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Wire-O Binding

Also termed as double wire binding or twin loop binding, wire-O binding uses double metal wire to bound all the collected interior pages. In this binding, there is a square hole drilled, with many wire color choices for the clients such as black, white, silver. This is one of the best methods that you can choose when you want your documents to open all the way to back or lie flat on your desk. This will save a lot of space on your desk as well.

The wire size will depend on the thickness of the book, whereas the margin on the spine edge must be around 5mm. The margin on the spine edge must be larger than the margin on the cutting edge. So, for instance, if the margin on the cutting edge is 5mm, the margin on the cutting edge must be at least 15mm. So, after binding, the texts are in the center of the page. 

In this mechanical form of binding, the wire used is made of metal. The unbreakable binding that is formed here is formed by two loops of wires. This binding option can give you a very uncluttered look because the hinges are hidden inside the back cover. Another reason why people choose this type of binding is because of its sturdy and stable nature. Whether you are designing a custom notebook or a journal, this type of binding is what you should opt for in such cases. They serve as the perfect binding option in gifting scenarios.

Wire O Binding

Wire-O Binding vs Spiral Binding

In common, the spiral binding typically uses plastic. The wire binding typically uses metal. The wire binding can bind the book from 16 pages to 400 pages. But the spiral bound book is from 40 pages to 300 pages. The other difference is the wire binding is square holes and the spiral binding is round holes or oval holes.

The spiral bound printing is used in music books and journal. The wire binding printing applies to catalogs, calendars, cookbooks, manuals, education books and many others.


What Are the Advantages of Wire-O-Binding?

Take a look at the advantages of using Wire-O Binding for your book –

  • With its 360-degree rotation feature, this binding is perfect for manuals, calendars, and many other documents. Moreover, this increases the ease of maneuverability and thus you can also use them easily while you are on the go. This also allows you to focus on one page at a time by folding the document without actually ruining it. You can also clear up the clutter on your desk by folding the document and increasing some space.
  • No page count restriction. So, whether you are making a document with a lesser number of pages or something that has a huge number of pages, this type of binding method can accommodate anything. All you have to do is adjust the wires accordingly and you are done.
  • An option to add a sheet of transparency PVC and coloring paper. This will increase the aesthetics and make the product look professional at the same time.
  • More covers options. You can choose soft cover or hard cover for your wire-O bound book.


What Are the Disadvantages of Wire-O-Binding?

A Few Disadvantages of Wire-O Binding –

  • Expensive
  • Longer production time


What Are the Types of Wire-O-Binding?

Some of the types of wire-o-binding are as follows –

Standard – This is the classic type of binding in which there are separate front and back covers.

Half-Canadian – In this type, a paper is used to partially conceal the wires.

Full-Canadian – The wire that is partially hidden lies exposed in the front and back covers.

Cased In – As you can understand from the term, the wires are completely concealed in this type of binding.

Semi-Exposed – There is a case cover on the book block.

Easel Binding – This is a freestanding form which is in the form of an easel.

Wire-o Wraparound – The pages of the document can be flipped to the back.

On the whole, wire-O binding is the perfect and most popular binding method used for calendar printing. Take your binding project to the next level with the help of QinPrinting’s wire-o-binding services. We always keep in mind what the budget of the client is and then embark on any project. If you think you cannot accommodate a certain type of binding in your budget, think twice because we can make sure you can. With our competitive rates and outstanding service, we do not let our customers down and always try to walk the extra mile for you. So, contact us today and get your quotes!