How to Find an Illustrator for Your Own Children Book

How to Find an Illustrator for Your Own Children Book

The illustration is an essential and attention-grabbing part of a children’s book. So for a children’s book to be engaging it must contain amazing illustrations. That can give a glimpse of imagination to readers while reading the story. Now the important question here is how to find an illustrator for your own children’s book? This article will provide you with the answer to this important question.



How to Find an Illustrator?

In this era of digitalization and increasing self-publishing platforms, one can find illustrators on any such platform. Following is the platform that can provide you with quality and dedicated illustrators:


This platform includes many illustrators online; you can select any illustrator. That is relevant to your children’s book.


One can use a different hashtag. Like #Illustrators, #illustratorneeded, etc. It will lead you to the required person to hire for the illustration of your book.


One can join multiple Facebook illustration groups where you can get a variety of choices to select an illustrator from. These groups help you to find a relevant artist soon.


This is a digital platform that offers a variety of jobs and services. You can easily find the illustrator of your choice from here.


This is also a digital platform like Fiverr. You can also find a variety of illustration services on this platform. You just have to hire a relevant person for your work.

Hence, it proves there are several platforms to get illustrators but the main issue is how to select the illustrator. One has to know what type of art is required for the children’s book. They must know the deliverables of the illustration they need. It will give them clarity while selecting the illustrator from the pool of choices and options on these amazing platforms.


How Much does It Cost to Find an Illustrator

Mostly the cost varies according to the designer or illustrator. Moreover, some factors that determine cost is what material they use and what is their hourly rate. Another factor that contributes to the estimation of cost is the number of pages.

So in case, an illustration service provider got the lowest rate. So such illustrators are less likely to give the dedication. And professionalism you want in a children’s books illustration. So it’s professional to set the rates in a reasonable and just manner.

How Long Will It Take to Find an Illustrator?

Usually, the illustration projects take 3-4 months on these illustrations to be completed, but if anyone can afford a longer time frame and more effort. Then the maximum time these illustrations can get completed in is 6 months. This longer duration helps you to get more time to get all deliverables to be accomplished in a quality manner.

Design Factor 

One must know what is in the final design or structure of the book. They must know how they want their illustrations to be with the text. This design consideration helps you to set a budget and communicate it to your illustrator.

Freelance illustrators become a bridge between you and the children that feel connected with your story and the illustrations that increase their imagination power.

Hence, you can find a freelance illustrator from many places easily. You do not have to worry about the illustrations of children’s book.