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Perfect Binding

Also called as glue binding, perfect binding is method in which a few page signatures are collected and glued on the spine. In perfect binding, spine thickness is more than 3mm. The interior pages for perfect binding must be thin. We recommend 80gsm for offset paper, 80gsm art paper, 105gsm art paper and 128gsm for art paper. For perfect binding, there should be 3mm bleed on all edges and 12mm margin on the binding edge. Aesthetically perfect and budget-friendly, this method of binding is definitely going to benefit you in several ways. Soft cover books that are available in bookstores are made by using perfect binding method. Groups of paper are bound to give you a crisp and clean finished product and these pages are bound together with the help of an adhesive.

perfect binding

Where do you find perfect binding?

Perfect binding is most popularly found in those books that you read during your long flights or while you are on a train. It is one of the most popular binding styles used for books, magazines and catalogs, as it not only economical but also takes less time for production. Being a very versatile method of binding, it can be used in a variety of places. Whether you are making a catalogue with several hundred pages or simply a magazine with about 32 pages, this method is no doubt the best you can opt for.

What are the benefits of perfect binding?

If you are still confused whether perfect binding is suited for your needs or not, then here are some benefits that you should know about –

  • Affordability – Being a less time-consuming process requiring much fewer resources, perfect binding is a much affordable option as compared to other forms of binding. That is why this type of binding is often used in the books that are sold in bookstores because you can bind a large number of books is a small span of time.
  • Lighter – You must have noticed this yourself that soft cover books are much lighter than their hardcover counterparts. Lighter in weight also means that these books will be much easier to ship and would not require as much shipping cost the hardcover ones. So, you can also transport more copies of the book at an affordable cost and thus help its copies to reach a wider audience. This increases the number of books sold and brings in more profits.
  • Aesthetic – If you are thinking that being an affordable option, you cannot make your books aesthetic by opting for perfect binding then you are completely wrong. This is because with soft covers, you can get more aesthetic and presentable options than the hard cover books.
  • Versatile – Perfect binding is one of the most versatile options of binding in the market. With it, you can make literally anything and everything. Whether you want to use it for graphic novels or for portfolios, they can serve the purpose in a variety of scenarios.
  • A Very Durable Spine – With perfect binding, you can get a much more resilient and durable spine. Moreover, the thicker the spine, the greater the durability. Moreover, if the spine is thick enough then you can print the title of the book, name of the author and the publisher name on the spine as well.
  • Option to Have More Pages – If you are binding a book or portfolio or any other publication which has greater number of pages, then opting for the perfect binding method would be a great option. The page count will determine the width of the spine and thus the trim size of the book.

So, whether you need to get your new novel bound or your portfolio aesthetically covered, we, at QINPrinting, can help you achieve the best results. We also offer special binding options in case you are looking for something different and unique. We always take into consideration the budget of the client and suggest those methods which would suit your affordability and also give you the desired results at the same time.