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Soft-Touch Lamination

Also known as velvet lamination or Cello touch, soft-touch lamination is a method in which a thin film is laminated on the printed surface. Soft-touch lamination is popular for a matte, soft texture that almost feels like touching velvet. Soft-touch lamination adds a high end feel to the final product, and this is why it is mainly used on covers of premium and luxury products that offer high-end packaging.

soft touch lamination

The Advantages of Soft-Touch Lamination:

  1. Perfect for high-end products
  2. Gives surface protection

The Disadvantage of Soft-Touch Lamination:

  1. It is costly
  2. Prone to scratches and finger imprinting

If you are thinking about getting a soft-touch lamination for your printing product, we can provide you with a free soft touch lamination sample for you. For more information or any request, contact our sales experts now!