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Print Signatures

Print signatures refer to a group of pages that are printed both side on a same paper sheet. This is why the page counts in all print signatures are always in the multiples of four. Generally, there are 4-page signature, 8-page signature, 12-page signature, 16-page signature, 24-page signature and 32-page signature. But, out of these all, the most commonly used are 8-page, 16-page and 32-page signatures. There are a number of factor that influence print signatures, like book size, paper size and the binding method.

Print signatures

In most offset printers, the standard printing size is A1. So, if you have a book or catalog that is A4, it is ideal that you keep your print signatures to multiple of 16. For example, book interiors with 160 pages can do exactly with 10 signatures. But, if your book interior is 158 pages, we would recommend adding 2 more pages for the perfect signatures. All these factors need to be kept in mind before starting designing the layout for your book, as this will not only save you time but also printing costs. For more information, you can get in touch with our printing specialists at QINPrinting.