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Gable Top with Auto Bottom Box

Gable Top with Auto Bottom Box

Gable top auto bottom box is also known as handle box or carrier box. It can make carrying things much easier. It is being widely used for packing gift items, wines, cakes etc. If you are in need of custom printed gable top box with auto bottom lock, we at QINPrinting are here to help you out. Gable top box gets its name from the fold that can be found at the top of the box. The top fold looks like the gable end that can be found in many houses. Gable top box was first used for packing milk bottles. Now it is being used in place of many traditional packaging.

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Advantages of Gable Top Auto Bottom Box

Gable top box with auto bottom comes with various advantages.

  • Gable top box allows better branding of your products. You can custom print the box according to your need. You can even shape it in the way you want.
  • Gable top box makes carrying things easier. With the help of the gable top holder, you can let your customers carry more items than usual.
  • Gable top box with auto bottom lock can be easily assembled and thus makes storage of the same an easy job. It helps in reducing the overall cost of freight and warehouse storage.
  • Gable top box is the best alternative to plastic bags. They are made from paper and are biodegradable.

Gable Top with Auto Bottom Box Specification

  • Paper: 250gsm, 300gsm or 350gsm C1S paper
  • Box surface: gloss lamination, matte lamination or varnish
  • Back process: die-cut and glue to be box

You can use gable top box with auto bottom for giving out gift items at the time of various festivals. Contact us at QINPrinting and we can surely help you out with your custom print. We at QINPrinting specialize in printing all types of packaging boxes. We can help in the branding of your company with our custom printed boxes. Let us know about your requirement and we will be there to help you out.