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Printing Guide

Before you start on your journey to print such as book, catalog, booklet, magazine, calendar that you have been dreaming about, it is essential that you have some information about printing. Hereby, we have listed our printing guide for offset printing, in order to help you with printing your desired copy. This printing guide will serve as a reference before you start with the printing process, and will help you in designing your artwork for the perfect printed copy of magazines, catalogs, booklets, calendars, paper boxes and many others.

How You Prepare the Artwork?

  • You will receive ample information about printing file format, margin, crop, bleed, resolution, color mode, embedded fonts, etc.
  • We will also provide you with enough information on how to proceed with different binding cover styles.
  • You will receive information about how to do the back process for your printing file.
  • We will provide valuable tips to designers before they start designing printing files.

Binding Options

We have a number of binding options, which you could choose from, in order to bind your printed order. These options are important to choose from as they let you choose the perfect binding technique for your particular order and keep your printed product together. Some of the options, which we have available include:

Saddle Stitch Binding                                             Perfect Binding 

Sewing and Perfect Binding                                   Hardcover Binding

Spiral Binding                                                         Wire-O Binding 

Board Book Binding

More Paper Options

The choice of paper that you select for your printed product is of great importance as it lets you enhance the quality and appeal of your product. Moreover, certain paper options are best suited for particular types of printed products, and therefore, having adequate knowledge about, which option suits your product the best is necessary. Some of the features that we offer in this regard include:

  • Regular paper options including gloss art paper, matte art paper, offset paper and special paper with different weights.
  • We also offer you a free paper sample manual, in order to better illustrate the printing results on different types of paper. This will help you choose the right paper for your order.
  • We also provide a paper convert chart to show you the paperweight specifications between China and the USA.

Proof and Samples

  • We are a group that will provide you with ample proof and samples that will ease your printing process. These include hard proofs, PDF proofs, physical samples, dummy, and each proof feature.
  • You will get more information about the physical samples.

More Cover Surface Options

Your products cover surface is the first impression that any viewer will have about your printed product. Therefore, choosing the right option for your cover surface is very important. We have a number of options and features, which you can choose from in order to select the correct cover surface for your printed product. Some of the services that we offer in this regard include:

Printing Products Size Options

  • Different countries have different preferred sizes for printed products. We at QinPrinting are well acquainted with all of them and will provide you with the same knowledge.
  • Different products also have different standard sizes. We will provide you with ample information regarding that as well.
  • We can also accommodate custom sizes, which you might have in mind.