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Cover surface options

We do more cover surface options. It includes gloss lamination, matte lamination, soft touch lamination, embossing, debossing, foil stamping, spot UV, die-cutting etc. 


Lamination is a way of protecting and decorating the surface of the print.

It covers a layer transparent plastic film on the surface of the books or catalogs. It protects and decorates the surface of the print. It includes gloss lamination, matte lamination and soft touch lamination.

Glossy lamination

 Gloss lamination is a gloss layer of transparent film. It makes the cover looks brighter.  

Matte lamination

The matte lamination is a matte layer of transparent film and it feels the cover silk and soft.  

Soft touch lamination

Soft touch lamination is a layer of transparent film and it feels like velvet. 


Varnishing includes gloss varnish and matte varnish. Varnishing is with gloss ink printing or matte ink printing on the surface. It is an extra coating process after printing color. Before binding, take appropriate measures to protect the surface of the paper.

Varnishing can protect and enhance the surface after printing. It prevents the surface rub or set off. Meanwhile, it can make the printing products look beautiful and high end. After doing varnish, the printing surface are smoother and brighter. 

Spot UV

It is the best to highlight important areas of the design, company logo or title for instance. Spot UV will make an impression on anyone that takes a look at them.

Spot UV is a kind of surface finishing technology on matte lamination. It is high bright, transparency, wear resistance of the UV oil and the selective polishing. It is used for high end books, catalogs, magazines and more paper products covers. Because it is highlight, it also improves the paper products surface decoration effect. Most of the spot UV are done on matte lamination or soft touch lamination.

Foil stamping

Foil stamping also calls hot stamping. It can make the pictures and texts show a strong metallic luster, its bright colors never fade. This technology can give the realistic metal texture and better gloss. Meanwhile, it will enhance the added value of the printing products. Many artists design the LOGO or title with hot stamping on the surface. 

This special process can create different shiny designs and graphics on various papers. Covers with foil stamping will look and feel different and thus stand out more.
Besides silver foil stamping and gold foil stamping, we can do more color foil stamping. For instance, white, black, red, green, laser foil stamping and so on. 

Embossing and deboss

An embossed pattern is raised against the background, while a debossing pattern is sunken into the surface of the material. It makes the words and patterns look like having the stereoscopic effect of 3D.

The embossing is used on thick paper. For example, 250gsm or 300gsm paper for cover. The debossing is doing on more than 1mm thickness board wrapped with printed paper. For instance, hardcover board or book case board etc.


  To make the cover or interior sheet with a different shape, die-cutting is the best method.

Physical surface sample

All the surface samples are showing in our paper sample manual. If you need a physical sample, contact our specialists or send email to us [email protected]

The paper sample manual is free. But you need to pay shipping cost.

Beside checking surface sample, you also can check more paper samples in the manual.