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Comic Book Printing

Comic Book Printing

Are you seeking comic book printing for your latest comic, graphic novel, or comic book collection? What are your choices for paper and finishing, and will it be affordable?

For over a quarter-century, QinPrinting has led the way in affordable, high-quality comic book printing and packaging services. 

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Comic Book Printing Costs 

QinPrinting offers the most reasonable and budget-friendly pricing in the industry. Check the chart below to determine your pricing quickly.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Use our convenient Printing Cost Calculator, or contact our experts and receive your quote within 24 hours. We make it easy for you to provide all the necessary information to deliver an accurate and timely quote.

Comic Book Printing Price Chart (6.7″ x 10.2″)

Quantity 100pcs 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs 5000pcs
48pp $438 $666 $812 $1163 $2445
64pp $541 $827 $1026 $1473 $3085
96pp $748 $1151 $1454 $2093 $4396
128pp $955 $1488 $1882 $2740 $5675
  • Please note that all prices are EXW our facility and do not include shipping costs.
  • 105gsm/70lb art paper for interior, 200gsm/80lb cover with gloss lamination, Sewn and perfect binding

Comic Book Dimensions 

Comic books can be almost any size, but 6.7″ x 10.2″ is the most common. This standard configuration, along with several others, is familiar to comic book enthusiasts. For this reason and convenience or continuity, many customers choose these standard sizes.

Another approach is to create your comic in a custom size that will set it apart from other entries. All comics incorporate bold colors and strong images. A unique proportion may help move your creative property to the forefront and is a favorite strategy of many innovative artists.

Below is our comic book size chart featuring eight standard comic book sizes found today.

6.7” x 10.2” 7″ x 10.375″ 5” x 7.5” 6″ x 9″
7.3″ x 11″ 5.5″ x 8.5″ 8″ x 10″ 8.5″ x 11″

Comic Book Paper

At QinPrinting, you can choose from many options for your comic book paper. Although many comic book publishers prefer thinner paper for interior pages, we recommend using heavier stock such as 80gsm/55lb or 105gsm/70lb coated paper.

You can also choose to use uncoated paper, with 70gsm/50lb being the thinnest available stock.

To prevent your strong images and bold colors from bleeding through the page and distorting your art, you will want to choose a thicker paper like 157gsm/100lb coated paper or 120gsm/80lb offset paper.

You can also incorporate a blank page between the cover and the first page as a convenient place for your signature and fan messages. If you choose to include a flyleaf (blank page) between the cover and the first page, we recommend 140gsm/95lb offset paper.

Comic Book Paper and binding

Comic Book Binding

You have three options for binding your comic book depending on the number of pages and your preference.

  • Saddle stitch

A budget-friendly choice for comics up to 48 pages; a style familiar to comic book enthusiasts.

  • Perfect Binding

Also known as paperback binding, which is similar in cost to saddle stitch, perfect binding is an excellent choice to economically up your game. You may also choose a sewn perfect binding for a more robust and durable product.

  • Hardcover

Make your comic a high-end hardback book. Create a limited edition of your paperback offering, and elevate your comic book’s status. While more involved and a bit more expensive, hardcover binding can demand higher prices and present new opportunities.

Whichever binding method you prefer you can be confident that QinPrinting will deliver the highest quality finished product at the most affordable rates you can find.

Printing Comic Books for Kickstarters

Kickstarter is a great way to fund creative projects and gauge audience share to determine initial quantities. More and more artists and self-publishers are employing Kickstarter to bring their projects to market.

Before beginning with Kickstarter, contact our experts at [email protected] or click here to get book design templates, free artwork checking, and printing solutions.

Additionally, we can offer discounts on specific Kickstarter projects.

QinPrinting also prints many other types of books for Kickstarters such as:

No matter the genre or style of book you create, QinPrinting has you covered.

Contact us to day to learn more.

Comic Book Sample

Before committing to large quantities, you may wish to commission a sample. A sample comic book can be a helpful incentive for investors and offers you a preview of your finished work.

Comic Book Sample Specifications

  • Comic Book Sample Size: 7.3″ x 11″  (you may also use a custom size)
  • Type of Printing: Full-color CMYK offset printing
  • Cover Paper: 250gsm/90lb gloss art paper with 110 mm flap on the front and back covers
  • Comic Book Cover Surface: Matte laminated and spot UV
  • Interior Pages: 105gsm/70lb gloss art paper
  • Number of Pages: The sample may be up to 200 pages
  • Binding Type: Sewing and perfect binding
Comic Book Printing Cost

Design Tips

Quality printing is a high-precision process. Here are a few tips and essential information to make your project successful.

The Layout

Comic books are usually overflowing with colorful and exciting images on every page. It is vital to allow sufficient bleed to accommodate the final trimming to size to preserve the quality and impact of your artwork.

A 3 mm bleed will be cut from the top, bottom, left, and right edges for proper binding and a clean, professional look. Any artwork within that 3 mm area will be lost. Your artwork should allow for this final step to avoid losing part of your carefully crafted design.


There are many options for software to create your artwork. For best results, QinPrinting recommends that you provide vector PDF files for all of the text you wish to print.

If vector files are not available, make sure your artwork’s resolution is at least 300 dpi. Lower resolution, low-quality images cannot be resized or printed without significantly undermining the image quality. 

Cross-over Images

Should your design include images covering two pages, be careful not to place essential items like faces where these pages meet. The binding process can distort your image in this area.

With the expertise of our highly trained and experienced professional printing team, you can be confident that the integrity and quality of your art will translate into a superbly finished product.

QinPrinting provides only the best materials and customer service while delivering outstanding results at highly affordable rates.

Plus, our Printing and Export License provides significant protection for your copyright.

QinPrinting is the obvious choice for the best and most affordable comic book printing in the industry today.

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