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Medical Paper Box

Medical Paper Box

If you are running a pharmaceutical company then you must be very concerned about the quality of your medicines along with its packaging. Keeping the medicine boxes of prime quality is of utmost importance as it helps in retaining the quality of the medicines besides providing effective branding. Keeping in view the demands of the pharmaceutical world, QINPrinting offers affordable and high quality of medical paper boxes. You can custom design each and every box according to your own need. Going for great quality of custom medical paper box helps in distinguishing your brand from the others. It also helps in providing a good appeal to your product. Medical paper boxes need to be sturdy enough for providing the requisite protection for your products. This is what we do at QINPrinting.

Besides printing medical paper box, we print more custom paper boxes. For instance, cosmetic paper box, retail paper box. More paper box styles for choice.

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Importance of Custom Medical Paper Box

The demand for custom medical paper box is increasing day by day. This is because the medical industry is shifting towards complete customized medical paper box for providing the customers with all the important information on the box. Custom medical paper boxes help in setting apart your product from the competitors. Custom medical paper boxes are also required for providing the best quality of protection to the contents inside it along with projecting quality control by your brand. Usage of proper custom medical paper box reflects the cleanliness maintenance norms of your brand too. With custom medical paper box, you can also stress on effective branding of any new product in the market.

Medicine Paper Box Specification

  • Paper: 250gsm, 300gsm or 350gsm C1S paper
  • Box surface: gloss lamination, matte lamination or varnish
  • Back process: die-cut and glue to be box

Types of Custom Medical Paper Box

The custom medical paper boxes are of various types such as reverse tuck end, straight tuck end with hand tab, sleeve, simplex tray, seal end and many others. You can choose from the wide range of box types provided by us at QINPrinting.


Features Provided by Us at QINPrinting

With our service at QINPrinting, you can determine the material of your box along with the finishing such as glossy, matte, lamination, rough etc. You can try out our box templates for getting an overview of the final product.

We at QINPrinting have been in this industry for years. What makes us different from others is our stress on quality control along with customer satisfaction. No matter what you require in your design, we try our best in providing you with everything you need. We provide our customers with box template support. Our 24*7 support allows us to serve our customers at any time of the day. Just let us know about your requirements and our highly trained professionals will take care of everything. You can get the best quality of prints and output from us at QINPrinting and that too at affordable prices. We cater our customers with state-of-the-art technology for the best results. So, if you are in need of custom medical paper boxes, feel free to contact us at QINPrinting.