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Binding options

We provide more binding options. It includes saddle stitch, perfect binding, sewing and perfect binding, hardcover binding, spiral binding, wire-O binding, butterfly binding and so on. 

Let’s choose which binding is good for your book or your catalog!

Saddle stitching

Saddle stitch is the most popular binding for thin book, catalog, magazine and brochure. They are folded sheets and collocated together according to page order. It has 2 staples on the spine. For large size book, they are multiple staples. 

Why saddle stitch is popular in printing books, catalogs, magazines and booklets? They are cheap and short-run production time. The saddle stitch binding can be opened flat. 

In common, printing books or catalogs which are less than 40 pages, it is bound as saddle stitching. If the page amount is over 48 pages, we don’t suggest binding as saddle stitching. Because saddle stitching won’t save you too much cost to compare with perfect binding if you print in China and the quantity is less than 5000pcs. Binding a thick book or catalog as saddle stitching, the cover will be broken easily on the top of spine or the bottom of spine.

Perfect binding

The common book binding is perfect binding, we also call paperback binding or soft cover binding. The perfect binding is with spine to compare with saddle stitch binding. There are multiple signatures collocated in order and glued with cover together. The spine is also with printed title or some information. Perfect binding is binding a book by glue on the spine. But if the book is not thick enough to have a spine, the book can only be bound as saddle stitching. 

Print a book or catalog with a spine will make the book or catalog looks high end. And the price is not high. Printing less than 500pcs books or catalogs, the binding cost is almost the same with saddle stitch binding cost. Meanwhile, The perfect binding all look nice.
 In common, the minimum interior page count is over 48 pages, perfect binding is better. It also depends on the interior paper. In general, the interior paper is thinner, it is good for doing perfect binding. For thick inner paper, we recommend doing sewn and perfect binding.

Printing a book or catalog which has thick inner paper, how should we bind it? Let’s see sewing and perfect binding.

Sewing and perfect binding

Sewing and perfect binding looks similar with perfect binding. But before glue the book, it needs to do sewing. In this case, the reader can open the book flat and it will be stable even the inner paper is thick. But it has one more step doing sewing than perfect binding. The price is a little higher than perfect binding and the producing time is a little longer.

Some high end books, catalogs or magazines will be bound as sewing and perfect binding to make sure the books, catalogs or magazines look nice. Have already designed perfect products, why not making their catalogs or magazines much more high end?

The minimum interior page count for sewing and perfect binding is 32 pages. Many customers need the books to have spine, but the inner only has 24 pages or 20 pages. In this case, we suggest you select a little thicker paper. For instance, 200gsm gloss art paper or 200gsm matte art paper. If 24 interior pages bound with sewing and perfect binding, we don’t suggest the texts or LOGOs on the spine. 

Hardcover binding

A hardcover book looks high end and feels good. The hardcover binding includes 2 thick boards, end sheet and inner. The printed cover is wrapped on the boards. The spine includes square spine and round spine. Meanwhile, different interior page count, the spine thickness is different. So all the cover template should be customized.

Print a hardcover book is not cheap. Because the hardcover binding process is more. Meanwhile, there are some fixed cost whatever you print more or you print less. So, to print hardcover books or catalogs more than 500pcs is better. 

In common, the minimum page count for sewn and hardcover binding is 32 pages. Different page count, different paper, the spine thickness is different. Before you design the cover artwork, you may contact us to get cover template. Let’s do a beautiful hardcover book!

Spiral binding

Many education books, calendars, tool catalog, manuals, music books are wire-o binding or spiral binding. To make reader open a book flat, you can choose wire-o binding or spiral binding.

In common, the wire-O binding is square hole and the spiral binding is round hole or oval hole. 

Before you design a wire-o binding book or spiral binding book, please contact us to get printing file templates. The templates will show you where are the hole position. In this case, you may avoid the texts or pictures are not drilled. 

Besides the previous binding method, we also can do butterfly binding. Let’s check the details here!