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Book Printing China

We are a professional China book printing company and we focus on printing color books, children books, cook books, coffee table books, hardcover books, soft cover books etc with cheap price. As a commercial online book printer in China, we support fast response and fast production time with quality printing. No matter you are in China, USA, Canada, Australia, UK etc any country, we always stay surrounding you.

Printing book in China, you can save money and get high quality book. It is the best print solution. As a traditional offset printing company in China, we have more than 25-year experience on book printing service. Currently we are still a traditional offset printing company owned 4-color and 8-color Komori printing machines and Heidelberg printing machines. Meanwhile, we support online printing services to offer more value for our local customers and overseas customers in the market.

Few years ago, we went to our customers office and serve for them. But now we serve all customers online and we can save money for our customers. That’s why you can get high quality book printing with cheap price. And that’s why we can do printing business with more overseas customers. The book printing price is down more than 30% to compare with few years ago. That’s the most value for online book printing services!

More Books Printing

print comic book in China

Comic book

We printed more comic books for artists. Some of them are kick-starter and some are self-publishers. It includes saddle stitch comic book, paperback comic book and hardcover comic book.

children book printing China

Children book

The children books include sewing hardcover binding and paperback binding. ECO-friendly is more important for children book printing. We use soy ink to print children books. 

coffee table book printing China

Coffee table book

Coffee table book is a large size high end hardcover book. The popular coffee table book size is 11X11″. More art books and design books are coffee table book. Cloth and texture paper for cover is available. 

education book printing China

Education book

Paperback education book and wire-O binding education book are in common. The uncoated paper are used more for education book interior paper. It is good for students to write. 

hardcover cookbook printing China


To make the cookbook lay flat, most of cookbooks are hardcover binding or spiral binding. The popular size is 8.5X8.5″ or 8X8″. Share the recipe with your friends!

full color photo book printing

Photo book

Create and print a personal photo book is enjoyable. Printed photos on paper are amazing. Let’s print your photo book an share with your family members and your friends! 

cheap coloring book printing services China

Coloring book

In recent years, printing coloring book is more and more popular. Most of coloring books are B/W printing for interior and the cover is color printing. To make the book lay flat, saddle stitch is better for coloring book. 

hardcover year book printing China


Many yearbooks are hardcover binding and paperback binding with short run. We are an offset printer. Our MOQ is 100pcs. If you print yearbook more than 100pcs, you print yearbook in China is economical. 

high quality art book printing China

Art Book

Printing a art book required high quality photos and great design. Printed on different paper, showing different art design effect. Texture paper for cover is one of the choices. 

printing music book China

Music book

To make the music book lay flat for reading, most of music books are spiral binding or sewn and perfect binding. Nature color paper is popular for music book interior paper. 

saddle stitch comic book printing

Saddle stitch

Many comic books, coloring books, finance book, textbook are saddle stitch binding. It  is popular binding type and offers the quick turnaround time with the most affordable and cost-effective pricing.

paperback book printing

Perfect binding

Many books are perfect binding. It includes student books, novel books, fiction books, education books, computer books etc.  Perfect binding looks professional and offer great visual appeal.

hardcover children book printing

Hardcover binding

Many high end books are hardcover book printing. It includes children books, art books, coffee table books, photography books and so on. The hardcover binding looks professional and high end. 

buttlerfly saddle stitch brochure printing

Loop binding

Loop binding also calls butterfly binding. It is similar as saddle stitch. But there are two or three butterfly wire on the spine. It is for hanging on the wall or binder. Some tool books are doing wit loop binding.

print spiral bound book

Spiral binding

Many music books, directory books, health care books are bound with spiral binding. The spiral binding can make the book lay flat. But it takes a little longer time for production. 

wire-o binding cheap catalogue printing

Wire-O binding

Text book, cookbook, medical book, software book are bound with wire-O binding. Wire-O binding is double wire to compare with spiral binding. Also, it can lay flat. 

Printed books for self-publishers

Many writers, photographers and artists publish the books for specific topic. Create and design the artwork and publish a book by themselves. They sell the books in the specific market or they give the books as a gift to their family members or their friends. Some self-publishers publish children books and share with other parents. Some people publish art books, cook books, photo book etc and sell the books in Amazon or online shop. We print many books for self-publishers. Meanwhile, we can give more printing advises to them. 

Prepress artwork

To print high quality products, all photos should be 300dpi. All artwork pages should have 3mm bleed on each edge. Please check more information in Prepress artwork. 

Paper options

There are more paper options. It includes gloss art paper, matte art paper, wood free paper, texture paper etc with different weight. More information about the paper, check here right now!

Cover surface options

You can choose different cover surface options. It includes gloss lamination, matte lamination, varnishing, spot UV, foil stamping, die-cutting etc.

Check cover surface options here.

Special book

landscape hardcover book printing China

Landscape Book 

Landscape book can show the images or photos flat. There are more art books are landscape. We don’t charge extra cost for printing landscape book. Landscape book printing cost and portrait book cost are the same. 

print hardcover book with a case

Hardcover book with a case

Hardcover book with a case is a high end book. Some book cases and book covers are with cloth. Some book cases and book cover are with printed paper with lamination. The case holds and protects the book. It is good for showing in the bookshelf. 

Book size

We do any custom size book. But different countries have different popular book size. 

US market popular book size is 6 X 9″, 8.5X11″, 8X10″, 5.5X8.5″, 11X11″ etc.

Australian and European market popular book size is 148X210mm, 210X297mm.

Publish books

As a printer, we print custom books for our clients. Meanwhile, we have good relationship with Chinese local publishers. We are familiar with publishing process and we know how you can publish a book in China. Besides printing and binding, we can introduce Chinese publishers to you. This service is free. If you want to publish and print books in China, please feel free to contact us

Other printing products

Besides printing books, we also print magazines, catalogs, booklets, calendars, posters, folders, leaflets. For more request, please contact our printing specialists. 

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