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Paper Samples

We introduce our beautiful, comprehensive, and free paper sample manual with helpful advice on how to get the most out of it to make sure you make the best choices for your print products

Paper Sample Book

Paper is material; it’s tactile as well as visual. Now, you can see and touch all our paper stocks for yourself before deciding which is best suited to your print project. Our paper samples manual is a carefully curated and beautifully bound book which showcases all our stock papers, along with special surface finishes, and in a range of popular weights. It’s the ideal resource for independent creatives, marketing departments, publishers, print designers, and anyone else with an interest in high-quality paper and print products.

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    What Does Our Paper Sample Book Include?

    Our paper sample book includes examples of all our current paper stocks and weights. Each sample is clearly labelled and we’ve printed both an image and text on part of it so you can get an accurate understanding of what your finished print project will look like. We’ve also included our high-end finishing options such as soft-touch lamination, embossing, gold and silver foil stamping, and spot UV coating. Here’s a helpful breakdown of what you’ll get:
    • Includes beautiful, clean samples of all paper stocks, weights, and special finishes currently available from QinPrinting
    • Labeled page samples detailing the name and weight of the stock
    • Partially printed with both an image and text to demonstrate the final print quality
    • Includes different weight samples of the most popular paper choices: uncoated offset paper, gloss and matte coated paper, C1S paper, and holographic paper
    • Different finishes: gloss lamination, matte lamination, soft touch lamination, embossing, debossing, spot UV and foil stamping
    • Fabric swatches, special paper swatches, and foil color swatches
    • Artwork design support: resolutions and bleed
    Take a glance

    How to Use the Paper Sample Manual

    We advise that you take your time to choose the right paper or papers. So, once you receive your samples, go through them all one-by-one. Touch them, get a sense of their texture and weight under your fingers. Flip between the stocks that most interest you to make a careful comparison. Look at the way different papers “take” the print. Think about both image and text. Consider the weights and how that will influence your final product depending on the number of pages and binding options. Enjoy the special finishes and examine how they combine to create certain effects. Make notes, share the samples with your colleagues or design team to get feedback. If you have any questions, talk to us. We’re as passionate about paper as we are about people and print. Our paper stock experts will be happy to answer all your questions.

    Paper Sample book

    How Much Does the Paper Sample Manual Cost?

    Our paper sample manual itself is free. You only pay the shipping costs from Shanghai to your address. The shipping cost depends on where we ship.  FedEx or DHL shipping costs start from $28 (US). When we ship your paper sample manual, we will also include a special printed sample which is similar as your specific printing product at no extra charge.

    Talk to us!

    The choice of paper affects the quality and impact of the finished printed product, the design process, and the price. Once you’ve had time to browse and make notes on our comprehensive paper sample manual, the best thing to do is to talk to us. With over 25 years’ experience under our belts, the latest offset printing technology at our fingertips, a vast knowledge about paper of all kinds, and a genuine commitment to customer service, we’ll be happy to give you the best advice to help you choose the perfect paper for both your print project and your budget. Get in touch today for an informal chat or a no-obligation quote. We can’t wait to work with you!

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