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Custom Game Boards

Custom Game Boards

A Custom board game designer’s basic need is a creative game board. Without a game board, no board game can come into reality. Hence, the game board is an integral part of a custom board game.
QinPrinting provides you a custom game board printing where you as a designer can upload your custom game board design. And get it printed through our offset printing services.

We provide you variety of sizes, shapes, colors, finishes of custom game boards. You have to analyze what factor or option is the most relevant for your custom board game. For analyzing purposes you need to know the following details:

Custom Game Board Material

There are varieties of materials that are used for making custom game boards. The quality option is standard and premium quality.
Following is the list of the material option:

One of custom game board material - Grey board

Grey board

One of custom game board material -ESKA Blue board

ESKA Blue color board

One of custom game board material - plasticized cardboard

Plasticized cardboard

One of custom game board material - thin wood

Thin wood

Hence as a designer, you have to make sure that the material you are selecting is humidity resistant and is less likely to get damaged in a short time. A material that can be used in the long run is the accurate option for selection.

Custom Game Board Finishes

We at QinPrinting provide the following finishing options.
That gives quite a dynamic look to the custom game board:


It gives a glow to the board.


It gives a good shinny effect like a foil to the game board. It has two types of lamination. Matte and Gloss with two types of finishing, one is a smooth finish and the other is a linen finish.


It is a liquid that dries when it is exposed to UV light. It is said to be thicker. And hence this finishing comparatively makes the game board more sustainable than other finishing.


It has many custom textures can be chosen for your game board. Linen is the most popular texture of the custom game board. The other textures are also available.

Standard Sizes & Shapes

Custom game boards have a variety of sizes and shape that can be used in the making. A game board can be of square, rectangle, or rounded shape.
Any shape that you imagine your artwork to be printed on. We will make sure at QinPrinting to provide it to our designers.
Following are the sizes that can be selected:

They are as follows:

10” x 10” custom game board

10″ x 10″

18” x 18” custom game board

18″ x 18″

20” x 20” custom game board

20″ x 20″

24” x 24” custom game board

24″ x 24″

20” x 24” custom game board

20″ x 24″

Hence, you have to select the size of your design to make it look perfect based on your design. Moreover, there are two types of fold options like Bi-fold and Quad fold. Other than these factors, thickness, density or weights are some factors. That is also considered at the time of order.

Steps to Create a Custom Game Board

Following are the steps that you as a designer have to follow through to make your custom game board a reality:

Step 1

Select the size of your game board that you feel is relevant for your game board design.

Step 2

If you cannot find any specific size. Then you can enter the length and width of your game board design yourself.

Step 3

Now you have to select between the standard type of material and the premium type.

Step 4

Then select whether you want gloss or matte finishing. Moreover, select from smooth or linen finishing.

Step 5

After this step, you have to now select from different folding options. Like bi-fold, quad-fold, or 6-fold in some cases.

Step 6

Finishing the game board design, you may upload the printing files to us. We can help you check whether they are good for printing.

Step 7

When we receive your approval, we do a sample or we do mass products. It depends on your request.

Step 8

After we check the printing files, we send PDF proofs to you for modifying or approval.

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