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Wire-O Bound Book Printing

Wire-O Bound Book Printing

Wire-O Bound Book Quote

  • Cost-effective wire-O bound book printing
  • Save up 40% to compare with your local printer
  • MOQ is 100 copies
  • Free printing template and free artwork checking
  • No page count limited

Wire-O bound book printing, also called twin loop, double-loop, double-O, duo-wire, or wire binding, provides a professional looking bind for any of your documents. It uses pre-formed loops of wire ran along a C shape. These wires are then inserted through punched holes throughout the books cover and pages. After the wires are inserted, they get crimped together until forming a complete circle. This ensures a fully secured book while still allowing for the pages to be completely opened with ease.

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The Wire-O method of binding books makes the perfect option for any professional documents with the sophisticated appearance it produces. It also makes it easy to flip to different pages and keep the book open to that page with the wires that form a complete circle. This method can also accommodate pages of different thicknesses, dividers, and index tabs producing a well-organized document.

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What Types of Books Are Good with Wire-O Binding?

Certain types of books are particularly suited to the wire-O binding. Short-run and urgent projects are often wire-O binding. Wire-O binding is also very well suited to calendars, cookbooks, technical catalogs, and educational booklets. As it is a very flexible process it is widely used by a large range of customers, from individuals to large businesses.

Wire-O Bound Book vs Spiral Bound Book

Unlike Wire-O binding, spiral bound books generally use a plastic coil to bind the pages of your book. It uses a spiral shaped plastic coil inserted into punched holes onto the page. This generally offers a more durable option at the sacrifice of some functionality and appearance. Although they can seem very similar, they have some key differences that can impact the performance of your book. 

With the way the spiral works, it only allows for up to three hundred pages of a thin paper in a single book. This is one of the main limitations of a spiral bound book that does not exist for Wire-O bound books. This page count only decreases with the thickness of the paper used in the book.

The limitation in thickness of your book also makes it more difficult for spiral bound books to accommodate indexed tabs. Generally, indexed tabs use a thicker paper than the pages themselves to make them easy to navigate to. This takes up more space which is one of the constraints of a spiral bound book.

However, since spiral bound books use a plastic binding material, they can offer more durability particularly when used outdoors. This removes the worry of the spine rusting and eventually breaking. If your book is only made for indoor use, they both provide similar levels of durability.

Spiral bound books also lack in a professional appearance compared to Wire-O bound books. This is due to the constraints in using indexed tabs that are highly regarded in a professional setting. It makes it more difficult to reference the different sections of the book particularly when giving presentations.

Overall, Wire-O bound books offer a more professional look and can accommodate a wider range of applications. However, if you need an extremely durable but small book, spiral binding might work best for you.

Wire-O Bound Book Sample Specifications

  • Book size: 6″ x 9″
  • Printing: Full color CMYK printing
  • Book cover paper: 250gsm matte art paper
  • Cover surface: Matte lamination
  • The first parte: 120gsm offset paper
  • Page count: 80 pages
  • Binding: Wire-O binding
wire o book template

How Much Margin Do You Leave?

It is very important to design your print project with the finishing method in mind.

A wire-O bound book needs a certain margin to enable the paper to be punched or drilled and for the wire to be inserted into. The margin will depend on the number of pages and the size of the loop. You will need to decide which edge the book is to be bound on before starting the design. Then you will need to check with the printer how much margin is required. It is normally at least 1″ to 1.5″ or 25mm to 40mm. This may vary depending on the project. If the margin is too small there is the possibility of text or graphics falling in the binding area.

It is much easier, and cheaper, to set the margins correctly initially rather than try and correct later in the process.


Wire-O Binding Advantages

This method of book binding has several advantages. First, it offers the ability to open pages a full 360 degrees. While this might seem like no big deal, once you actually use a wire-o bound book you’ll quickly realize this gives it a huge advantage. You can open up to any page of the book while keeping the book itself completely flat. This makes it take up less space on your desk while also making it easier to pull up a reference page and keeping it open to that page for later use.

The second advantage is you can turn pages easily and keep the book open to that page without holding it open. Since the pages can rotate a full 360 degrees, each page opens with very little resistance and absolutely no spinal tension. This also helps keep the book in good condition as the spine almost never wears out. The only wear is from elements degrading the wire material.

Another advantage of Wire-O book binding is it can accommodate almost any page count and page thickness. It can accommodate these variances with ease by simply using longer or shorter wire for the spine. For thicker books, most professionals also use thicker wire to ensure the integrity of the book. This also allows you to determine how much play you want in the spine based on the thickness of the wire used.

Finally, Wire-O book binding works wonderfully with indexed tabs to mark frequently used pages or divide the book into sections. You can color code these indexed tabs or even have a small tab sticking outside of the book for simpler navigation. This also makes it extremely useful for presentations when telling your audience where in the book your material is referencing.

Essentially, Wire-O book binding offers a professional appearance to your book while also making the book extremely easy to use. It can accommodate almost any sized book and pages of any thickness. You can even use it if you have pages of varying thickness with ease. Wire-O book binding can also implement indexed tabs allowing you to quickly reference topics for a seamless presentation. This makes Wire-O bound book printing the ideal choice for any home or professional reference books or manuals. It’s also commonly used for calendars with the ease at which it keeps a page open.

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