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Sewn and Perfect Binding

Sewn and perfect binding is also called thread sewn. This binding method involves both sewing and gluing for the final product. A book bound with this process can be easily opened flat. This type of binding is better than perfect binding, as it adds to the strength of the book and doesn’t let it cause any damage to the pages at all. In sewn and perfect binding, the book is stitched from the first signature to the last signature and then glued on the spine. 

When it comes to costs and production time, sewn and perfect binding can be expensive and take a longer time in the production. But, with us, you can get this type of binding at affordable prices. You must use thick interior paper for this binding, like 157gsm gloss art paper and 200gsm matte art paper, or 100gsm-120gsm offset paper. And lastly, for this type of binding, the minimum page count should be 32 pages. Sewn and perfect binding also makes the spine of the book look classier. If you are about to make a high-end booklet where you need to make a statement with its aesthetics, this method of binding is the most well-suited option.

sewn and perfect binding

What Is the Procedure for Sewn and Perfect Binding?

The procedure of sewn and perfect binding is as follows –

  • At first, signatures are made by folding papers into groups. Each group is made up of 16 pages at a time.
  • Then each of these signatures is sewn separately with the help of a thread. The thread goes through each page multiple times.
  • After the sewing is done, the threads are tied off.
  • Then a book block is created by attaching all the signatures together with the help of a thread.
  • Then the book block is attached to the spine with the help of an adhesive.


Sewn and Perfect Binding vs PUR Binding

As mentioned, sewn and perfect binding is thread sewn. PUR binding is a softcover book binding method that makes use of Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) adhesive. Thread sewn is similar to PUR binding. Thread sewn employs multiple threads to sewn the signatures one by one in order together. After doing thread sewn, one thread is sewing from the first signature to the last signature together for each book. The thread appears at the middle of a signature. The book is flexible, durable and lay flatter than PUR binding. Thread sewn books can take years of wear and tear. PUR binding is more expensive than thread sewn, but the quality is not better than thread sewn. So, sewn and perfect binding is the best softcover bound book available. That’s why we choose thread sewn for our customers.


Thread Sewn Advantages

Since the pages are first sewed and then glued to form the spine, sewn and perfect binding is also known as double binding. Some of the benefits of this type of binding are as follows –

Strong Construction – Because of the process of double binding, this process of binding gives a reinforced construction and makes it much stronger. This binding process literally makes the books tamper-proof and so you can use in even for rough handling. You do not have to worry about the pages coming off because of the wearing away of the adhesive because the pages will be sewn together as well.

Professional Appearance – Since the outcome of the sewn and perfect binding is a very sturdy and durable binding, it also gives a professional appearance. So, if you are binding something that needs to be aesthetic and get good scores for visual appeal without compromising on quality, then sewn and perfect binding is what you need.

Better Stacking – In this method, the papers are first sewn and then glued to the spine. This paves the way for better stacking. Your books will have uniformity in their appearance because of the top-notch stacking.

Affordable – Offering much more stability and durability than perfect binding alone, this process is a lot cheaper than hardcover book binding. But at the same time, it will offer your books the integrity that is present in a hardcover book.

A Wider Spine – With this method, you will get a wider spine area and so you can print the title of the book, name of the author and other such details on the spine. This gives a complete appearance to the book.

User-Friendly – One of the best things about sewn and perfect binding is that you can lay your book flat and then read it. This enhances readability and also makes it easier for someone to write in it.

At QinPrinting, we will help you assemble the perfect bound book. We have a variety of services and we use the latest machines to deliver you the finished product on time. We also use the best paper-quality so that the finished product is durable and aesthetic at the same time.