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Glossy lamination

Glossy lamination is a kind of method to protect printing product surface. It is a very thinner gloss film laminated on the paper surface. After doing gloss lamination, the surface is glossy and the paper is strong. 

glossy lamination

There are more function for doing gloss lamination.

1, Make the photos and background color shine.

2, The gloss lamination can protect the product surface can’t be damaged by water.

3, In the binding process, the gloss lamination can protect the color can’t be damaged.

4, When the folded thicker paper is cut, the folding position will be broken easily. Doing gloss lamination on the thicker paper can make this situation can’t be happened. For example, if you do a brochure cover with 250gsm art paper and the brochure is saddle stitch binding, we recommend you do gloss lamination or matte lamination outside brochure cover. After doing lamination outside cover, the brochure spine looks better.

In most cases, the gloss lamination is used in book cover, presentation folder, poster, card and so on.