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Custom Stickers

Custom Stickers

Custom stickers make a valuable addition to your custom board game. Your custom board game becomes recognizable with the use of creative custom stickers. These custom stickers are used as a means to promote your brand as well.

We at QinPrinting allow you to apply all your creative imagination to create dynamic custom sticker designs. And submit your artwork which we convert to reality through offset printing.


Following are some things that are considered before printing:

• What type of design it is and for what component of the board game?
• What material should be used for custom sticker design?
• What is the design size?
• What is the client’s goal?

After considering all these things, we make sure that the designer can have a smooth printing experience of the artwork.

Different Materials Used for Custom Stickers

As a designer, you need to know the different types of material we use for printing your custom sticker. It will make you aware of what material is relevant to your custom board game component. Following is the list of different materials:

• Paper Stickers

Paper stickers are the most cost-efficient option. This material can be used for inside game components and stuff. But this material cannot be used for the outside surface of the packaging. It is more likely to be damaged as it is not waterproof. Paper stickers are of premium quality with attractive graphics and text.

The paper types used are as follows:

Semi-Gloss Paper Sticker

Semi-Gloss Paper Sticker

ECO Paper Sticker

ECO Paper Sticker

• Polypropylene

Polypropylene is one of the popular materials for custom stickers. It can be used for both inside and outside surfaces. It is not damaged by water and humidity. Hence, it can be beneficial for your custom stickers as they can sustain for the long term. It makes more chances of your custom board game becoming more recognizable, personalized, and dynamic.

PP Transparent

PP Transparent

PP ECO White

PP ECO White


Plastic resins PET is a material with high durability. It can be applied anywhere inside or outside for packaging. It has a High tolerance against Heat and UV light.
These are some materials that can be used for custom sticker printing. Moreover, we give a finish to these custom stickers in different ways like varnish, lamination, foil stamping.


PVC stickers are popular on custom board games. They are strong and waterproof. The PVC sticker material can be clear and white. We also can print different color backgrounds on it. It depends on client’s request.

Benefits of Custom Stickers

Custom stickers have many benefits, some of which are as follows:

Step 1

It is printed at affordable prices.

Step 2

It is easy to apply and easy to peel off.

Step 3

It gives value addition to your product and packaging.

Step 4

It helps a wider audience to discover you as a quality designer.

Step 5

It gives a customizable and personalized experience for the ultimate buyers of custom board games.

Step 6

It represents your creativity level.

Step 7

It gives very easy marketing and promotion of your custom board game designs.

Step 8

Allows you to include your new offers and call to action.


It provides you with an opportunity to customize a particular component with such custom stickers. It represents how much effort you put as a designer into your artwork and design.

Custom Stickers for Different Components

You can upload designs of stickers for different components of custom board games. Like dice, game tokens, custom note pads, games boxes, etc. It enhances the chances of becoming more discoverable.
It provides an image that every component has been given its due attention and has been prepared with great details.

It increases the sense of exclusivity. It attracts more audience towards the designer. As they assume them to be creative enough to prepare an attractive and dynamic board game for them.
So contact our printing expert and submit your artwork of custom stickers and witness your efforts turning into reality through our offset printing services.

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