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Photo Book Printing

Photo Book Printing

We have experience in completing a number of photo book printing services for photographers and self-publishers. Because of the advanced equipment and professional printing services that such books require, all of our customers have been highly satisfied with the quality photo book printing services that we provide. Keeping high regard and attention towards quality and the best printing techniques, we have been able to secure a reputed position for ourselves in the photo book printing industry.

With more than 25-years of experience in printing photo books in China, we can give our customers more printing suggestions that any other service provider. This will help them a lot when they create and design the artwork for their photo books. Meanwhile, we provide free printing file checking and artwork templates that will make the process even smoother. It helps our customers complete the artwork professionally, and especially helps those who are new to the business. Since we are an offset printer, our minimum order quantity(MOQ) is 100.

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Photo Book Printing Costs

How much does it cost to print a photo book? You may click the left online quote form to get your photo book printing costs. The price charts below provide typical photo book printing costs for your convenience.

Paperback Photo Book Printing Price Chart (8.5” x 11”)

Quantity 100pcs 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs 5000pcs 10000pcs
72pp + 4pp $634 $999 $1289 $1896 $4135 $7817
96pp + 4pp $789 $1253 $1622 $2435 $5234 $10063
128pp + 4pp $1007 $1617 $2098 $3145 $6788 $13078
  • Please note that all prices are EXW our facility and do not include shipping costs.
  • Cover: 250gsm/100lb matte art paper with matte lamination outside, interior: 128gsm/90lb matte art paper, full color printing.

Hardcover Photo Book Printing Price Chart (8.5” x 11”)

Quantity 100pcs 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs 5000pcs 10000pcs
80pp + 4pp $1180 $1661 $2443 $4102 $8753 $16735
112pp + 4pp $1476 $2084 $2985 $4906 $10283 $19646
192pp + 4pp $2215 $3146 $4340 $6943 $14095 $26925
  • Please note that all prices are EXW our facility and do not include shipping costs.
  • Cover: 157gsm/60lb matte art paper with matte lamination wrapped on 2.5mm thickness grey board, interior: 157gsm/100lb matte art paper, full color printing.
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Hardcover Photo Book and Softcover Photo Book

Currently, more and more people like taking photos and publish a photo book to share with their family members and friends. Having a photo book is also very important for aspiring photographers or even professionals, who want to showcase their photography skills. Most of these people are new to printing a photo book. We can help them to finish printing a professional photo book.

Hardcover Photo Book and Softcover Photo Book

You can choose a hardcover book and a paperback book, depending on your preference. For hardcover books, you also can add a dust jacket to decorate and further secure the cover. Meanwhile, the hardcover books can be designed to lay flat on the table, enhancing the usability of your photo book. For the interior, if the total interior page count is fewer pages, 157gsm or 200gsm gloss art paper or matte art paper is a perfect choice. For photo books with thick page interiors, 128gsm, 157gsm gloss art paper or matte art paper is better. Let us create and design your photo book, and we guarantee that you would not be disappointed.

Besides printing photo books, we can also print other types of books. These include, comic books, coffee table books, and cookbooks, etc. In addition, we print catalogs and brochures as well, amongst other things. We always encourage you to contact us.

Custom Photo Book Printing Tips

We are an offset printer. Our minimum order quantity(MOQ) is 100. Ordering 500pcs will provide you with the most value, as it is inclusive of additional perks. If you print less than 100pcs, digital printing would be a cheaper option. However, a point to note down is that offset printing can print more photo details and provides better quality than digital printing.

Because of the offset printer, you have more choices for your custom photo book printing.

  • More photo book cover material to choose from. Printed paper, cloth, vinyl are available.
  • The standard photo book size is 8.5″ x 11″. You also can do custom photo book size.
  • You can choose different color foil stamping, deboss, die-cut for your photo books.
  • We can provide coated paper, uncoated paper and special paper for you to choose inside book paper.

Custom Photo Book Design Tips

Primarily, a photo book is focused on printing photos only. All the photos you need to be printed should be of a high resolution. We suggest all photos be at least 300dpi. This is especially important for large photo prints. Low-resolution photos will result in fuzzy or blurry prints.

Secondly, if the pages are full of photos, please add a 3mm bleed on the top, bottom, left and right of the pages. If the photo is a crossover on two pages, please make sure the person’s face or other important parts are not at the joints.

Custom Photo Book Printing Tips

Photo Book Sample Specifications

  • Photo book size: 10″ x 8″
  • Book printing: Full color CMYK printing
  • Cover: 157gsm matte art paper with matte lamination outside
  • Surface: Matte lamination outside
  • Board thickness: 3mm
  • End sheets: 120gsm green texture paper
  • Interior paper: 157gsm matte art paper
  • Page count: 320 pages
  • Binding: Sewn and hardcover binding
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Binding Types

Firstly, photo books are available in hardcover and softcover. The hardcover book interior artwork and softcover book interior artwork options are the same as regular book design. The only difference between the two is the cover design. For softcover books, you simply add the spine thickness between the front cover and the back cover.  For a hardcover book, you need to add the spine thickness and the space for wrapping the board as well into the design.

Secondly, if the photo book is a landscape hardcover book or a large size book, we suggest thicker paper for the interior pages. For instance, 157gsm and 200gsm gloss art or matte art paper.

If the book size is smaller than A4, we suggest a thinner paper for interiors. For example, 105gsm and 128gsm gloss art or matte art paper would be a brilliant choice.

Thirdly, for softcover photo bookbinding, we suggest doing the sewn and perfect binding, because sewn and perfect bound books can be opened easily.

Lastly, if the photo book is hardcover bound, full-color printing covers are available with us. In addition, vinyl or cloth is also a good option for doing the covers. However, vinyl and cloth cannot be printed onto with the help of a full-color printing process. We can do foil stamping or debossing on vinyl and cloth covers. For full color printed covers, foil stamping, debossing and spot UV options are available.

If you wish to print your photo books in China, do not hesitate and contact us right now to avail of the best photo book printing services.

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