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Desk Pad Calendar Printing

  • Amazon hot sale desk pad calendar printing
  • Free artwork design, free artwork checking, free modifying
  • 22″ x 17″, 17.3″ x 13.2″ desk pad calendar and more custom sizes for choice
  • 12 sheets, 13 sheets, 18 sheets, and 19 sheets more calendar options
  • 2-hole drilled with grommets, 2 corner protector on the bottom

Desk Pad Calendar Printing

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Desk pad calendar printing has turned out to be an easy game now. Without a calendar at your place, you cannot actually get hold of the dates and months. Calendars are not only meant for offices and homes, but you can also use it as a gift item and also for decoration. The best usage of a calendar that can be found today is as a branding tool. It functions as a great stint of marketing with the name of your company or brand printed on it. You can get the best kind of calendar printing from us at QINPrinting.

In common, the desk pad calendar is used in brand promotion in the market and for Amazon sellers. We printed more desk pad calendars for Amazon sellers. Amazon sellers, they have their design. They also can provide their idea and provide the original photos or images, then we edit and do calendar artwork for them.

Besides the printing calendar, we also print books, catalogs, magazines, and more paper products. 

Desk Pad Calendar Sample Specifications

22x17" desk pad calendar
color desk pad calendar
desk pad calendar printing
  • Size: 22″ x 17″ or any custom size
  • Calendar paper: 100gsm offset paper, 12 sheets or 18 sheets
  • Printing: Color printing one side, perforate on each sheet
  • Back board thickness: 2mm
  • Binding: Stitched on the top and wrapped color thick paper on the top, 2-hole drilled with grommets, 2 corner protector on the bottom.

Paper Options:

We at QINPrinting provide various types of paper options for calendar printing. A wide variety of paper options are available with us such a matte art paper, glossy art paper, textured paper, vinyl printing paper and many more. We are committed to delivering you the best type of printing and the type of paper you choose depends on your overall budget. Because the desk pad calendar is for doing a record and user needs to write more information on it. So, most of the desk pad calendar is offset paper. 100gsm offset paper is the best for writing.

 Options for Binding and Accessories:

Desk pad calendars are widely used for marketing, home, and office purposes. It functions as a great option for promotion and thus they are in huge demand owing to its visibility. Meanwhile, Amazon sellers like this kind of calendar. They design many different images and sell online. If you are a new seller, we can provide free calendar templates. We also can do the design for you if you provide the background images.

Desk Pad Calendar Printing Options:

Desk pad calendar is the most popular type of calendar today that has gained enough hype in the past few years, particularly in the US market. The most common type of desk pad calendar comes with entire coverage of a year and comprises of around 12-14 sheets. There are also other variants available where the calendar covers one and a half years in total and thus comprises of around 18-20 sheets in total. The most common type of buyers of this kind of calendars is the Amazon wholesalers who are into the designing of such calendars by using various images and fonts for selling them on their websites. All you need to is to just provide us with the design of your calendar and we will print it for you in no time. Therefore, you can get the most economical solution for calendar printing from us at QINPrinting.

Getting the Best Calendar Printing for Your Business:

We at QINPrinting come with immense experience in printing various types of calendars among which desk pad calendar is the most famous of all. Our printing services can provide you with the improved business for your brand. We have catered various companies with our desk pad calendar printing such as consulting companies, logistic companies, medical companies and many more.

Every calendar that we print can be utilized for an entire year and will also prove to be a superb idea in increasing the brand value of your company in the market. Our calendars can help you in delivering some unique message on behalf of your company and thus will help in framing you out from all the competitions. Besides printing promotional desk pad calendars, we also provide a well-designed desk pad calendar for whole sellers. For the retail desk pad calendar, we pack each calendar with a plastic bag for shipment wing to the reasonable rate that we offer, it has helped us in becoming the best calendar printing service in the whole of China.

We at QINPrinting have been serving this industry for years and we know it very well what it actually requires. Just let us know about your requirements and we can help you out with that. We can also provide you with a number of design templates once you place the order with us. What we stress on is a great customer experience that will make you come back to us again and again. So, contact us today and get the best quote for your desk pad calendar printing.

Tell us what you need. We will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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