How You Choose Coffee Table Books to Decorate Your Room

Does your room decor feel lacking?

A touch of decorative coffee table books will lighten up your living room. If you’re a fan of casual reading, these illustrative books are perfect for your space. Coffee table books also help entertain guests and pass the time.

Coffee table books are not only for display as they will also help as conversation starters. You can find coffee table books for various topics, from fiction novellas to comprehensive guides.

Not sure how to combine your room’s design and love for books? Here are 7 brilliant tips on how you can choose coffee table books to decorate your room.



Match Them With the Theme of the Room

If you want coffee table books as decor, they must suit the living room’s theme. Is it simple, rustic, or modern? Consider the background and the accessories you have in your room.

For example, does your room have a contemporary theme with simple furniture? Go with modern books that tackle politics and current issues.
If you’re vying for a vintage look, you can use old coffee table books that go along with your motif.

Minimalists tend to go with the best coffee table books they consider. They have more freedom in choosing books because of their easy and effortless decor.

You can also put other accessories on top of your books to save space on your table. Stack one or two books and place a small vase on top.


Pick Those That Complement Your Room’s Colors

Do the books you display in the living room complement the set-up you’re going for? Ensure the room’s color goes very well with the coffee table books’ covers.

Feel free to experiment, but stick to a color palette so that your room’s design remains cohesive.


Select the Appropriate Book Size

Large coffee table books are good centerpieces. They provide extensive and entertaining pages for you and your visitors. However, your book collection shouldn’t be so big that they become an eye-sore.

As an idea, you can arrange the books by their size. You can put the largest book at the bottom and work your way to the smallest on top. It’s best to stack up to 3 books to prevent it from looking bulky. This way, it’ll look neat as they don’t look crowded.


Consider the Book Cover

Book covers make for a great decoration on their own. However, you don’t want a raunchy cover in an area where everyone will see. More so if you expect many different kinds of people to drop by.

Consider where you’ll place the book. Then, decide on book covers with the right sleeves that fit the book. There are many books you can choose from.

As they can be the highlight of the room, take your time in choosing your coffee table books. A lot of business products and services have good quality book covers.


Display Your Favorites

You’re the one in charge of decorating your room, so you have the right to have favorites and put them on display.

Pick the books you’re passionate about, the ones you want others to see as they are the most you connect to. Put the ones that reflect your personality.

Aside from their covers, you can select them based on their content. If you have a collection set, then be proud and parade them where everyone will take notice. It’s another way to let others know of your interests.

Seeing these books in your room can also motivate you.

Do you enjoy extreme activities and sports? If you’re into adventures, put books about mountain hiking, trekking, and camping.

How about admiring exquisite destinations? If you love to travel, select books that offer a landscape of different dream vacation places. In this way, it makes you inspired to work better to visit the scene.


Group Them According to Topics

If you have a lot of books you want on display, you can group them based on their discussion. A  collection of books  will not only make the room feel sophisticated. It’ll also pique your visitor’s interest.

One of the most manageable collections you can have is fashion coffee table books. They are timeless and have a wide range in the industry, such as Dior, Tom Ford, and Vanity Fair.

If you love designs, you can check out:

  • Chanel by Alexander Fury
  • Abode by Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter
  • Living with Color by Rebecca Atwood

These designer coffee table books will provide you with all the knowledge in the industry.

Do you find yourself reading fantasy books during winter? If so, you can display your books based on the season.

Stack books that go along with the holidays. Discover different surprise gifts for your loved ones. You can even get motivated by Obama’s inspirational books.


Mix and Match the Books’ Form and Function

Do you also want to have books that are interesting yet functional? Find a coffee table book that covers new recipes. They give your living room more style and entertain you and your guests.

If you have friends or loved ones over, they may find an interesting recipe to try with you. If you have a garden, keep a gardening book nearby to ensure your flowers are in good health. These days, self-help books are also becoming more popular.

Pick the Best and Trendy Coffee Table Books Today

Now you know how you can choose coffee table books to make any room pleasant for all. Whatever book it might be, choose something that ignites your desire to start reading.

Thank you for reading our article. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions in mind.

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