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Custom Game Pieces

Custom Game Pieces

Custom game pieces are important components in board games. According to your game request, you may choose different game pieces. It includes pawns, tokens, dice, play money, chips, sand timers and more. 

We provide a variety of custom game pieces with different materials. You can select based on your game theme and design. Following is the list of some game pieces that are available:

game pawns


game tokens


game dice


play money

Play Money

game chips


game pieces holders


Game Miniatures


sand timer

Sand Timer

Different Material of Custom Game Pieces

The different game piece is made up of different materials. Following is the list of materials that can be used for custom game pieces:

Step 1

Plastic Game Pieces

Plastic is also a material that is used for making different custom game pieces. It does not increase the weight of the game box as the plastic is a light weighted material. Following are the pieces that are made by using plastic:

Pyramid Card Stand

Pyramid Card Stand

These pyramid card stand helps the player to keep their game cards upright. This plastic game stand proves to be quite stable. These pyramid card stands are also available in different colors. Like red, yellow, blue, etc.

Game Chip

Token or chips are custom game pieces that are mostly made up of plastic. Plastic is a go-to option for such pieces as they are easy to handle and keep.

Step 2

Wooden Game Pieces

Wood is used for many custom game pieces. That added quite a dynamic look to your custom board game. Following are the pieces that are made up of wood:


Game Pawns

Game pawns are one of the important components in a game. It represents the game process for each game player.


game cubes

Game cubes are common pieces in board games. The game creators choose the game cubes with different usages in different games.

Other than these one can have tiles, discs, homes, miniatures made up of wood.

Step 3

Glass Game Pieces

Glass game pieces give quite an elegant and professional look to your custom board game. It proves to be attractive for the customers and audiences. There are two types of glass game pieces:

Marble Pieces

Marble Pieces

Glass marble game pieces make your custom game look multidimensional. They are available in different colors.

Stone and Gems Pieces

Stone and Gems Pieces

To make your board game unique, stone and gems pieces are a better solution.

Choose different materials and different colors for your board game pieces, we are here. If you want any additional features on your custom game piece, contact us now!

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