shipping costs.
  • 128gsm/80lb art paper for interior; 250gsm/100lb art paper cover with gloss lamination

QinPrinting also offers this online on left printing price calculator for your convenience. Follow the form, insert your information, and receive your instant quote.

Short Run Custom Book Printing

Many self-publishers require short-run book printing services; not everyone sells their product to the masses. Limited editions typically fall into the short-run book printing category as well.

No matter your reason for needing quality, affordable short-run book printing, QinPrinting has the best pricing for every order, large or small. We believe that each customer deserves the best pricing, attention to detail, and quality guarantee regardless of the quantity they order.

paperback book printing

Book Paper Options

You have many options for paper stock to print your book at QinPrinting. Most books use gloss or matte art paper or uncoated offset paper for interactive titles like coloring books. But, you are not limited to these typical selections.

You may also choose from specially paper stocks like linen finish or other textures. Opting for a specialty stock can impact your pricing to some degree, but it may be worth considering for your unique project.

Our printing experts will help you create a successful product and recommend the best paper selections for your book.

hardcover book printing

Book Finishing Options

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but your cover makes the first impression for your book. QinPrinting offers many finishing options to help make your book engaging, unique, and prosperous.

These options include:

Gloss Lamination

Gloss lamination details

Matte Lamination

matte lamination outside cover

Spot UV Coating

matte lamination with spot UV


cover varnish printing

Foil Stamping

Gold Foil Stamping

You may also elect to incorporate a custom die-cut to your book’s cover to increase its visual impact. At QinPrinting, the choice is yours.

Bookbinding Options

As a premier book printing specialist in China,QinPrinting has several bookbinding options depending on your design and the intended use of your book.

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding

A popular and familiar style of bookbinding, perfect binding, or paperback, is a visually appealing and economical bookbinding solution. Although typically used for comic books and fiction, perfect binding is available for any genre.

hardcover binding

Hardcover Binding

Hardcover books are more durable than most other books, and this binding style is often perceived as more valuable by consumers. At QinPrinting, we follow stringent standards using only high-end materials and innovative techniques to produce the very best hardcover books with pricing that will make your decision easy.

While any title can take advantage of hardcover bookbinding, many children’s books and other books like coffee table and photography volumes also rely on the hardcover binding for the ultimate presentation and maintain their price point.

Saddle Stitch

Saddle Stitch Binding

For books of 48 pages or less, saddle stitching is a popular and economical bookbinding method. Saddle stitching is often the choice for comic books, coloring books, product instruction manuals, and more.

Because saddle stitch bookbinding employs fewer and more basic production steps, it is a shorter process ideal for quick turnaround times.

Open Flat Book Binding

Perhaps you have a cookbook, syllabus, or workbook that must necessarily open flat for the consumer to use. QinPrinting offers three different binding options to select when creating a book that opens flat.

Wire-O & Spiral Binding

Sometimes called “punch and bind,” both methods punch or drill equally spaced holes along the spine. In each case, wire threads through the holes, holding the individual pages together while allowing them to turn independently.


Spiral Binding

Spiral bookbinding is a standard method for commercial products like student notebooks and journals, products you are likely familiar with.


Wire-O Binding

This bookbinding method incorporates a double wire for a more robust and functional open-flat book. Usually, textbooks, software manuals, medical volumes, and cookbooks take advantage of this proven bookbinding style. Wire-O binding allows for smooth and easy page turning with a stronger spine to survive extended use.

Lay-Flat Perfect Bookbinding

Lay-Flat Perfect Bookbinding

If a coiled wire spine is not your preference, but you still need a book that will open flat, QinPrinting offers a unique answer.
Lay-Flat Perfect Binding.
Our Lay-Flat Perfect Binding style has the appearance of a paperback with the function of a Spiral or Wire-O binding. First, we apply a sewn binding to the interior pages before gluing them to the cover. The sewn pages are not adhered to the spine, allowing the book to open flat.
Our Lay-Flat Binding gives you the best of both worlds for a clean, professional presentation.
And best of all, this up-scale binding method is the least expensive of all the options for an open-flat book.

Landscape and Portrait Book Printing

Historically, most books are in the Portrait format. But, what if you have a title better suited to Landscape style?

Unlike most book printing companies, QinPrinting will print your landscape format book at the same price as a standard Portrait style. Again, we provide our clients with incredible pricing unavailable from our competition.

hardcover book printing

Book Printing for Self-Publishers

Self-publishers in the United States and around the world look to QinPrinting for their custom book printing.

Anyone desiring to publish their work independently, from writers to photographers, artists, chefs, and other creative talents, will benefit from choosing QinPrinting as their preferred book printing resource.

Whether you self-publish your creative works for commercial sales and distribution or as a gift for friends and loved ones, QinPrinting is your best source for affordable custom book printing services.

Printing Services for Self-Publishers

Most self-publishers do not have a large staff with a professional team to aid them in setting up their files and importing the finished books. Regardless of whether this is your first venture into self-publishing or not, our book printing experts can advise you on setting up your files, checking them, and preparing them for printing, all at no cost.

QinPrinting will provide a free printing file template to aid self-publishers in preparing their art for printing. Our expert designers can also help you check your printing files and make any modifications to improve the print quality of your project.

Importing Your Book

Importing your book to the United States is easy with QinPrinting. Not only do we provide the highest quality at the best pricing, but we will handle every step of the import process for your convenience. Plus, if our US clients do not retain an importer, we will provide that service.

Once you place your order with QinPrinting and provide all of the necessary information, we print your book, and you receive your new self-published book; it’s as easy as that.

For our other customers around the world, it is necessary that they contract with an importer.

Why Choose Our Book Printing Services?

As an offset printing company in China, our best-in-the-industry team and 4-color presses from Komori and Heidelberg drive our high-quality print products. We also provide our online Printing Cost Calculator to determine your costs quickly and easily.

High Quality
Fast Production
Quick Response
Prompt Delivery

Why Print Books in China?

Step 1

The best offset printing and packaging prices in the world are in China. 

Step 2

Like QinPrinting, many printing companies in China hold an edge over the competition with superior printing and binding equipment. Also, the Chinese workers are efficient and experienced with equally skilled management. This combination is your guarantee of quality.

Step 3

The Chinese book printing industry is robust and comprehensive, allowing for printing any style or book configuration imaginable. Companies can easily network to fulfill any printing requirement a customer may have.

Step 4

Communication via the Internet makes book printing in China as easy as ever. Whether you choose the efficient and cost-effective option for printing in China or go with a local vendor, you will likely create your artwork in the same fashion digitally. Making it virtually the same whether you print down the street or in China

Step 5

The solid Chinese work ethic; most printing companies in China operate six days a week, 24 hours a day. And, we have already mentioned the energy and commitment of our workers.

Step 6

Global shipping from China is convenient with most shipments, airfreight, and sea. All shipping costs are significantly higher, and shipping can take longer due to Covid 19. However, China’s global reach and strong industrial base have attractive options for faster filament.

For example, shipping from the port of Shanghai to the Port of Long Beach in the US can take as little as 11 to 13 days on a faster Matson shipping vessel.

For the best pricing, highest quality, and quickest turnaround-time on any type or style of book, printing your books with QinPrinting in China is a good business decision. No matter the target audience or purpose of your project, you can be sure of receiving the best pricing, service, and professional production of your book available.

Don’t hesitate, contact us today and learn more.

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