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Sewn and Perfect Binding

Sewn and perfect binding is few signatures collected together in order, sewn and glued to be a book with spine. To compare with regular perfect binding, sewn and perfect binding is adding sewing process. It will make the binding result stronger and make the book opened flat.

Sewn and perfect binding is better than common perfect binding and PUR binding. They are connected very well in each signature and they are not easy to be broken among pages by pages. In sewn and perfect binding book, it is stitched from the first signature and the last signature, then glued the cover on the interior pages. It can guarantee that the book can’t be broken in any page even you open the book and press in the book middle. 

sewn and perfect binding

For sewn and perfect binding, the binding cost is a little higher to compare with saddle stitch and regular perfect binding. And it takes a little longer time to compare with regular binding. But we don’t charge more cost in sewn and perfect binding. We recommend thicker interior paper doing sewn and perfect binding. For instance, 157gsm, 200gsm gloss art paper and matte art paper, 100gsm, 120gsm offset paper etc. In common, if the interior page is more than 32 pages, it can be done with sewn and perfect binding.