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Custom Instructions

Custom Instructions

Custom instruction plays a huge role in any custom board game. It makes its players enable to understand how to play the game. QinPrinting makes sure that the custom instructions are aligned with the designers’ goals and it is very clear for people to understand. As a designer, you should know what options are available for you in the making of custom instructions.

Custom Instructions 2

Different Instruction Styles

There are many styles in which you can get your custom instruction design printed. Following are some of the options available for you:

Folded Sheets

Folded Sheets Instruction

This option is one of the simple ones used by most designers. Commonly text gloss art paper is used but you can also request if you need any other type of paper.

Accordion Style

Accordion Style Instructions

The accordion style makes the instructions more presentable and attractive for the players. It also helps to cover most of the rules as the accordion is many folds. It can easily be kept in the game box as well.


booklet instructions

A booklet is also a common option. That can be used for easy understanding of rules. It saves your cost and space in the game box. There are the following two types of binding options:

  1. Saddle stitching
  2. Perfect binding

Card or Box

card instructions or box instructions

This option is for those who do not want to go for traditional styles of custom instructions. Some designers wanted to get their custom instruction designs printed on cards or game boxes. As it increases the chances of players noticing it even more.

Different Materials Used for Custom Instruction

Following are the names of materials that are used for the offset printing of custom instruction:

Glossy art paper

Matte art paper

Uncoated paper

Texture paper

Paper board

Moreover, we give the custom instructions a finish of lamination or varnish. It helps the custom instruction to look professional. And it increases the goodwill of the designer.
You also may visit booklet printing and flyer printing on our site to get more printing information about your board game’s custom instructions.

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