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Paper Samples

Paper Samples

The Paper Sample Usage

Is it your first time to print? Do you need to check the physical paper sample? We support paper sample manual to make you choose all papers easily. There are different paper thickness, different paper surface, different printing result etc.

What Does Our Paper Sample Include?

Our paper sample includes almost all paper we are using. You can get a general idea for how is the paper quality.

Paper Weight and Paper Types:

We have different paper weight. From 80gsm to 300gsm paper, different paper weight for choice.

We also have different types of paper. They are offset paper, gloss art paper, matte art paper and coated one side paper. Besides those paper sample, we also have more special papers.

All paper details are here.

80gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm, 140gsm, 190gsm and 250gsm offset paper.

offset paper

80gsm, 105gsm, 128gsm, 157gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm and 350gsm gloss art paper.

Glossy paper

80gsm, 105gsm, 128gsm, 157gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm and 300gsm matte art paper.

matte paper

250gsm and 300gsm C1S paper.

C1S paper sample


Besides the regular paper samples, the paper sample manual also includes gloss lamination with gold foil stamping, matte lamination with gold foil stamping, matte lamination with spot UV, matte lamination with embossing and matte lamination with debossing sample. You can get an idea for those surface sample and you may know what cover surface you can need.

Meanwhile, our paper sample manual includes different paper thickness introduction for reference. According to the paper thickness, you will know the book thickness of your choice.

The physical paper sample can give you a feel what’s the paper surface and paper thickness. We print same photos on each paper. You can find what’s the printing result after printing on different papers. For example, the color photo is printed on offset paper, the photo color is darker than printed on gloss art paper or matte art paper.

How Do We Charge the Manual?

Our paper sample manual is free. But we charge the shipping cost from Shanghai to your address. The shipping cost depends on where we ship. The FedEx shipping costs or DHL shipping costs are started from USD15.

When we ship paper sample manual to our client, we will also ship printed sample which is similar as your printing product. You may check our printing quality and see what it is. Those printed samples are also free.

Paper Thickness List

  • 80gsm offset paper: 0.095mm
  • 100gsm offset paper: 0.123mm
  • 120gsm offset paper: 0.14mm
  • 140gsm offset paper: 0.16mm
  • 190gsm offset paper: 0.26mm
  • 250gsm offset paper: 0.335mm
  • 80gsm gloss art paper: 0.062mm
  • 105gsm gloss art paper: 0.095mm
  • 128gsm gloss art paper: 0.11mm
  • 157gsm gloss art paper: 0.15mm
  • 200gsm gloss art paper: 0.18mm
  • 250gsm gloss art paper: 0.234mm
  • 300gsm gloss art paper: 0.275mm
  • 350gsm gloss art paper: 0.41mm
  • 80gsm matte art paper: 0.07mm
  • 105gsm matte art paper: 0.1mm
  • 128gsm matte art paper: 0.125mm
  • 157gsm matte art paper: 0.16mm
  • 200gsm matte art paper: 0.195mm
  • 250gsm matte art paper: 0.24mm
  • 300gsm matte art paper: 0.32mm

The Paper Sample Manual Images

QINPrinting Free Paper Sample
Free Paper Sample Manual
offset printing paper sample manual