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Board Book Binding

Board book binding is two sheets of thicker card paper glued in page order together, then a self-cover or hardcover are glued together to be a book. Therefore, the book board is extremely strong and cannot be easily grooved or creased. In common, the inner thicker card paper is 300gsm C1S paper or 350gsm C1S paper. 

What Is the Board Book Binding Process?

If we talk about the binding process of board book then it is essential to note here that each sheet of paper is folded in the middle first. Then the backside of the first sheet of paper and the first page of the second sheet of paper are glued together. The final board book binding is done according to the page number. That is called the board book inner pages binding.

It has two kinds of board book covers. One is a self-cover board book and the other is a hardcover board book.

For self-cover board book binding, the cover and the inner pages are made out of the same paper. The inside spine is not glued together. It is done to make sure that the book opens easily for the readers.

board book binding

For hardcover board book binding, the cover is the same as a regular hardcover. The first inner sheet of paper is glued on the inside of the front hardcover. The last inner sheet of paper is glued on the inside of the back cover.

hardcover board book binding

What Are the Board Book Binding Features?

The board book binding is done keeping in mind that most of the board books have to be child friendly. Yes, you read that correctly. The board book binding can be done in multiple ways, depending on what type of children’s book you are looking for.

Here is a list of the board book features that you can easily find:

pop-up board book
  • They are flat open.
  • Board books have a square spine.
  • They have round corners.
  • All inner pages and covers come with varnish or lamination. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any water spills doing them any damage.
  • Each inner sheet of paper is thick and sturdy
  • Some board books have pop-up images on the inner pages.
  • Board book page count is limited.

Board Book Page Count Is Limited

The board book binding has about 12 to 48 pages from inside. If you want a book with fewer pages, the spine would be thin as well. So, make sure you keep that in mind. If you exceed the page limit of 48 pages, the spine would be too thick. One thing you need to keep in mind about the design is that these books are made for toddlers.

The page limit of 12 to 48 pages is ideal for that age group.

If there is still a specific case that requires the book to be less than 12 pages then it can be made thicker by stacking 3 sheets of paper together which makes the overall outcome more durable.

Reference Images

Here are reference images to show you how we bind self-cover board book binding and hardcover board book binding:

self-cover board book binding details

Self-cover Board Book Binding

hardcover board book binding details

Hardcover Board Book Binding

The entire production time takes about three weeks or so depending on all that is required in the board book binding as a final result.