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PDF Proof

PDF proof is a kind of file for client to approve. PDF stands for portable document file, a printing file format that we use for printing purposes. Therefore, at QINPrinting, all our printing workflows are PDF-based.

PDF proof

As mentioned earlier, once we receive a printing file from our client, it is the job of our designer to perform a checking on that file and send a low resolution PDF proof to our client for approval. Any issues with printing in the original artworks will be modified by our team of designers to get good quality printing products. Hence, this is the purpose behind sending a PDF proof to our clients.

In comparison to other samples, PDF is undoubtedly one of the most cost effective proofs. But, when it comes to seeing the real sample, the client might not be able see the exact colors. So, for clients who are quite strict on seeing the exact colors in the printing sample, it is recommended that they use hard proof, digital sample, offset printing sample or dummy over PDF proof.