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Book Cover Design Template

It is important to set up the cover artwork up correctly before starting the design. If the artwork needs modifying before the printing stage there may be extra costs and time involved.

At QinPrinting, we provide free cover templates for our clients in PDF or INDD artwork format (AI format). A cover template will help you as a guide to design the book cover. The artwork for a cover template will depend on factors such as paper type, size, page count, spine, hardcover wrapped space and binding method.

The cover template will enable you to mark the book cover bleed, book spine, hardcover groove space, and the hardcover wrapped space. Take a look at our perfect binding book cover and hardcover template samples for reference. Please get in touch with our team for any further information concerning cover templates.

Soft Cover Book Cover Template

The softcover book’s cover width is calculated by adding the width of the front and back covers to the spine width. The bleed is 0.125″ (3mm) on the back cover left edge and front cover right edge. The softcover book’s cover height is book height plus 0.125″ (3mm)  bleed on the top and bottom. Please check the following image.

softcover book template

Hardcover Book Cover Template

The hardcover binding is a printed paper or cloth wrapped on a 2.5mm or 3mm thickness board. When you design the hardcover book’s cover, you need to incorporate extra space for the wrapping. The wrapping space is similar to the bleed. That means the front cover image and back cover image should extend to the wrapping space.

The hardcover book’s cover width is calculated by adding the wrapping space on the left, back cover, back groove, spine, front groove, front cover and wrapping space on the right. The hardcover book’s cover height is calculated by adding the wrapping space on the top, book height and wrapping space on the bottom. The width of the grooves is 0.19″ (5mm). If you design the text or image in the book center, please confirm whether it includes the groove or not.

hardcover template

Why Choose Us?

At QinPrinting we have many years’ experience producing hard and softcover books. We provide templates and advice to ensure your book appears exactly as you planned it. This service is free. Using our templates saves time and costs and produces a perfect result.

Tell us what you need. We will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Use a Template for Your Cover