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Soft Touch Lamination

Also known as velvet lamination or Cello touch, soft touch lamination is a method in which a thin film is laminated on the printed surface. Soft touch lamination is popular for matte, soft texture that almost feels like touching velvet. Soft touch lamination adds a high end feel to the final product, and this is why it is mainly used on covers of premium and luxury products that offer high end packaging.

soft touch lamination

The advantages of soft touch lamination:

  1. Perfect for high end products
  2. Gives surface protection

The disadvantage of soft touch lamination:

  1. It is costly
  2. Prone to scratches and finger imprinting

If you are thinking about getting a soft touch lamination for your printing product, we can provide you with a free soft touch lamination sample for you. For more information or any request, contact our sales experts now!